How To Make Your Own Exercise Routine


There isn’t a magical cure when it comes to physical activity. Ultimately, when planning your weekly routine, it’s best to include a variety of activities to maximize the positive effects. Doing only one kind of exercise is like eating a fruit-only diet: it’s good for you, but you won’t get the variety of nutrients you…

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How to Take Better Control of Your Health 

healthy food

No matter how long you feel you haven’t been taking care of your health for, it is never too late to make a change. If you are ready to take better control of your health, follow this guide to get started. You Are What You Eat We all know that what goes into us is…

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A Female Guide to Building Lean Muscle in a Healthy Way

female lifting weights

  With so much attention being put on weight loss and how to lose unwanted fat, women can have a difficult time breaking away from the preconceived notion that the thigh gap is something they should strive towards. Sure, losing weight should be one of your goals if you know you’re overweight or if you’re…

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6 Ways Behavior Therapy Helps Obese People Manage Weight


Obesity is one of the significant health concerns for people across the globe. It affects the physical health of people and harms their mental health, which calls for several treatments. Behavior therapy is one of the treatments for obesity that focuses on the individual’s behavior. It helps you bring the right changes to your diet…

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Beginner core workouts for Everyday Health

How often do you work your core? It is recommended that you do core exercises at least 2 times a week. Working your core muscles is just as important as exercising other muscle groups and definitely deserves your attention. So many folks completely skip core because it’s fairly difficult, or think that it’s not needed.…

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Top 8 Health Hacks to Live By

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It is easy to take good health for granted at times, and it is during those moments that disaster tends to strike. If you have been healthy for a long time, it is vital that you crack the secret behind that so that you can continue repeating that success recipe. Whoever coined the term “Health…

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How to Lose Belly Fat in a Week or Month

fit fat loss models

Many people have a common goal of wanting to lose weight as quickly as possible. People might be motivated for many different reasons. For example, Rachel has a wedding coming up and she wants to impress all of her family members that she doesn’t normally interact with except on holidays or special occasions. Brad might…

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Weight Lifting Workout Plans: 3 days a week

bench press

When deciding on a weight lifting plan, you need to consider three main factors. How much free time do you have during the week? Does your life schedule allow you to go to the gym 2 times a week? 3 times a week? 4 times a week? It matters. However many times you can go…

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