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There are so many occasions to be celebrated each year. Whether a birthday, a wedding, graduation or another significant event, picking a great gift each time can feel like a challenge. Yet this challenge can be met by walking through the following steps:

Set your budget

First, decide the maximum you want to spend on a gift. If you are looking to attend a fancy anniversary celebration party to mark a milestone gold or silver wedding anniversary you will likely want to spend more, though the rules are not strict and traditionally less significant years of marriage may be as important to the couple and their family if there has been triumph over adversity. Once you have a budget, a search online for a gift can be made simpler with the upper limit set on online retail sites so that options are all relevant and if all else fails the perfect gift card works for everyone. 

Consider the occasion

Your gift to a best friend for their birthday may not be suitable as a gift to be opened in front of family at a graduation party. Choose a gift that is appropriate for the occasion, for example for marine homecoming you should choose personalized marine corps gifts, with milestone events usually marked with lasting gifts to be treasured rather than fun gifts connected with an “in” joke that is commonly given between friends.

You can still have fun with your gift-giving even for major events like weddings or religious ceremonies as long as the gift delivers the message of love, respect, gratitude or another positive feeling that you want it to.  Choose your gift in their favourite colour or perhaps a gift that you can add to over the years. This could be a pair of earrings for her birthday followed by a necklace at the winter holidays and another set of earrings in a different colour for Mother’s Day or other celebrations. 

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Experience gifts

As more and more people are being mindful of their footprint on the earth and the amount of gifts that are sent to thrift stores or landfills within months of being received, the growth in experience gifts continues to rise. If the person you are buying the gift for used to play in a band, was a great baker or loved a particular sports or sports person, tailor your gift to resurrect this interest if it has been lost. The gift could be music lessons with a teacher locally, a weekend cookery course, a season ticket for seats to watch their favourite team.

Handmade gifts

If you cannot find precisely what you want, consider creating your own gift basket that holds all that you know that you know your recipient will enjoy. This can be fun for you and a series of small items can be fun.  As a winter holiday gift for the family, you can include chews for Fido, a catnip toy for Felix as well as a family board game for everyone with smaller items suited to every individual in the family. The basket itself can be something special, to be used as a toy box by the youngest member so that everything gifted is enjoyed.

Gift baskets

Gift baskets always work well with a theme. A spa basket for a new mum to pamper herself at home. A kitchen basics basket with small gadgets and utensils for the student heading off to university are both thoughtful and practical gifts. You could also have a gift basket with items that all refer to their love of a particular movie or television series or items that will help them try out new skills related to a creative arts hobby like knitting, painting or crochet. Put your own unique spin on traditional gift basket ideas.

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Always write a card

Your gift will show your appreciation to those who receive it. Make it extra special with a card in which you write your good wishes to them. Rather than just signing a shop-bought card, put in your own words how you wish them all they wish for themselves, how proud you are, how much you appreciate them and how you hope the future will look. These are precious notes that can be easily stored to be reread over many years later.