Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Concrete Driveways

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Concrete is arguably the most favourable material that is used for residential driveways—and with a good reason. Concrete is more affordable than cobblestone and bricks but also offers exceptional quality.


Also, concrete is far more durable than cheaper alternatives, such as asphalt and gravel, which easily break down due to extreme weather conditions or in gravels case takes alot of maintenance. .


If you are building a new residence or have plans to remodel your driveway, but can’t decide what material to use, you have come to the right place. This article will answer the frequently asked questions regarding concrete driveways.



Do Concrete Driveways Have a Longer Lifespan Than Asphalt?


Asphalt as the material for driveways is the common choice for individuals on a tight budget, whether for building a new residence or remodeling an old home. It is because asphalt is a cheaper material. However, the lifespan of asphalt driveways are lower than concrete.


Concrete driveways, on the other hand, have longer lifespans compared to asphalt. According to Lindus Construction, a concrete driveway can last  50 years and even more with proper maintenance. If you want a driveway that can potentially last for a lifetime and multiple generations, then concrete driveways are your best choice.


Which Absorbs Less Heat, Asphalt or Concrete?


If you live in a place wherein climate and weather conditions are unpredictable that can reach extremely high temperatures, you need to avoid asphalt driveways; at all costs. It is because an asphalt driveway is not designed to deflect heat from the sun.

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Asphalt driveways readily absorb ultraviolet (UV) radiation and heat rays from the sun. This means having an asphalt driveway outside your residence produces unnecessary and excessive heat that can negatively affect your home’s comfortability. Fortunately, a concrete driveway offers a solution to this problem.


Concrete driveways are designed to deflect UV radiation and heat rays, which means it does not absorb heat. Concrete driveways are your best choice to keep your home cooler during summer months.


Will My Home Look Better with a Concrete Driveway?


The standard colours for a concrete driveway, include light grey or dark grey. These colours offer a sleek and industrial look. However, if you want a more creative look, there are other stylish options.


For instance, contractors can provide coloured concrete if you want a more unique or customised look. You also have an option to add concrete surfaces on your driveway to complement the design and colour palette of your home. In a way, you are drastically improving the curb appeal of your home and increasing its aesthetic appeal in the process.


If you want your home to look better, you should avoid using asphalt driveways. It is because asphalt driveways only come in black, which is rather dull and quite unappealing. Visitors will most likely have a negative impression on your home if it has an asphalt driveway.


Will the Value of My Home Increase Because of a Concrete Driveway?


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The majority, if not all, of real estate agents and their corresponding firms, are well aware of the benefits and advantages of a concrete driveway. This is why residential homes with an asphalt driveway have a far lower price tag than households with a concrete driveway.


If you have plans to sell your home in the future, it would be best to remodel your driveway to a concrete one. This way, it will have a better price tag when it becomes for sale in the real estate market.


If you have been unsatisfied with your driveway for the longest time, now is a great time to remodel it with concrete material. Make sure that you contact a reliable and trusted contractor, so you rest assured that you get the full benefits and advantages of a concrete driveway.