Five Lighting Styles For Your Ceiling Fan

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Everyone likes a well-lit room. With the shift into LED lighting for most of our interior lighting needs, it’s no surprise that ceiling fans have begun incorporating the lights too.

LED lights offer not only the ideal ambience for your room, but also an elegant aesthetic and energy efficiency. Some fans can serve a dual purpose as an outdoor ready ceiling fan for a patio or porch. Ceiling fans constructed of sturdy wood and featuring rustic and modern (or both!) styles are designed to fit right in with any interior design plan or room. Here are five different styles of lighted ceiling fans to consider for your home.


Single LED


Sometimes, nothing beats the classics. And that’s precisely what you get with a single LED bulb style lighted ceiling fan. LED lights are a marvel of modern technology. Light emitting diodes use a semiconductor to generate light and are not just energy efficient, but also last a long time. Some lights can last as long as 50,000 hours! So who wouldn’t want something like that for their ceiling fan? A single LED is more of a traditional option, but it has a good light spread and offers an attractive way to tie a room together. It’s only one of many LED options, but at the end of the day it’s hard to beat the classics!


Edison Style Bulbs 


Another interesting option for your ceiling fan might be to use Edison Style light bulbs. Edison bulbs are even more classic than LEDs. These are the antique, stylized light bulbs that are made as reproductions of Thomas Edison’s original light bulb designs. They offer a classical, nostalgic look and you can totally get them for your ceiling fan! Bask in the glory of the original light bulbs as you enjoy the mix of modern (LED) and older technology. They’re perfect for an old-timey feel or for mixing nostalgic designs with a more modern aesthetic. Ceiling fans that feature three or four light fixtures are the best contenders for using this type of bulb. 


Clear Glass


A traditional and elegant design for a ceiling fan’s lights can be as simple as getting one with a clear glass fixture. These look great in larger areas, living rooms, and kitchen, while maintaining the form and function of the fan itself? A clear glass or crystal cover can make for a very charming ceiling fan with lights. Whether it’s a single clear dome in the center of the fan, recessed lighting, or several lights in an enclosure, there’s something that can speak to every style.


Frosted Glass


Frosted glass is a special type of glass that creates a translucent effect on the glass, but scatters the light as it hits the “frosted” area. For showers and windows, it can help maintain privacy. For light, it actually acts as a sort of filter. That means prolonged harsh light from the bulbs won’t damage furniture or floors, while also diffusing the light in a pleasant way. Frosted glass is an attractive substitute for clear, recessed, or other lighting covers and should definitely be considered when looking for a fine modern flourish at home.


Exposed Bulb Style

If none of the other lighting styles on this list make sense to you, then you might want to go with an exposed fault style fan. This is similar to the Edison-style bowl, where the bulb actually juts out slightly from the fixture. These fans are quiet, run efficiently, and provide plenty of light for any given space. Depending on the style of fan you choose to get—whether it’s rustic, modern, or some combination or unique style—these types of bulbs have plenty of decorative value in addition to the way they simply light up a room. The type of bulbs you choose for your ceiling fan largely depend on your personality. It can also be influenced by what you have in mind for the room and any other personal preferences. But given the sheer variety of styles and bulbs, there’s sure to be something for everybody when it comes to installing a ceiling fan with lights in your me.home.