How to Style Wood and Metal in Your Dining Room

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Dining room

The dining room is one of the most important spaces in a home. It’s where you and your loved ones will gather to eat, socialize, and spend quality time together, and it’s where you’ll invite your friends and extended family when they come to visit.

What this means is that the design of your dining room is crucial. It should be both stylish and functional, serving as a space that is both pleasant to be in and practical to eat in. When designing an interior space, it’s vital that you keep material combinations in mind. We’ve put together a guide with some tips on styling wood and metal in your dining room. Check it out below.

The Dining Table

Your dining table is the focal point of your dining room. This is what you and your family and friends will gather around to eat and spend time together, it’s an incredibly important piece of furniture that can determine the overall visual style and tone of a space.

If you’re looking at dining room sets, you’ll no doubt have noticed that dining tables come in various different shapes and sizes. The table you choose will ultimately depend on your own personal tastes and preferences, but it does give you a unique opportunity to style wood and metal in your space.

Dining tables with a wooden surface and metal legs can be incredibly stylish, they have a natural appeal that only wood can offer, while also providing the safety and security of metal.

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The Dining Chairs

After your table, the dining chairs are the next most important thing. After all, what good is a dining table if there is nowhere for your guests to sit? Your dining chairs should match the aesthetic impression of your dining table. If they do not, this can create an unbalanced look that will not make for a positive dining experience.

Much like your table, your dining chairs can be the perfect way to explore the combination of wood and metal. The seat itself can be wooded, while the legs and back support can contain metal to make for a chair that is both comfortable and secure.



It can be easy to overlook, but your dining room needs to have storage options. You need somewhere to safely house your silverware and crockery when it’s not being used, so a sideboard can be an excellent addition to any dining room.

Not only is a sideboard highly practical, but it also offers you further opportunities to style wood and metal. Choose a sideboard that uses a combination of both materials to complement your dining table and chairs and create a consistent, uniform visual effect.


Combining different materials is a fundamental part of interior design. Together, wood and metal can create a sense of strength, power, reliability, and the natural world, a unique combination that can only be achieved by pairing these two materials. It can be the perfect combo for your eating space, use the tips we’ve outlined above to successfully style wood and metal in your dining room.