Hire the Best Freelance Landscape Architect for a Garden Transformation

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Hiring a freelance landscape architect can be an excellent option for a garden transformation project. Finding the right one to work with can make all the difference in the quality of finished landscaping and how smoothly the renovation goes. First, however, a person needs to know some things to find and hire a freelance landscape architect to get the best landscape design services.

Define Needs

After deciding that hiring a freelance landscape architect is best, it’s time to move forward by defining needs. First, determine what kind of assistance is required, such as help finding plants or design advice, in order to create an accurate job listing.


Some companies will only offer assistance with plants, and others will specialize in designing from start to finish by drawing up plans before anything else begins. Next, a person should consider if this role should also include overseeing the project or if they’ll be able to manage it on their own.

Create a List of Candidates

It’s time to create a list of potential candidates for the job listing. A person should ask friends and family members if they know anyone who might fit the role and post listings on local job sites. If there is a landscape design architect in the person’s city, they should make sure to find out if any of their employees are freelancing or check their websites for contacts.


Once a list has been created, it’s time to narrow things down based on the following criteria:


Landscape architects are in high demand and might not focus on the project. A person should ensure they provide them with enough time for the design process by hiring a freelance landscape architect who has an open schedule. If the person is not in a rush to get the project done, they should find someone who can focus exclusively on their renovation for several weeks.


Some people only specialize in helping homeowners, while others will do commercial work. A person should think about what type of project they need help with when creating the list to make a choice more straightforward when contacting each candidate.

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For example, someone might choose to hire someone who specializes in residential landscaping because they’ll have more experience working on smaller projects, but keep in mind that hiring a specialist could cost more money depending on their rates.

Experience Level

Experience is significant, especially if this is the first garden transformation project. A person doesn’t want to hire someone new since they might not understand the basics of landscaping and could make costly mistakes. At the same time, a person doesn’t want to hire someone with too much experience, as this might mean that they’ll be charging a higher rate because of their skills.

Organization and Communication Skills

The freelance landscape architect must have strong organizational and communication skills to present designs and meet deadlines on time every step of the way throughout the project.


It means they’ll need to send plans ahead of time, follow through with ideas, and develop creative solutions when issues arise during construction. A person should ask friends and family for referrals if they’re unsure which candidates would work well considering these factors.

Logistics and Price

If the candidates being considered are local, it’s good to do an initial walkthrough of the garden space so that they can discuss logistics like timing and budget in person. If that isn’t possible, then schedule phone calls or video chats instead. An online portfolio may not be enough for some projects, and there will be a need to discuss details in detail with every candidate regardless of location.


For larger projects, consider hiring several freelancers if they’re all within budget and reach out to local professionals as well, just in case.

Make a Short List of Candidates

It’s time to make a shortlist of candidates who best match the criteria. First, create a summary including their name, availability, and qualifications for each. Then compare the summaries side-by-side to decide which candidate is most suitable. A person can also narrow things down by scheduling interviews with the candidates that interest them the most.

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Have Phone Conversations With the Candidates on the Short List

After finding three or four promising landscape architects on the job board or through friends, it’s time to reach out for phone conversations (or Skype calls if they aren’t local). During these chats, give them more information about the project and ask questions like how much experience they have working on similar projects.


Then, depending on the complexity of the garden transformation, a person can choose candidates who have worked on similar projects or those who specialize in plants (if that’s what they need help with).

Schedule Meetings With the Candidates to Hire

It’s time to schedule meetings with the candidates whose phone conversations went well and decide between them based on other factors like their portfolios. Meeting them in person is essential for getting a better sense of how they work and being a good fit for the project.


If possible, meet each landscape architect at their previous job sites to see examples of their work up close. At this point, a person should make an offer to the candidate who seems the best fit for the job and start planning their garden transformation.

Have a Final Interview Before Hiring the Landscape Architect

Before someone hires their chosen candidate, they should set up a final interview to go over the details of the project one last time. Ask them important questions like how many revisions are included in their contract or what kind of payment is required. They should make sure that they’re both still feeling confident about working together before moving forward with any plans.


Hiring the best landscape architect for a garden transformation project can be a stressful process, but by following this guide, it should be no trouble finding the right candidate. 


Remember to consider their location and availability and their experience and organizational skills to communicate clearly with them throughout all stages of the process. It’s also essential to ask specific questions during phone conversations and interviews to ensure they’re the right fit.