How Much Does a Locksmith Cost to Make a Car Key

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Finding 24 hour locksmith services is very important, no matter how sure you are about your locks. One day you might need a new car key, locks changed on your house or maybe your locked out. It will be much better if you already have some companies in mind around your location that don’t cost much and can get the job done. If your looking for help last minute from just anyone its very easy for untrustworthy companies to take advantage of you.

The following tips have been provided by Sure Lock&Key , a team of professional masters that work 24/7 to keep your doors and locks safe and sound.

car key

When looking for a reliable locksmith CT, be sure to consider – a team of professional masters that work 24/7 to keep your doors and locks safe and sound.

Moving on, one of the most frequently asked questions is how much it will cost to have a locksmith make a key for your vehicle or motorcycle. Let’s see if we can make an estimate.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Locksmith Make A Car Key?

Given we’re looking for 24hrs locksmith services and keeping the salary of a locksmith in mind, expect to invest in their expert work.

Here are some points of reference:

  • Unlocking a car key will cost between $50-$100;

  • Making new keys – from $10 to $150, depending on the difficulty;

  • Re keying your car – from $50 to $300, depending on the difficulty.

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If you need them to take action asap, expect the rate to rise.

Keep in mind that there might be an hourly rate on the locksmith’s work that might change depending on the state or city you’re living in. It might range between $50 and $100. If it’s not a 24 hrs service, after-hour might cost more.

A company like Sure Lock&Key will definitely provide the best service for a reasonable price if you live in Connecticut! Just Google “locksmith near me”, “key maker near me”, “local locksmith assistance in my area”, etc. After the visit, make sure to leave a review about the open and close hours, door help or other services quality, and whether you would change the company.

Make sure to check the prices on the website of the company today or contact their customer support now to get the quotes list.

Looking for Safety When Ordering a New Car Key

Security should be a primary concern for every locksmith company. People trust them with their closest things like homes, locks, doors, keys, and even vehicles.

When looking for a reliable professional, you’ll definitely find Sure Lock&Key somewhere on your way if you’re in CT. Their master will never copy your keys or in any other way jeopardize your safety. All information you provide remains confidential and the job is done in the shortest time.

Make sure you know who you let in the garage. The company should have a legacy of high-quality work, affordable prices, and a smart expert team. Visit their shop, check working hr schedule, documentation like an ER number if possible, see if the company offers the TOP nearest locksmiths. When you find the one with a great balance of quality and prices, there will be no problems by the time you need a key master.