How to select the best thermal rifle scope

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Hunting has always been an integral part of human nature. This occupation made us the leaders of an endless evolutionary race and allowed us to create humanity in the form in which it exists. Tracking and hunting game is one of the pillars of our advantage over other predators, even though we do not have sharp claws, intimidating fangs and, even the ability to view prey at dusk.

But, we are where we are. At the stage when hunting, from a vital process, without which one cannot survive, turned into a hobby, albeit one that has a sacred and deep meaning. On the other hand, modern hunting opens up opportunities that our ancestors could not even imagine. One such capability is the relatively new ability to see in the dark at night. Exactly! Human genius gave us second eyes to look into the previously inaccessible world of wildlife nightlife. And studying it is incredibly interesting!


What is the thermal scope, and how it works?

Scientists and engineers have created not one but two technologies that will neutralize our innate blindness. The first one is night vision technology, which is similar in principle to the vision of many nocturnal predators and even domestic cats. It consists of amplifying and processing light signals, resulting in a distinguishable observation pattern. The undoubted advantage of this method is that you can distinguish objects in the dark. The disadvantages are the relative plane of the final image and a strong dependence on the observation conditions. In other words, if you find yourself in a blizzard or if the night is moonless and you have no other sources, at least a weak light, you will lose your night eyes.

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The second technology is more exciting and interesting. It is based on the mechanism of registration of thermal signatures. The fact is that all objects in the surrounding world have their own temperature. And, if this temperature exceeds absolute zero, then it will be visualized by the device.

For thermal vision devices to work, it doesn’t matter what kind of lighting it is because it’s all about temperature, and it exists both day and night. It makes no difference what the weather is in the observation area. Blizzard, rainstorm, snow or hurricane, objects will not stop generating heat. And the brighter the color spectrum, the warmer the object. Say what you like, but this is almost the ideal technology for a hunter.

Of course, even thermal scope and other thermal devices have “blindsides.” For example, you can become completely invisible to the specific sensor of the device as soon as you find yourself behind the glass. But, we strongly doubt that this does not matter at all to you. After all, it is unlikely that the deer you will hunt will decide to travel with a window. Or, the coyote will be wrapped in a space blanket that can also trap the generated heat.

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At the bottom line, it is obvious that if you are going night hunting, you desperately need to level up your rifle with the best thermal scope. And we will give you a light playbook of doing it easily.


Components of the thermal scope of your dreams.

Within the framework of a short article, it is difficult to talk about the many small nuances and professional secrets that relate to thermal imaging devices. This topic is so interesting, multifaceted, and dynamically changing that the conversation will turn out to be incredibly long, and you better look for the full guide. But, whatever we talk about: night vision goggles, thermal monoculars, night vision binoculars or, thermal rifle scope itself, the main advice we will give is – find a reliable supplier!

Devices cost a lot of money, and in the matter of choosing and buying the one you need, there can be no trifles. It is with the manufacturer that you will have to deal with this item’s entire period of use. Customer support, frequency, and quality of software updates build quality, loyalty program – all this can add positive emotions and provide disappointment. And, almost the main factor will be the guarantee. Anything can happen, and there are times when the professionalism and decency of the manufacturer become a critical factor.

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What can be added here? This is the ability and range of magnification of an object with a scope. It is important to remember that in this case, more does not mean better.

Due to the technical specifics of thermal vision devices, magnification can be of two types – optical and digital. Acceptable indicators in the first case are 5, in the second – 8. Some manufacturers claim an increase even to 20. But, do not forget that this indicator is not a priority. Due to the decrease in the quality of the enlarged image when zooming in and the narrowing of the field of view when zooming in.


Resolution of the scope and sensor.

But this is the key parameter, which determines the ergonomics and efficiency of the equipment and the price. With the resolution of the thermal scope and sensor, the cost of the device and its maintenance correlates. Quite frankly, the same parameter is responsible for the quality of the image that you get.

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The correlation between the resolution of the thermal sensor and the resolution of the sight is also important since this ratio. It is possible to understand how clear and comfortable the picture will be.

At the same time, you shouldn’t buy the most expensive equipment right away. The increase in cost will be significant, but you are unlikely to get a significant leap in quality. Choose wisely to save money and get the perfect thermal scope for you.


Scope detection range.

The size of the object of observation, the distance to it, the temperature difference between the object and the background are all factors that affect aiming. But this is not a complete list, but only the obvious aspects.

An equally important and obvious factor is the scope detection range, but you can influence this by choosing equipment that meets your request, unlike the above nuances. Namely, the diameter of the lens is responsible for the range.


Refresh rate.

Frame rate, just like in a video game. This indicator displays how often the image is updated. If you need a thermal imager for quiet observation, lower frame rates are a great reason to save money. But, if you are looking to hunt with a thermal scope, get a device with a high frequency.


Battery and additional functions.

There is no secret here either. Manufacturers are trying to balance the weight, size, and battery life of the devices. Therefore, remember: a cheap device from an unknown manufacturer will definitely turn off while hunting at the most inopportune moment.

Well, as for additional functions, pay attention to how far modern technologies have gone. Today, the most obvious and simple thing your thermal scope can do is record a video of your successful hunt. Well, other functions depend on which manufacturer you prefer.


With the abundance of the modern market, the availability of money is not a determining factor. You can spend millions and never find the device of your dreams. Therefore, take the time to study your wishes and market proposals. This will not only save you money but also give you additional positive emotions.