How to Make Money During Lockdown

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Not only has the coronavirus trapped people at home for extended periods of time, it has also eaten into a lot of income sources. Whether you’re scrambling for a new job or just need a bit of extra income to tide you over, here’s how to make money during lockdown.

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Become a Freelancer

By far the easiest way to get started making money during lockdown is by becoming a freelancer. There are a whole lot of skills that are in demand, and a range of websites where you can sign up as a self-employed worker and start earning some money. Some skills in demand include content writing, social media management, graphic design, voice over assistance, translation services, etc. You might need to be upskilled to land some of the jobs, but this is the best bet when it comes to making money during lockdown.

Start a Website

It’s now easier than ever to start your own website, which can turn into real money spinners – with some patience and hard work of course. Getting things up and running is the simple part. One of the easiest ways to make money of a website is to run Google AdSense, which puts advertisements on your site and pays you whenever someone clicks on one. However, to make this worth pursuing you really need to drive a lot of traffic to your website in the first place which is the real challenge.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is probably a better method to make money with your own website. This is when you refer readers to a product or service, and if they then proceed to purchase it, you get a cut of the company’s earnings. You could be recommending budget hotels in your city and making money from link or advertising a VPN service and getting a cut of the subscription – there’s a lot of different options here. It’s one of the best ways to start making a passive income, and with some dedicated time and effort, can easily turn into a full-time income.  

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Write an Informative eBook

Another way to make some money and get creative during lockdown is by writing an informative eBook and throwing it up on the Amazon store. You’re probably knowledgeable about something in life, so why not write a short book about it and put it up for sale? It’s pretty much guaranteed that someone else in the world is interested in learning about what you’ve written, and if things take off, you’re in for a nice little side hustle. 

Start an Online Store

Starting an online store is an easy way to make a few bucks here and there while in lockdown. If you’re crafty, you can investigate starting your own Etsy store selling your handmade product. Photographers can set up stores selling their best photos on Etsy. Drop shipping is another interesting concept to investigate. Dropshipping is another interesting concept to explore. Here you don’t have to have your inventory to sell products. It’s just enough to find some third-party or on-demand manufacturers like Supliful since they silently take care of your product, which includes packaging and shipping for you.  No upfront fees. This is where you design, sell, and ship a product entirely online – primarily clothes, supplements, food, and so on. It’s very beginner-friendly.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Doing everything that an assistant would do, but from the comfort of your own home – welcome to the world of virtual assistants. From answering emails and data entry to answering phone calls and managing a blog, there’s a lot of work to be done. It might require some training to land a full time gig, but if you have great communication skills and are proficient using the MS suite of software, try your hand by signing up to one of the freelancer sites like Upwork or Fiverr. Often, someone is willing to pay you for a little bit of time.

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Offer Translation Services

If you’re proficient in a second language, you can probably make a little extra cash offering some translation services. There’s often a big demand for translation of websites, short documents, and more from one language into another. Look out for gigs on the websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Guru. 

Online Teaching and Tutoring

There’s a big demand for online teaching and tutoring. If you’re an expert in a particular subject, then you can sign up to a website and connect with students across the world. One of the biggest industries is to become an online English teacher, teaching kids and adults from Asia to South America in English. It does require some training in how to be a teacher, but there are plenty of online courses where you can get qualified.