How Technology is Changing The Fashion Industry

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When we look at fashion nowadays, we can definitely say that technology is taking it to another level, from having AR/VR dressing rooms to using smart fabrics. Innovation has always been an inevitable part of fashion, designers were always trying to find new ways to express themselves by using inventions like the sewing machine in the past and e-commerce today. 

One of the largest industries in the world is definitely the fashion industry with its worth being around $3T by using data from CB Insights’ Industry Analyst Consensus.

Fashion technology is at a very fast pace now moving forward and it is creating new opportunities for designers. Things like robots that can sew and cut fabric, different AI algorithms that can be used to predict style trends, and trying on clothes in virtual reality are being used in the industry now and they show how technology automation, personalization, and speed up can change the fashion space.

The Easiest Way For Consumers To Get Products They Want

Many different fashion design software options and platforms are of great help to designers and companies when making customized goods for different consumers. What designers can now achieve is make digitally sketched designs, create some 3D models and use those unique patterns and send them to be manufactured. Digital fabric printing helped designers to offer very unique and diverse patterns to consumers and also involve the consumers in the creative process allowing them to design apparel according to their own taste and size. The above-mentioned software and platforms are very easy to use and the customized product can be ready in no time.  Among many of these platforms, the Unmade platform, stood out as one that can offer customers to turn things that they have on their mind into reality. They can also add specific details that will make them or their team/company easily recognizable wherever they go. 

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Shopping Using New Innovative Ways

The most important innovation that came to fashion due to digitalization is definitely e-commerce or online shopping. 2020 was crucial for the rise of e-commerce for many different brands and brought digital reckoning. As an outcome of this, many brands have relied mostly on the websites and selling their products there due to the escalation of the pandemic and restrictions that heavily affected commerce.

Technology And Sustainability

Carbon emission is one of the biggest problems of today, and the reduction of it is very important. Based on the data taken from the UNEP and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the fashion industry itself has about 10% of carbon emissions on an annual global level.  What new technologies can do for brands is help them try to reduce their impact on the environment. Some of the ideas that companies and brands have been trying to use are alternative textiles to make their products more recyclable, reusable, or regenerative. If we use  Stella McCartney, for example, we can see that she uses some innovative materials like bio-based faux fur. 

There are a lot of new business trends and predictions made in the fashion industry for 2023, so make time to go through these and see what can you expect.

Methods Used for Marketing

In the past what fashion brands did was use only print media or had their print advertising to promote their new collections and get more consumers, but digitalization has helped this transition from print to online marketing to be a natural process. Brands started having their campaigns online most of the time and needed a lot smaller budget for their work and were potentially able to reach millions of social media users globally. Along with digitalization, influencer marketing rose to fame, majority of fashion brands started collaborating with social media influencers. Collaborations like these usually represent successful promotional campaigns. 

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Virtual Reality in the Fashion World

VR is becoming more and more popular in every segment of our lives. It brought computer-generated simulation along with a three-dimensional environment. The boom started in the gaming industry and spread across many different ones. The fashion industry is definitely one of these since retail’s online and physical worlds now represent a usual combination. Consumers now have the opportunity to try on the clothes they want virtually using their accurate measures. 

Technology is revolutionizing the fashion industry, especially when talking about how people dress and shop. As technology is evolving, fashion trends will evolve too, we just need to make sure to be ready to adapt to whatever is coming very fast.