Top 7 Self-Defense-Oriented Handguns to Add to Your Wishlist

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Every day, thousands of U.S. citizens choose to take their safety into their own hands by investing in a firearm, specifically manufactured to ward off home intruders, intimidate potential threats, and grant users added peace of mind in the darkness of nightfall. Note that the motivation for purchasing handguns usually varies from person to person. Investigating the popular motivating forces behind gun ownership can help you decide if owning a firearm is the natural next step in your pursuit of complete self-sufficiency. Before rushing to apply for your concealed carry permit, aspiring gun owners should commit expert-recommended safety precautions to memory. That way, gun owners can step out of harm’s way and shield their loved ones from gun-related accidents and injury. 

Acquiring a concealed-carry permit is non-negotiable, should you choose to take your firearm to work or for a night on the town. You can attain a concealed-carry permit by taking the necessary classes, usually no more than a few hours long. These courses prioritize safety above all and work to mitigate gun-related mishaps that claim the lives of thousands of Americans per year. 

For most gun owners, the primary motivation behind a handgun purchase is for self-defense. For instance, those who live alone may decide to store a firearm in their bedside table, should an intruder choose to shatter a nearby window or enter through an unlocked door. firearm

In other cases, a gun owner in-the-making may want to safeguard their vulnerable family members from home invaders. Either way, ensuring that you have the necessary licenses in hand and well aware of the state-specific rules and regulations is an essential step in earning your title of a responsible gun owner. For optimal safety and security, confirm that all individuals in your household understand the implications of owning a weapon. 

Ready to stand guard over your family’s safety and well-being but have no clue where to start? Read on for insight into the five top-rated handguns for self-defense purposes. 

Sig Sauer P365

One of the most highly-awarded handguns on the market is the Sig Sauer P365. This handgun’s small size makes it desirable for its concealability. Fortunately, the smaller size does not negatively affect the power behind its punch. This weapon type is ideal for those searching for something compact but not too flashy. If you can find a Sig P365 for sale, you’re well on your way to becoming the newest owner of a quality self-defense handgun. 

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Glock 17

The Glock 17 handgun is what’s known as a “duty pistol.” Duty pistols are weapons used by members of the military and law enforcement. In light of their law-enforcement stamp of approval, these handguns are sought after by endless gun-aficionados. FBI officials even bestowed the Glock 17 with the honor of being the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s official firearm, designed to equip their men and women with the protection they need on the clock.. 

One unfortunate downside to this model is the seemingly astronomical price point. However, many handgun enthusiasts are eager to chime in and argue that this firearm is worth every penny spent.

Smith & Wesson M&P

Smith & Wesson has been in the business of firearms for over a century, so you can assume their weapons have passed the test of time. The Smith & Weston M&P firearm makes for a classic addition to your collection, whether this firearm’s destiny involves resting on a hip-side holster or offering gun owners added peace of mind from the gun safe located in an out-of-sight-out-of-mind basement space. 

Smith & Wesson pistols will be a breeze for you if you’re used to handling a Glock. This brand is another favorite among law enforcement personnel and fans of the brand alike, reassuring potential skeptics that the Smith & Wesson M&P is a reliable firearm—to say the very least. 

Ruger SP 101

This Ruger handgun is a revolver, making it a no-frills addition to your gun collection. Don’t let the simplicity deter you, however. This revolver boasts plenty of stopping power to make the purchase worthwhile. 

Though the Ruger SP 101 holds only five rounds, gun owners in-training scouring for a firearm that’s easily concealable and simple to maneuver should look no further.

Beretta M9

If you want an all-purpose weapon for your arsenal, consider investing in the Beretta M9. This model became the official handgun of the U.S. Armed Forces in 1985, so you can rest assured that this gun will fulfill every must-have on your Wishlist.

Because the Beretta M9 is lightweight and easy to use, this firearm makes for a solid choice. The only notable downside of this weapon is the two-handed grip you’ll need to use to take the safety off, wasting precious seconds in an emergency where time is of the essence. However, if you trust yourself and your abilities, this handgun will do the trick without a shadow of a doubt. 

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Sig Sauer P320

In 2017, the Sig P320 replaced the Beretta M9 as the official handgun of the U.S. Army. The Army and Sig crafted a $580 million contract to officially replace the Beretta M9 stock with the newer Sig P320s. Despite popular misconceptions, this arrangement is not a testament to Beretta’s product quality. 

The Beretta M17 and M18 flaunt a polymer frame and manual safety, which can be an incentive depending on your desired features. By contrast, the Sig P320 is designed with a range of different calibers and features, making it one of the more sought after handguns on the market due to its unrivaled versatility. 

Smith & Wesson 629 in .44 Magnum

The second Smith & Wesson on this list is a .44 Mag revolver, engineered for use as a home defense weapon. Most folks are primarily concerned with stopping power and ease of use if the primary goal is to ward off home intruders using this particular firearm. Referred to as a “hand cannon that can drop a bear in one shot,” this weapon is well-deserving of a spot in your collection whether you plan to solely use it for home-defense purposes or try your hand at hunting large game.


Handguns are costly investments, meaning you should only take the plunge after meticulously reviewing potential risk factors, necessary safety precautions, and ideal models for your unique needs. After all, you’re willingly inviting a high-risk weapon into your home that’s capable of endangering your loved ones if mishandled. 

If you’re having difficulty deciding which handgun is the right one for you and your family’s needs, you can always head to a range and rent different types of guns before you make a final purchase. 

Keep in mind that this list’s purpose is to arm aspiring gun owners with starting points for self-defense oriented handgun ownership, not make a commentary on which models are objectively better. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility as the consumer to assess your top priorities and purchase accordingly. 

Take note that there are various types of guns with varying features on the market, so be sure you do your research and consider all the features you want before locking down your weapon. With this in mind, any of these handguns listed above will serve as a home invader forcefield, a priceless addition to your living spaces stocked with valuables.