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While there are many other garden pods in the market, UrbanPods most definitely sets itself apart from the competition not just in the service that they offer but also in their product. These pods not only offer a cozy sanctuary within your home, but they also add heavily to the overall aesthetic of your house and do so in a cost-effective and eco-friendly manner.


This in-depth review of UrbanPods will help you make a decision as to whether it’s the right choice for your own backyard. So without further ado, let’s go!




First off, the price point is a little higher with UrbanPods, but the value for money is very much a factor to consider. First, there is the quality of the product itself. The materials used in manufacturing a UrbanPods garden pod are high grade and up to building regulation. This also means less hassle in having to deal with building permits and formalities. You’re effectively getting an extension to your home without having to break or actually construct anything.


Then there are the added features you get with UrbanPods. All pods come with insulation, meaning you don’t have to bear the added cost of materials and labor you would have to pay for when you’re insulating some other garden pod you’ve purchased. 

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UrbanPods implements a mixture of timber wood and grey sheet metal in all of its designs. From an aesthetic point of view, the overall design is a mixture of minimalistic and contemporary. This allows it to fit into a number of different themes and environments and you won’t be compromising on your backyard’s design theme. 

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Also, there’s nothing preventing you from adding on to the design yourself. The minimalist and contemporary nature of the design means you can add different accents, hangings, and even artwork, which will spruce up aesthetic.




The materials and design also contribute to the eco-friendly nature of UrbandPods garden pods. The insulation and high-grade material result in a reduced carbon footprint, as the structure is great at retaining heat. Since you won’t be using more energy in having to heat the structure, your carbon emissions will be significantly reduced. 


Having pods without such features results in having to use up more energy than you’re already using to maintaining heat in your house. Your cost goes up and so does your adverse impact on the environment. 

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UrbanPods has a pretty simple and convenient ordering process. You can get in touch using email, telephone or the inquiry link that’s given on their website. The sales team then goes on to organize a visit and survey of your home where they can advise you on placement, depending on your chosen design, and the installation process.


After the survey, you’ll be given a quotation on the price of the pod and installation. If you agree to the terms, then UrbanPods commences with manufacturing your garden pod, which takes a total time of about 4 weeks. A week prior to delivery, the groundwork on your backyard begins and upon delivery, the installation is carried out.

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If you want to know more about the designs that UrbanPods has on offer, or about the prices and ordering, then head on over to