9 Kid-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

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If you are planning to grow your family and have kids, then you need to also think about building an ecosystem or a space that supports their growth and an area that you can alter from time to time to cater to their needs.

Home for any one of us serves as our first school, our safe space and a canvas where a child can truly express themselves. A positive, productive environment truly nurtures the child and helps to channel energy in a constructive manner.children at creek

Parents or caretakers can play a considerable role here, by providing a space that encourages creativity and lets you make memories while at home. Space should not be confined to an indoor setting but it should extend outdoors so that kids can have hands-on learning that’s safe and fun at the same time!

But, keep in mind toddlers will turn into kids and then teenagers and eventually enter their tweens. That means that the landscape design needs to be in a way that it can be altered or modified as they grow. 

To avoid all of this stress, visit Alpine Credits. They’ve put together a very helpful resource explaining the costs associated with landscaping.

Due to safety hazards, we are so conscious of kids playing or moving around that, more often than not, we spoil all the fun by either confining the kids to a space or continually reminding them not to do this or that. 

After all, it is vital to make sure that the space is safe for the child to make the most of it. With A few alterations, we can ensure that the landscape is safe for kids and allow them to embrace their creative sides, for instance:

  • Fencing the area that helps the child stay at this particular place and not fall off
  • Addition of railings with steps or stairs to guide them to take their first steps perhaps bravely and confidently
  • Adding a gate to your space
  • Add plants that are kids friendly, avoid thorns or plants that attract bees or insects
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When children prefer staying outdoors, it is always better for you to build a shade for them and yourselves for times to come. shade could be built by planting trees or adding a canopy, umbrella, etc. Let us check out a few of the creative ideas that can be customized or tailored as per your need;

Landscape Designs for Young Kids:


A classic, this will never fail. Swings are a no brainer when it comes to landscaping for kids and perhaps adults as well! These come in all shapes and sizes and even materials as well. You can choose the size and type as per your space.

Sands pit learningsand pit

Let the sand be the canvas for the kids to draw their hearts out; make sandcastles, practice their alphabets, and you could add beach elements to it to make it more aesthetic.

Gardening fun

A small vegetable garden to teach kids how to plant fruits or vegetables is one of those activities you can participate in with your kids. The vegetable garden provides you with home-grown organic vegetables and teaches kids the importance of planting.

Pool splash side            

Almost every kid’s favorite place to be around. Although this depends on the space you have, adding a splash pad or a small area where kids can partake in water-related activities and calls for more fun.

Classic games

Drawing a road for kids to drive around their micro cars, a skeleton for hopscotch or a checkerboard lets them engage with friends or siblings and utilize their space in the best way possible.

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Pitch to play

A small cricket pitch or a football space lets the kids practice more on the skills they might want to excel in at school. A great outlet that helps bonding of families and friends with children.

Build a Treehouse

A treehouse provides a safe space for kids to play in. You could, with a little help, perhaps build it with them. It could be a source of many adventures for the kids and give an aesthetic feel to the space you are designing for your kids.

Get pets

Children and pets, best combination ever! And who wouldn’t want that? Space where your kids can play with their animals or feed them.

Starry lights

The kids also need some quiet time when they can enjoy sitting around starry lights in a hammock, perhaps with barbecue on the grill and freshly squeezed lemonade. This setup could be probably on the porch or a garden.


Landscaping for kids cannot be limited to the ideas mentioned above. There is so much more than you can do with space. If you want to explore more options, it’s best to have a landscape designer in place and draft a budget with Alpine Credits that can provide a loan and help you build a space that rightfully serves in years to come.

When we provide kids with such spaces at home, it helps us keep them safe and around and entertain their creative, adventurous side that will bring out the best in them and give them a fulfilling childhood experience. Not only that, but this also helps parents and caretakers to spend more time with their children and get a break from all tech-related activities by participating in building, playing, or other hands-on activities that seem to be missing from our schedules.