Have a flame to promote good health in your community? Here is what you can do.

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There is a diverse set of socio-economic factors that define a healthy community. These factors are critical to the health and well-being of people in all aspects of life. Health approaches that focus on altering the conditions in which people live, learn, work, play, and pray positively impact. 

Health is not the ultimate objective of living but is regarded as a resource for everyday life. It is a positive concept that focuses on personal and social resources in addition to physical abilities. Health promotion has recently evolved through a series of international conferences. 

It is a widely discussed topic and requires immediate attention by communities to counter the growing negative consequences.

Working in genuine partnership with communities is vital for health promotion and effective and long-term relationships. Decisions we make impact everyone around us, even if we are not in direct contact with them. Health promotion includes more than just telling people how to take care of their bodies. It involves the following actions:

  • To enlighten people about what they can do to remain healthy
  • Addressing factors in the community that impact health most

Health promotion techniques can help people establish and improve their habits and affect factors that influence their lives. Individuals eager to bring an impactful change in the development of public health are striving day and night for better results. 

By enrolling in online academic programs, they can expand their knowledge and skills. It is interesting to note that earning a general studies bachelor degree online provides qualification in various non-clinical occupations. These occupational fields include public health management, administration, and education.

Promoting health and wellness in the community can be learned at any time. But, as mentioned earlier, it is a team approach and requires all the sectors to unite to counter the problem. We can take the following measures to promote health in our community:

Building a healthy public policy

Building health public policy entails forming health-promoting laws, economic measures, taxation, and organizational reform. It mandates all sectors to consider health promotion when developing policies. It also necessitates each level of government to support health-related legislation. 

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Because all other health promotion measures are likely to be ineffective without the support of a sound public policy, a healthy public policy is essential for health promotion. Specific policies and procedures entail a set of values, and the government of the day drives the principles of these policies. Organizations define their values through mission statements, goals, and objectives, which serve as the framework for policies.

Devising a simple, straight-forward strategy

Developing a health promotion strategy is a specialized undertaking. Only those with knowledge and experience in the field should handle it. Encourage involvement by serving as a passionate and dedicated role model; show people how to enjoy their exercise and general health. 

It can be both enlightening and tough to cultivate a social atmosphere while also maintaining community spirit in your group. In making decisions on health promotion priorities, action, design, and assessment, you will need to work with affected communities. In addition, to building on existing programs and services, you will need to collaborate with existing health promotion providers.

Enlisting the assistance of willing partners/volunteers

Efficient partnerships are critical for community-based solutions for advancing health equity. It is because they promote multi-sector involvement and improve the communities’ power to impact outcomes. 

The stakeholders include public health agencies, hospitals, and federally certified health centers. You can also get sponsorships from local businesses and work together as a group for your cause to promote awareness. 

These partnerships have the potential to be successful means for collective action. Listing down the willing partners will result in new and innovative approaches to tackle the issues and creating awareness about health risks.

Creating supportive environments

This health promotion strategy encourages us to look after one another, our communities, and our natural surroundings. It involves the protection of the natural and built environment and the conservation of natural resources. 

The main goal of health promotion activities is to create supportive surroundings that encourage healthy eating, physical activities, access to good educational facilities, and proper healthcare facilities. It also includes assuring equal access to supportive environments by reconciling opposing societal goals, such as encouraging sexual health for well-being for individuals with disabilities.

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Developing personal skills

Personal skills development includes obtaining health literacy and core motor abilities. It also involves gaining an understanding of the linkages between risk behaviors and lifestyles diseases. It encourages protective behaviors and skills needed to navigate the healthcare system and critically evaluate health data. Developing personal skills includes aspects such as:

  • Information about what should be a healthy diet
  • How to take preventive measures?
  • Road safety, sexual health, and social knowledge and abilities
  • How to comprehend nutritional information on food packaging

Making healthcare facilities more accessible

Access to healthcare is critical for everyone, especially the ones with disabilities. For this purpose, you can create mobile clinics for the patients. It includes clinics that provide primary care, preventative care, and dental care for patients from a van, bus, or vehicle equipped with essential technology to deliver services in underserved areas. 

One can make team efforts with congregational networks that aim at providing transport facilities to those who need to get medical appointments. Or you can work with student-run clinics. It provides medical students with experience delivering preventive care to vulnerable populations found in deprived areas.

The Bottom Line

You may not realize how much of an impact your actions have on the rest of your community, but they do. Health promotion is a widely discussed topic and has its roots in the Ottawa Charter. The rise in chronic disease is having and will continue to influence our healthcare system. 

Governments worldwide are more vigilant now after the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll over the world. It is critical to provide new and creative health reforms in marginalized groups to improve their living standards and prevent chronic diseases. 

Individuals can volunteer in making strategies to address issues and promote health. Ignoring your health can lead to nowhere but devastation.