How To Stay Away from Stress – Pick Up a New Hobby for The Weekend

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Many of us look forward to the weekend because it is where we can take a break from work or school, and just relax. If you have issues with dealing with stress, or if you are looking for a way to reduce your stress levels, the weekend provides you with plenty of time to pick up a new hobby to help with your stress. Here are 3 hobbies that you can do on the weekend to reduce your stress levels.



When it comes to hobbies, gardening must be one of the most popular and it also happens to be one of the best activities that you can do to lead a fulfilling life without much stress. Gardening might not seem like an interesting hobby to many people because it is a slow-paced activity that requires a lot of patience but there are many benefits to gardening. If you have the space for a full garden, that would be great because you can work with an entire lawn and should you even get a lawnmower to get the space nice and clean. However, you can also just start with a couple of small plants over the weekend and tend to them until you are prepared for a larger garden.

As mentioned before, there are many benefits to gardening and a lot of it relates to our mental health. One of the benefits of gardening is that we get to develop a growth mindset and practice acceptance. A lot of us are stressed out is because we often feel stuck in our place and think that we cannot grow out of our problems. Gardening helps us realize that we are constantly learning and that it is okay to make mistakes. When a plant does not grow as we intended it to, many of us will feel disappointed but if we look past our mistake, we can see that it is actually a learning opportunity where we can accept that what happened is not in our control and learn to do a better job. From this, we are growing from our past and with peace of mind, moving on to the future.

Another benefit to gardening comes from being surrounded by greenery. There is plenty of research that has shown that looking at green landscapes can help reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. Gardening also provides us with the opportunity to connect with nature and strengthen our relationship with the earth by being more mindful and aware of nature and the elements. Gardening is also a great way to move your body because there are many different movements that you do when gardening. Moving our body helps to boost our mood and lower anxiety, overall reducing our stress levels.

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Another hobby that might seem boring to some but is very beneficial to our mental health is sewing. To some, sewing is more of a chore and a task, but it is actually a good outlet for creativity where you can express yourself and create items that can be used in the future. If you have never sewed before you can start to learn how to sew by hand. Once you have learned the basics and are ready to move on to larger projects, you can then invest in a proper sewing machine. There are tons of tutorials that you can follow when it comes to sewing projects but if you are a beginner, just start slow and easy.

Sewing has a lot of health benefits but they might not be as obvious as other hobbies. Like gardening, one of the benefits of sewing is that you get to grow and learn as you sew. There is a level of skill that is required for sewing but it is a skill that everyone can have if they are willing to learn. Making mistakes while sewing is common so if you can learn from your mistake and not make it again in the future, you can bring that mindset to other parts of your life. Sewing requires a lot of focusing and concentration, which can help to relax and reduce stress in some people. It also encourages patience and self-discipline which can also boost mental health.

Sewing can also bring us closer to other people and connect to them. You can make friends who are also interested in sewing and learn from one another. You can also seek their advice and help when you are stuck in a project, which helps us build human relationships. Sewing also helps to instil a sense of pride because when you have completed a project, you can feel a sense of accomplishment. The more accomplished you feel, the higher your self-confidence level will be, which can help to lower the likelihood of negative thoughts and anxiety.

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Many people tie journaling or writing a diary to something you do in your adolescence, but journaling can also be a great hobby for adults. A diary is where you write about your day, yourself, and your feelings, and it is a great way to physically express your thoughts to clear your mind. This will then help to reduce your stress and anxiety because you are learning to speak about your fears and your struggles. Journaling is easy and all you need is an empty notebook and a writing utensil. Many people who journal tend to decorate their notebooks with colours and images to express their creativity and you can do so as well. Your journal is yours so feel free to write whatever you please and decorate it however you like.

There is not much movement nor skills required for journaling, which makes it perfect for anyone of any age. Journaling can be very beneficial to those who struggle with mental health issues. As mentioned before, your journal is where you express your thoughts and feeling through writing, which gives you a healthy opportunity to control your emotion when it starts to overwhelm you. Your journal is also a great place to write down anything that you have in your head to clear it out. Many people who deal with anxiety find themselves overthinking so keeping a journal can help to prevent that as well as gain control of any negative thoughts so that it does not get the best of you.

Your journal can also be used to keep track of certain tasks. Many people believe that their stress comes from not being able to prioritize their work or tasks but if you keep a journal, you can make a list of tasks that you have to complete in that day. This will then help you to prioritize your concerns and tasks so that you can tackle them properly. You can also use your journal to track good habits and list any stressors so that you can control them in the future. If you struggle with low self-esteem and confidence, you can use your journal to share positive thoughts about yourself to combat negative ones.