How to Pick the Right MIG Welder For You

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You will find different welding processes like MIG, TIG, and Stick. But all the processes are not suitable for all applications. In this article, we will talk about MIG welding and the features of a right MIG welder. For picking the best MIG welder, you should consider some facts.


For example, metal thickness, weight, duty cycle, price, portability, and the best dual voltage mig welder. This welder is highly considered because of its dual voltage power. With multi-voltage power, it can operate in various modes flawlessly. Stick to this article to know more about MIG welding.

What Is Mig Welding?

MIG is a semi-automatic method that is a part of the arc welding process. To carry out the welding, it requires an electrode, welding gun connected to a feeding wire, and an inert gas. This welding process becomes more useful and versatile due to the best dual voltage mig welder power.  MIG welder comes with a handle connected to a trigger that constantly feeds with an electrode or wire. For burning, fusing, and joining the metal together, continuous feeding is necessary. It is a cost-effective and faster process of welding.


You can weld stainless steel, aluminum, or any other thick or thin metals easily by using CO2 blend or Argon. The non-stop feeding process helps to make this welding process safer and easier than the other processes. If you want an effective welder for automotive work, mechanical work, maintaining firm equipment, and hobby welding, a MIG welder can do an excellent job. For beginners, it is the ideal and easiest welding process. It can produce very nice looking and firm welds without generating too much smoke.

How to Pick the Right MIG Welder For You?

To get the maximum benefit, choosing an appropriate MIG welder is necessary. Selecting the perfect welder is determined by many factors. Follow the below features to know how to pick the right MIG welder for you.

Amperage and Time

There are various types of MIG welder available based on the amount of amperage and heat. To weld thin metal that will require less time for heating, you can go for a light-duty welder. But, you will need a heavy-duty gun in case of thicker metal that will require a long time non-stop heat. You can differentiate both the guns according to their price and maintenance process. Light-duty guns required frequent replacement than heavy-duty guns.

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Selecting Gas

To get an all-purpose blend 75% argon or 25C and 25% CO2 blend is the ideal combination. Some MIG welders work effectively with flux core welding wire for feeding purposes. But it requires hooking up with a gas cylinder to produce a firm weld without slag coating. That is why lookout for a MIG welder that comes with a connected gas source.


While choosing a MIG welder, you must consider the right electric outlet. Voltage helps to control the arc length, affects the melting efficiency and bead width. The penetration will suffer and can’t work adequately without a balanced voltage.

So, for light metal welding, a typical 110V home-based MIG welder will be okay. For heavy metal welding, you will require a MIG welder with 220V power. Remember, any kind of electric supply fluctuation can hamper the feeding process.

MIG Spool Gun

When it comes to welding aluminum, prefer a MIG welder with a spool gun. Every MIG welder doesn’t contain a spool gun. So make sure that your welder can connect with a spool gun and has a quick-release feature.

MIG Wire

To get effective MIG welding, MIG wire selection is crucial. While MIG welding using a wire, it should attain tensile strength. For base metal with an oil-free and clean surface, ER70S-3 will be the best wire. You can choose ER70S-6 for weld metal with surface contaminants. 


An oversized wire will create tip blockage and make feeding difficult. On the other side, with an undersized wire, it will erode the tip. For a constant current flow, a consistent diameter is very important. When you see the wire become rusty, replace it; otherwise, it will cause interruption while feeding.

Cooling Mechanism

Another thing that you have to look out for is whether the MIG welder is water-cooled or air-cooled. The metal heat requires cooling down either through water or air. With light-duty welding, ambient air or gas can cool the metal down. 

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In that case, air cooling will be sufficient. But, for constantly long welds with 300-600 amperage, water-cooled guns are highly recommended. These water-cooled guns are hard to operate, maintain, and a bit expensive compared to air-cooled guns.


Multifunctional MIG welders are best for meeting up several purposes. Most of the MIG welder comes with both the MIG and flux core. Some welders come with only one function. To get the most benefits, consider a welder that contains both the functions. It will allow you to get maximum diversity while doing welding.

Size and Portability

A lightweight MIG welder is more portable that is handier to use. You can easily carry out the MIG welder for outdoor projects without hurting your back. So, portability should be the main focus while choosing a MIG welder.


Before taking any project, make sure you have all the safety precautions. Welding accessories include leather insulated gloves, welding helmet, goggles, leather apron or jacket, bandana or skull cap, etc. Also, look out for good quality welding wire and a wire brush.


While choosing the best MIG welder, consider a complete packaged welder. Depending on the features, it comes in several ranges from the most reasonable to the most expensive. Make sure your selected one should satisfy all your needs, purpose, and requirements.

Final Thought

Many people end up purchasing a MIG welder with the wrong features due to a lack of knowledge. With the best-suited MIG welder, anyone from professional to beginners can get their welding done. With a portable, multifunctional, and the best dual voltage mig welder, you can get the best output for any project. 


A perfect MIG welder will increase productivity and speed thus, and you can handle more projects effectively. A MIG welder with the above features will make the welding process easier and also provide a better quality welding. Lastly, to enjoy the welding process, you should understand the welding machine from the ins and outs.