How To Make A Boring Outfit Look Better 

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When you look at your clothes, what do you think? Are you happy with the variety? Do you like the different styles? Are you impressed at how well everything works together? Or do you look at your clothes and wish they gave you more? You want more style, more interest, more pizzazz. You want outfits that make you feel great and look great in equal measure. 


If your current selection of clothing is dull and uninspiring, there are a number of different things you can do to fix the issue. From accessories to layering, you’ll have a lot of choice once you start to see the options open to you. Read on to find out what some of them are so you can start improving your wardrobe today. 

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Buy New Clothes

The first thing to think about is whether or not anything can be done with the clothes you have. It could be that they are just what they are, and you can’t add to them or combine them with anything to make them look more stylish. Sometimes that’s just how it is, and clothes are meant to do just one thing. However, if you want to have a more interesting outfit, you’re going to need to make some changes. It could be time to buy new clothes. 


If this is something you want to do, take your time over it. You don’t want to put boring outfits that can’t be made better to one side (or perhaps give them to charity) only to buy more of the same. You need to think carefully about each separate garment and how they can combine with the other things you’re buying as well as items you have at home. 


Boutique dresses are a wonderful example. Take your time choosing the ideal dress that suits your particular needs, but always keep in mind what you are going to pair it with. Will it work with sneakers as well as heels? Will it look great with a smart jacket or a slouchy cardigan? What accessories would make it look fantastic (and will it look perfect on its own)? Think things through before buying anything, and your wardrobe will soon be full of interesting combinations and outfits you can enjoy wearing to any occasion. 

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Mix Prints And Colors 

Even if you shy away from the idea of mixing prints and colors together, or perhaps you have never even considered it before, if you want your outfit to be as interesting as possible, you can certainly combine these two details. In other words, you don’t have to find items that all match together perfectly to make an outfit – sometimes, it’s the things that don’t match well at all in normal circumstances that can make the outfit truly something remarkable (in a good way). 


If you’re unsure, start small. Wear a dress with a bold color and then have a scarf with a small print on it. As you get bolder and start to see the potential in the idea, you can wear more than one print – or more than one color – and make sure it takes up a bigger area of your clothing. By combining unusual items of clothing together, you can make a unique outfit that, although different, does not look unpleasant. Plus, when you start experimenting with different prints and colors, the opportunities to create a brand new combination – and, therefore, a brand new outfit – are almost endless. 


Add More Texture 

Another great way to stop an outfit from looking boring is to add more texture to it. Even an entirely black outfit, which, no matter how stylish or how much you like wearing black, does have a tendency to look a little dull, can be raised substantially when you add some different textures to it. 


Texture can be added with a variety of different things, but one of the easiest ways to start is with layers. You could have your base layer or clothing with a layer such as a cardigan, blouse, or sweater on top. You can then have a jacket over that. Make sure that each layer can be seen otherwise the effect won’t work. It’s also crucial to ensure that the layers are made of different materials. If one is made of silk, wear another made of wool, and then one made of cotton, for example. Or, if you like just one type of fabric, wear different colors in your layers. In either way, you’ll be adding layers of texture that can make an outfit look so much better than if you had left it in its original state. 

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Many people claim that they are bad about remembering to accessorize, but if you make it a practice to do it every time you put on a new outfit, you will notice a huge improvement in your appearance, and it will definitely not be boring. You can add some edge to your clothing with stackable rings, or you can dress it up with the help of a statement necklace. Although it’s true that some people aren’t interested in accessories and would rather focus on the clothing, this is actually one of the best habits you can develop if you want to step up your fashion game.


You can never have too many necklaces, earrings, bangles, or rings, so take your time amassing a collection. Keep in mind that by simply switching up your jewelry, you can drastically transform your image. Costume jewelry can have a fantastic impact on your entire style without breaking the bank.


Accessories aren’t just about jewelry, of course, so if you really don’t enjoy wearing it, you can accessorize in different ways. You might choose to get a collection of hats together, or bags, or perhaps it’s your shoes that you want to do more with. Hair accessories are another great option, and so are watches and belts. There will be something that you like enough to create a collection of, meaning that no matter what outfit you’re wearing, you’ll be able to make it more interesting at any time.