Coming Of Age Presents That Will Always Be Remembered

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Some birthdays are more special than others, and the passing of numerous years presents only a handful of important milestones. 

Coming of age is among the first, where the world truly opens up to the one celebrating an 18th birthday in the UK. Numerous legal restrictions are lifted, and the subsequent celebrations herald adult life in all its glory. Freedom has arrived, and now, the real work begins. 

What do you get someone who now has the whole world neatly laid out at their feet? Well, any of the following ideas could give you some ideas, ranging from traditional choices to more left-field surprises… 

Improving Books

Even if the person turning 18 isn’t an avid reader, few people on the cusp of great change would turn down the opportunity to pour through a self-help book. 

Cooking tips, managing mental wellbeing, and practically anything between is valid content material for the book you choose to gift them. If you’re stuck for ideas still, try researching the famous writers of the niche, or read detailed rundowns of the best self-help books of all time. There’s a broad range of material out there that has really changed people’s lives, so you’ll find no end of inspiration out there in your research. 

It might seem like something of an obvious gift at first. However, a self-book might help the birthday boy or girl nip many life problems in the bud as soon as they arrive. Who knows, perhaps your gift could really turn things around for them at numerous points in their life? They could refer back to it as the years roll by, or even use it as a springboard for further reading opportunities if they are particularly enraptured by the author or their words. 


Obvious, but effective, few 18th birthdays pass by without at least some drinking taking place. 

Bottles of gin, wine, or celebratory prosecco are the go-to options here. It’s a great way to acknowledge that someone has become a man or woman, and that they have your respect on that level. Alcohol communicates that you now perceive them as an equal, a peer, and a friend, rather than some annoying child that you need to always safeguard. 

There are more perks to giving an 18-year-old some alcohol on their birthday, including: 

  • Common ground:

    Alcohol can help people relax, which is perfect for social atmospheres – such as an 18th birthday party! 

  • A traditional gift:

    You can’t really go wrong with offering up some booze on an 18-year-old’s birthday, unless the recipient is an ardent teetotaler. It’s a safe option. 

  • Copycats are welcome:

    Because alcohol is consumed, you can never really have too much of it in stock. If someone else has bought them alcohol, its no sweat off your brow, nor theirs, which means no one gets disappointed at buying duplicate items. 

So long as everyone drinks responsibly, a good time is guaranteed. With such a wide range of drinks to try and get lost in, there’s a breadth of options here that can really elevate the mood of the special day even further. Remember, traditional gifts are traditional because they work, so if the well of ideas is dry, fill said well with a bunch of booze. 

A Luxury Watchwatch

A luxury watch is often a go-to gift when it comes to coming of age, symbolic of independence and reaching the time for maturity.

Of course, these days watches are more dynamic than ever, fulfilling a range of purposes from merely telling the time. Smart watches can provide alarms, dates, weather features, and a host of other additional information. Even the classic varieties are emblematic of style and sophistication, with some people wanting to emulate the likes of James Bond. 

Concerned your gifted watch will be taken off at certain points and never worn again? Discover Rolex Submariner watches, a classic diving watch that has woven an incredible legacy throughout long decades. Waterproof to 300 meters and hailed as one of the best sporting watches in history, Chronext will give you access to an entire range of these watches, perfect for fine tuning your gift giving process. 

But why do luxury watches make such great gifts? Well, it could be because: 

  • They are symbolic of the occasion:

    Turning 18 is an important milestone, and watches capture the importance of that time quite literally. 

  • They are legacy items:

    Something like a luxury watch can be passed down through generations or treasured as a keepsake, symbolic of days gone by.

  • They are staple accessories:

    No sophisticated look is ever truly completed without an accessory like a watch, adding extra doses of charm, class, and elegance. 

Becoming 18-years-old is a significant turning point, and a luxury watch can be the starting point of overhauling their identity. It marks their growth both symbolically and literally, and can stay with them as a constant companion in times good and bad. Because of all of this, luxury watches make incredibly coming of age gifs. 

Travel Equipment

At 18, many folks flee the nest, moving out to explore new opportunities in work and education. Why not give them something they can take along for the ride?

Duffle bags, waterproof clothes, and any other travel assortments you can think of will work wonders here. It might not be the most glamorous set of gifts, but sometimes, what is practical can be just as appreciated. The 18-year-old will have a lot of traveling to do in the days ahead, undertaking gap year adventures, heading off to university, or moving across the country for work and to visit friends. Your gift could turn bumpy roads into beautiful pastures new. 

Gap year students in particular have a whole range of experiences to sink their teeth into, travelling for fun or to help communities in disadvantage territories. Regardless of their reasoning, they will surely need some tools and equipment along the way. If you have their back, perhaps you will be the subject of some fond memories when they are far away from home? 

A Childhood Photo Albumphoto album

There’s a lot of emotional resonance in a picture, and sometimes, the beginnings of new chapters in life are a good opportunity to reflect on the ones that have already passed by.

BBC News recently reported on a child who drew himself into a family photo, which was their unique way of asking to be adopted. If you and the 18-year-old have legitimate family photos in your possession, then compiling them into a collage, scrapbook, or album can be an incredibly touching gesture. It’s the ultimate way of demonstrating that you know a person, chronicling all their important moments in their lives so far that have led to this all-important milestone.

This is yet another gift that the recipient can keep forever. Perhaps when they are elderly, they will return to the book, or add to it themselves with new pictures as time presses on. No one is above some fond recollections, and though they are still teenagers at 18, a sizeable part of their life is now over; their childhood. They don’t get another one, nor do they get to return to the life of the young child they once were. In that case, it’s perfectly valid to do some light reminiscing on the special day.