Cleaning Tiles and Grout with OxiClean

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OxiClean is a renowned brand that makes some really effective household cleaners. From detergents to its stain remover powder, every OxiClean product can be used to clean a variety of materials. Starting with the clothing material, upholstery, carpets, rugs, to any hard surfaces, OxiClean cleans and removes stains. When it’s an effective stain remover, the first hard surface that comes to our mind is the tiles. Who doesn’t want a permanent but safe and affordable solution for the grouts of the tile floors? 

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The Perfectly Balanced OxiClean


If a cleaner is mild, the grout line will be intact; thus, the tiles too, but it will look disgusting. If the cleaner is harsh, the grout lines again will be ugly but this time full damaged. And you will end up having loose tiles all over your house or apartment. So, we need a balanced product that is effective too but doesn’t damage the grout lines’ adhesiveness. And OxiClean has subjugated that balance. 


OxiClean Stain Remover Powder


The OxiClean product we are referring to use on tiles and grouts is a powder cleaner. It basically is oxygen bleach. The moment the oxygen in this cleaner gets in touch with water, it releases pronto and targets the stubborn stains. It mostly works on the stain or dirt layers, not the surface beneath that layer. Thus the adhesive stays intact, and the grout line and tiles are secured while washed.

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How to Clean Grout with Oxiclean


Cleaning Process


Now let’s get into explaining the whole process of how to clean grout with oxiclean. For that, you will need to buy a box of OxiClean stain remover powder or a liquid solution bottle.


Step #1 – Thorough Dusting


The eco-friendly cleaning process always starts with a thorough dusting of the floor. There must not be any dirt, dust on the floor, not even fine particles. Use a brush to scrub the grout lines. Scrubbing the grout with a toothbrush or nylon-bristled brush will take off all the loose dust and dirt particles from the grout, and you will need to clean only the stain or stuck-on dirt.s

Step #2 – Measurement and Mixing


Depending on the dirt on the tiles and grout lines, you will need to measure and mix OxiClean with water. If you are cleaning a dirty tile floor, including the equally filthy grout lines, each room will require a gallon of water with one and a half tablespoon of OxiClean powder mixed in it. Use a stick to mix the powder well in the water. If you are cleaning only the grout lines, you can make a thicker solution, not too thick but thicker than the previous consistency. Or just use the same quantity, but let the liquid sit longer on the grout lines.

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Step #3 – Pouring The Liquid


You can use a mug to pour the OxiClean liquid on the grout lines precisely. Pour it straight but carefully, only on the grout lines. Keep that on the grout for 15 minutes. In these soaking and setting times, the oxygen from the OxiClean will be released to work on the stains and break them into fine particles.


Step #4 – Sponge Then Scrub


After 15 minutes, you can start cleaning the grout. First, use a sponge to wipe the dirt from the grout. In most cases, the stuck-on will come off with a few swipes with the sponge only. If the stain or stuck-on dirt is not coming off with a sponge, only then use a scrub pad or toothbrush to clean it further.


Step #5 – Cleaning The Residue


If you have used a bleaching agent, you must clean it with plain water. It’s a rule to remove all the residue. The rule applies to OxiClean as well. So after scrubbing, do the cleaning and sweeping of the tile floor once with plain water. Use a stick mop to do it. The next step is to mix a half cup of vinegar into a gallon of water. Sweep the floor with that once again. Vinegar removes the OxiClean residue pretty well.


So, you are done cleaning the tiles, scrubbing the dirt off the grout, and disinfecting the whole tile flooring with a safe but effective product.


What About a Cleaning Machine?


We are in no way anti cleaning machines. When it comes to cleaning the tile floor and its grout lines, frankly, there is no dearth of high-quality cleaner machines. If you ask us to name one high-quality grout cleaner machine, we will rather be on the spot and fail to name just one.

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We have Bissell, Swiffer, Dyson, and Shark steam cleaning machines for floors. All these are renowned brands that make a range of cleaning machines. And if there is one floor that is open to use as many types of cleaning machines as possible to keep it clean, it is the tile floor. 


However, the thing is, when you have tile flooring, the easier and lenient process it demands to keep it clean most of the time doesn’t make us feel like investing in a cleaning machine. None can deny how much all these brands try to make the cleaning machines affordable for the masses to use; they are still expensive for many.


That is why we always suggest easier cleaning solutions or powders, which could be used with a scrub pad or brush and then swept with a stick mop. And one of those easy options is, of course, the very efficient OxiClean. 




You are using bleach on the grout lines. So you must wear a good quality pair of gloves, even while measuring and mixing the OxiClean with water. 


Then, of course, you will need to have footwear in your feet and gloves in your hands while pouring the liquid you just made with OxiClean on the grout lines. 


Make sure your kids are not roaming around anywhere near the spot you are attempting to clean. 


Do not pour the OxiClean randomly on tiles where there is no stain. Clean, spotless tiles are better cleaned with plain warm water. If it’s too dirty, then you know it, a bucket of water needs only a tablespoon or more of OxiClean powder or a full cap of solution.


Even the clean grout lines don’t require bleaching unless they are too ugly, filthy, and disgusting to look at. And it takes years, at least a year if not years of not at all cleaning, for grouts to be that level ugly. 


What we are trying to say is that OxiClean is not a product to use every second day. Not at all to clean your already clean tiles and grout lines. Use a cleaning product only when you need to. Otherwise, plain water is more than enough for the tile floor and grout.