Why and How You Should Limit Your Kids’ Screen Time

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Your child’s health and success are among your biggest priorities, that’s a given. Therefore, you should learn how to effectively guide him or her through today’s digitally-connected world, knowing exactly how to manage your kiddo’s screen time. In this post, we will assist you in teaching your kids to use technology in a healthy way.


At Easytobemom.com, we talk a lot about the importance of limiting your child’s exposure to tech gadgets and, thus, boosting their overall health. After you read this article, feel free to stop by and read more tips on stimulating children to develop the skills and habits necessary for living in our technologically sophisticated and rapidly changing world. 



Let’s start with why you should limit how much time your child spends online:


  • lack of exercise: you know it’s bad for both your kid’s body and brain, right?
  • excessive radiation: yep, mobile phones emit radiation 
  • eye strain: playing with tech gadgets for too long causes blurry vision, focus problems, and even double vision
  • poor posture: that leads to back issues and further health problems.


So, it’s time to switch to the ‘how’ point of our discussion. Below, you will find a few basic parenting hacks on establishing and maintaining tech peace at home.

1. Balance is Key

Technology isn’t going anywhere. On the contrary, the world is becoming only more digitally-fueled. It’s not a bad thing. The Internet is a powerful source of educational materials and resources. Technology aids kids in expressing their creativity and staying connected with their friends. Furthermore, Internet-savvy children run better chances of succeeding both in college and at work.

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On the other hand, while being exposed to the endless digital world, your kids may access tons of inappropriate content. As a parent, you’re naturally worried about this fact. In this sense, using parental controls is important.
Make sure your kiddo doesn’t spend time online at the expense of time for physical activity and communicating with friends. With that in mind, setting screen time limits is vital when it’s about balancing your kid’s online and offline activities.

2.  Be a Role Model

You probably know that your kids look up to you. Therefore, if you binge-watch your favorite Netflix shows, play video games for hours, and/or spend too much time on Instagram, your little one will start copying this digital obsession. That being said, to teach your kiddo how to use their gadgets in a healthy way, make sure you revisit your habits first.   

3. Encourage Technology-Free Activities

Kids easily grow dependent on video games, social media, and tons of unhealthy TV shows. Stimulate your children to participate in screen-free activities. Get them to work out, read real books, or play with their friends outdoors. In fact, you can even set aside times for your entire family to get unplugged from all the gadgets that you own. Focus on having quality time together, without staring at your phone screens or watching TV. You will definitely enjoy these digital detox sessions and crave to practice them on a regular basis.