Ways to Clean a Koi Pond to Make it Beautiful Again

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big koi pond


Who doesn’t love Koi ponds? 


After all, a Koi pond is indeed one of the most mesmerizing parts of a home. Koi ponds usually are very shallow, allowing the users to look through the Koi Pond. 


Thanks to how shallow a koi pond is, the water even looks very crystal clear to add to the beauty of the scenario. Additionally, the aquatic plants can throw in a touch of color too. 


We are talking about those big, green lily pads and those aesthetic pink lotus flowers. 


But, it all sounds so good until you get to know their downside. When you have a koi pond, leaving it uncared for a very long time can make it look very messy! 


Whether it be the overgrowing plants or poor hygiene of a koi pond, this guide will help you find the perfect way to clean a koi pond! 


We hope you will be up and brushing your koi pond up to make it beautiful again by the end of this guide! 


So, lets’ get going. 


Start by removing any fish and draining the koi pond.


Before we do anything, you have to make sure that you have dried out your koi pond. 


The chances of diagnosing the problem are much higher when all the water is drained out and you have a clear view of everything. 


However, you need to adhere to the correct methodology to ensure that you have correctly drained the water. 


You can follow these steps to drain out the water: 

  1. Use the sump pump to drain one inch of water. Doing so helps in quickly taking out the fish from the pond. 

  2. Add some pond water into the tub for the fish. 

  3. At this point, move the fish to the tub. 

  4. Once the fish are out, you can drain out the water. 


Diagnose your koi pond. 


Now that the water is gone, the chances of making the correct diagnoses are considerably more. 


Some of the most likely issues that you can face with a koi pond include: 


  1. Overgrown plants 

  2. Broken materials

  3. Non-organic debris 

  4. Shifter rocks

  5. Liner damage. 


As soon as you narrow down these issues, it will become easier to clean out your koi pond. 


However, if you don’t have much experience or can’t tell what’s wrong, we suggest you take expert help here. An expert has a much higher chance of presenting you with a correct diagnosis. 

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To find a koi pond service as quickly as possible, search the Internet for “koi pond cleaning service near me”. 


Doing so will list all the nearest koi pond experts near you. Since they are located closer to you, they can scrub in real quick.

Clean the walls and shelves of the pond


Dead plant matter, green mold, or muck is not always easy to clean. 


Sometimes, these elements can hide between the rocks. Many people miss it, and their pond starts to look dirty soon after they clean it. 


Make use of a sump pump and pond water to clean out any hidden harmful elements. Once you clean them, you can utilize the vacuum pump to remove any waste. 

Power wash the entire koi pond!


Even after you have cleaned your walls, harmful elements such as scale, algae, and debris might still be clung to the surfaces of your pond somewhere. 


If you leave them unchecked, everything you have done so far could waste as the pond will look very untidy again. 


So, to clean out all the potentially harmful elements, you should use a pressure washer! However, make sure you don’t place the pressure washer too close to the rocks as it might damage them. 


Pressure washing your pond can sterilize your koi pond for good measure. 

  • Take care of any Aquatic plants.


If you don’t attend to the plants in your koi pond, they can cause serious problems! Your koi pond might end up getting clogged, and the pool will start looking untidy once again. 


The simple solution for dealing with the overgrowing aquatic plants is to trim them down. Take shears and trim down any overgrowing plants. Also, remove any plants that contain any dead plant matter. 


This step is crucial to ensuring that your koi pond gets its attractive look back again. 

Clean the bio falls.


The waterfall of your koi pond is an integral part for two reasons. Primarily, it adds to the beauty of the pond. Secondly, the continuous water flow due to the waterfall also gives a soothing feeling to the house owners! 


While we are listing the reasons that prove waterfalls as a great addition to your koi pond, let us also mention that a waterfall can also serve as a filter for your koi pond! 


So, if you have a bio fall in your koi pond, you should also focus on cleaning it as well. 

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To clean the bio fall, you should take out every part and clean it with the hose. If you don’t have a hose, you can use a sump pump. 


Once you have passed every component through a hose, feel free to put it back the same way you took it apart.

Skimmer parts need cleaning too! 


The skimmer is a necessary component of your koi pond as it functions as a mechanical filter. Having a skimmer can help you clean leaves, plants, other items, and debris. 


You need to be consistent when it comes to cleaning your skimmer. Additionally, you will also need to clear the filter mats to ensure that it keeps functioning perfectly.


Follow these simple steps to clean your skimmer: 


  • Remove the pump. 

  • Take out the skimmer. 

  • Just like with the bio falls, clean all the parts. 

  • Put it back together just as you took it apart. 


Cleaning your skimmer can save you a lot of time as it can cut down the need for the overall maintenance of the pond.

As you refill your pond, add the fishes again! 


We know how tempting it can be to add the fish directly after cleaning the koi pond! 


But that’s not the best thing to do. As you refill the water, the water will have higher consistency of chemicals such as fluorine and chlorine. 


So, before you allow your fish to roam around in their old house again, you can prepare the koi pond for them using a pond detoxifier. 


Using a pond detoxifier, you will be able to rule out those harmful chemicals and also give your fish their home back! 


Final Words


Koi ponds are indeed a beautiful addition to a house. They can offer a home a uniquely beautiful look. 


However, cleaning them can be messy if you don’t know how to do it right, which marks the whole process of cleaning a koi pond as necessary. 


So keeping the importance of cleaning koi ponds in mind, we have provided you with this guide. This guide will surely help make the process easier as you will know about the things to be on the lookout for! 


However, if you have any prior experience cleaning a koi pond and think we may have missed a step, let us know in the comments!