How pillows provide a good night’s sleep

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Insufficient sleep is a global and chronic problem that leads to a wide range of adverse medical conditions. Because of this, many people are exploring ways to get a good night’s sleep.  


When you do an online search about improving sleep quality, one of the most common tips you would come across is to use or choose high-quality pillows. 

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How true is it that pillows affect sleep? According to studies, using the right pillow can contribute to the improvement of sleep quality. 



The Different Ways Pillows Benefit Your Sleep


Many of us only associate pillows with comfort and nothing else. We don’t know that pillows can also have a significant impact on our health by promoting better sleep. Here are some of the ways our pillows provide a good night’s sleep:


Pillows reduce tension on the pressure points of our body.


Do you feel back, shoulder, and neck pain in the morning upon waking up? Well, the culprit is no other than the unwanted pressure, which comes as a result of improper alignment of the spine. While you may not notice it, this incorrect sleeping posture makes you uncomfortable, which leads to poor sleep quality. 


Pillows are designed to provide support to your head, keep the spine in proper alignment, and promote good sleeping posture. All of which leads to better sleep at night. 


Pillows aid in our sleeping position. 


Our sleeping positions differ from one another, and each sleeping position would require different types and levels of support to achieve the proper sleeping posture. 


Regardless of what your sleeping position is, pillows are here to provide the support that you need. By strategically placing the right cushion in different parts of your body, you can maintain proper spine alignment and enjoy a good night’s sleep. 


Specialized pillows help with the management of sleep apnea. 


Sleep apnea is a disorder wherein something blocks your upper airway during sleep. Your diaphragm and chest muscles need to exert extra effort in getting air into your lungs because of the blockage. 


Even though you don’t notice the struggle while you’re sleeping, it causes night sweats, restlessness, snoring and interrupted sleep. 

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The good news is there’s pillow for sleep apnea that can aid in managing this condition. Studies show that elevating the body from the waist up using pillows may be beneficial as it prevents the lungs from collapsing. Additionally, pillows with side cutouts can also aid in CPAP therapy. 


Pillows may promote interrupted sleep.


Do you keep on tossing and turning at night? The main culprit of sleep restlessness is inadequate support. Fortunately, pillows are designed to provide you the support you need while sleeping.


If you want to enjoy uninterrupted sleep, try changing your pillows. That may do the trick!


With the right pillows, you won’t feel hot at night.


Do you often wake up at night drenched in sweats? Night sweats may be a symptom of a more serious medical condition. But more often than not, it’s just a result of using the wrong pillow.


The right pillow can improve your sleep quality by providing you with a cool sleeping surface that will keep you feeling fresh and relaxed throughout the night. By changing your pillow, you can bid night sweat goodbye!


How  to Choose Pillows for a Good Night’s Sleep


You already know the sleep benefits of pillows. However, you can only enjoy these benefits if you’ll use the right pillow for your needs.


 To determine which is the best pillow for you, here are two critical factors that you need to keep in mind when shopping for one:


Your Sleeping Position


As mentioned, different sleeping positions will have varying support requirements. With that in mind, here are the recommended pillow types for each sleeping position:



  • Side Sleeping Position


If you’re a side sleeper, the gap between your head and the mattress is big. Using a firm pillow is the best way to fill this gap.



  • Back Sleeping Position 


If you’re a back sleeper, your sleeping position is most optimal for proper spine alignment, so you only need minimal support. With this in mind, a slim and medium-firm pillow is recommended for you. 

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In addition to placing pillows under your head, you will also benefit from pillows under your hips or pelvic area.


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  • Stomach Sleeping Position


Honestly, this is the worst sleeping position for your spine and neck, because there’s little to no support behind your head. You can try to improve your position by resting your head on ultra-soft pillows.




The pillow’s fill will determine the feel, firmness, and support you can get from the pillow. Here are some of the most common types of fill available:



  • Down


These are the softest, and fluffiest pillow fills available. However, they are also the most expensive. Also, some people are allergic to down material.



  • Synthetic Down and Polyester


The addition of polyester lowers the price while still giving you the few benefits of down fill.  It also reduces the risk of allergies. However, these are not as soft as down and may provide only a medium-soft sleeping surface.



  •  Cotton


This is the most popular fill because it is hypoallergenic and mite-and dust-resistant. However, they tend to be firm and flat.



  • Wool


Like cotton, this is resistant to mite and dust and reduces the risk of allergies. Thanks to their moisture-wicking properties, they will help you sleep cook at night. 



  • Memory Foam


This fill has become quite popular recently because of its ability to conform to your body shape and movement. However, this tends to retain heat. To address this, most memory foam pillows are infused with gel. 


Final Words


So you see, pillows, along with mattresses, play an essential role in your sleep, affecting your overall health. That’s why it is crucial, now more than ever, that you invest in your pillows and beddings. High-quality pillows may seem expensive, but it’s one investment that is surely worth the cost!