8 Types Of Different Investment Opportunities In 2021

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Business people are always looking for opportunities to invest and grow their money. Fortunately, new ventures are coming up each day. The secret is to know how to capitalize on the new or existing industries to maximize your profitability and increase your success levels in business. However, it all starts by identifying the ideal opportunity and investing right. 


2021 has a few excellent investment options that any savvy business individual will critically consider before making their choice. What are some of these unique or sure-bet avenues of investment that you can explore? Read on to discover more.

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  1. Real Estate and Property Market

A lot has changed in 2021’s property market as coronavirus affected businesses. Even as things slowly returned to normalcy, the real estate industry was hit hard, especially for the retail market where lots of shops and retails stores closed down after the corona hit. Surprisingly, office spaces seem to be what many people need now, which explains why you should invest in such commercial real estate as an investor. 

One other area that may be performing decently as far as real estate is concerned would be the residential property markets. More people are now prioritizing their living spaces, which explains the spike in log cabin property sales as more people choose to relax and enjoy a bit of luxury when they can. The impact of the coronavirus was so shocking that many lost lives and loved ones. 

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Many people are now making deliberate choices to be comfortable since there is no telling when one will die. With such information, an intelligent investor interested in real estate will invest in luxury cabins and apartments. They are likely to have more returns as people choose to live comfortably while they can.

  1. Invest in Travel Business

The pandemic had many people grounded even when all they wanted to do was travel and see the world. With most countries slowly opening up after necessary mitigations have been put in place to control the spread of the pandemic, it is interesting to note that there seems to be an urgency to get out there and enjoy. As an intelligent investor, this is the time to buy airline stocks and to become part of the new travel stakeholders. Invest in the hotel business, transport, or even travel agencies. The point is to get into the rush around the travel business happening recently, as the money is.

  1. Restaurant Stocks

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Putting your money in restaurants at such a time is an excellent idea if you make a kill on returns. Many people are still unsure of the pandemic situation across the globe; they are taking it slow even as economies reopen and people are allowed to step outside. This means that they are either stuck with cooking or ordering out, and the latter seems to be an option many prefer. Despite the slow restaurant operations, there has been an upsurge in takeout and deliveries. Prioritize investing in this part of the restaurant business.

  1. High Yield Savings Account

Do you have the money you are afraid to put into an active investment because of the current economic vitality? If you are a risk-averse individual, consider high yield savings accounts as your best option. This is something you should consider doing, especially if you need the money in the short term. Be sure to deposit the cash in an FDIC-insured bank to avoid the worry of losing your money. Understand the limits the bank sets, and be sure it is something you can handle before committing your cash.

  1. Certificates of Deposits

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This is yet another safe investment for people who are unwilling to risk their hard-earned cash on unsure investments. Certificates of deposits are legally acceptable certificates issued by banks and offer higher interest rates. They have specific maturity dates that investors have to wait for before withdrawing or accessing their cash. You need to understand the duration, which can be anything from a few weeks to a few years. 

Note that it is impossible to withdraw cash before the maturity of the funds unless you are willing to pay for the penalties it attracts. However, if you are not in a hurry, you can wait for the maturity of the funds. In the end, you will get the initial principal plus the accrued interest that your deposit earned over time since the bank pays regularly.

  1. Government Bond Funds

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If you want another safe investment alternative in 2021, then government bonds are the way to go. These are mutual funds issued by the government and its agencies. This is perfect for low-risk investors since the government will always pay. However, before rushing to invest, take time to research and learn more about the type of investment. Note that while they are highly liquid, they may be affected by the interest rate, thus affecting their profitability.

  1. Dividend Stock Funds

Investing in stocks is one thing, and investing in stocks that pay dividends is another. As long as you choose the right stock, you are assured of both long-term and short-term earnings. Most companies that pay their stakeholders dividends do it quarterly, which means that you get to earn short-term even as your investment increases in the long term with market appreciation.

  1. Fixed Annuities

This is a contract with an insurance company to pay specific income overtime for an upfront payment. These fixed annuities are structured differently. Payouts are within specific long-term periods, or even until the clients’ death. It can be a lump sum payment that allows you to take your payout immediately, or you can decide to pay in parts and start enjoying the proceeds at a later age, say during retirement. It is one of the easiest ways to give yourself some financial security for the future.

Final Thoughts

Smart investing is the way of the future. As a new entrepreneur or an existing one, it is essential to find practical investment channels to help you grow your wealth. Fortunately, exciting opportunities depend on whether you want to take the risk or not.