How to Take Better Control of Your Health 

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No matter how long you feel you haven’t been taking care of your health for, it is never too late to make a change. If you are ready to take better control of your health, follow this guide to get started.

You Are What You Eat

We all know that what goes into us is important, but this doesn’t make it any easier to make the right choices. With foods full of sugars and saturated fats in every convenience store and gas station, it has never been easier to access unhealthy food. While it may taste great, it is usually not doing us any good on the inside. Once you are ready to take better control of your health, you are more likely to look at what you are consuming and whether it is good for you. This includes sugary drinks and alcoholic beverages.

If you need help with eating better, start with cutting down on what is the most unhealthy in your diet. Everything is fine in moderation, so there is no need to go cold turkey. Instead, take each day as it comes and choose healthier options. If you struggle with portion control, use a kitchen scale to measure your portions. Put more veg or salad on your plate than potatoes or meat. Choose wholegrain options and cut down on the amount of sugar and cream in your morning coffee. Once you are aware of how food is affecting your health, it becomes easier to make better choices.   

Get Moving

Exercise is so important and with many of us having an office or work from home job, moving enough can feel like a thing of the past. Even aiming for 10,000 steps a day is enough to get moving and get your body working like it should. The more we sit down and do nothing, the lazier we become. Our bodies also start to feel this, and it can have an impact on everything from your mental health to your digestion. 

It has even been proven that sitting for too long can decrease your life expectancy, if that isn’t a reason to get up and moving. No matter what you can do physically, there is a way you can exercise and work your body. Exercise should have you out of breath and should get your heart rate going, for at least 15 minutes a day. If you don’t like going to the gym, try exercising at home, going for brisk walks, or attending an exercise class. 

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Decrease Stress

Stress has an important part to play in our health and too much of it can cause physical and mental health problems. If you are over stressed, you are less likely to take care of yourself and your health. Stress can lead to binge eating, smoking, and drinking alcohol. It can also leave us feel demotivated, meaning we are less likely to hit the gym or exercise. 

If you feel stressed often, now is the time to look at ways to avoid stress. This may be by leaving behind a stressful relationship or job, or through counselling. Meditation is another way to decrease stress and bring presence back into your life. The more you are present, the more you can tell when your body and mind aren’t in alignment. 

See a Doctor

If you are worried about your health, never delay in seeing a doctor. This could be the difference between catching something before it becomes a serious problem or leaving it for too long and having a worse prognosis. You should have a doctor who you see regularly, perhaps once a year if you have no health problems. You should be getting regular tests, such as cervical cancer smears, if you are a woman. Having your blood and blood pressure checked annually can help with finding ailments or disease before they worsen. 

You can also get full body scans if you want to check for internal signs of disease or illness. This is important if you are worried, or you have a family history that may increase the risk of organ diseases or cancers. You might want to check out, which has plenty of information on how much does a full body MRI cost and what a full body MRI scan can look for. Click the link for more information on the cost of a full body MRI scan

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Check In with Yourself Every Day

In order to determine a change in your health, you must be aware of what your normal health looks like. This includes checking over your skin, knowing which moles or marks have always been there and which haven’t. This also requires sitting down and being silent, so you have time to connect with your body. If you are always in a rush and ignoring signs and symptoms, you may be missing out on something more serious. When you take time to check in with yourself every day, you are more likely to notice if something doesn’t feel right. A great way to do this is with meditation. As well as checking in, you should feel for lumps once a month

Sleep Well

Sleep is what we spend half of our lives doing, so we should do all we can to get it right. This means getting enough sleep each night, listening to our bodies, developing a great sleep routine, and having restorative sleep. You can improve your sleep health by having a good mattress and pillow which protect your spine, preventing the use of technology an hour before bed, winding down and creating your own peaceful bedtime routine, and sticking to the same sleep and waking times every day. 

Taking better control of your health can allow you to feel more in control of yourself. This can improve your physical health, as well as your mental and spiritual health. Look at what you are putting into your body and how you can improve on this. Be aware of changes to your body and get regular testing from your doctor. If you are worried about your health, speak to your doctor.