Moving Down Under? A Guide On What To Consider When Moving To Australia

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Home to picturesque scenic landscapes and iconic beaches, Australia is brimming with excellent opportunities in some of its cities including Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane. Whilst it does make for a memorable holiday, especially during the Christmas period, there is an increasing number of people looking to migrate to Australia thanks to the attractive qualities it has on offer.


For some, including Dr Soha Sharif a paediatric dentist in Brisbane, who migrated to Australia in 2010, moving to Australia is a significant change in their lives, in particular for those getting older. Others, the move is a lifestyle choice as they are tempted by the beautiful weather and the work-to-live lifestyle many Australian residents live by.


For those looking into taking the leap and moving down under, here are some things to consider before you decide to move to Australia.


3 Reasons Why You Should Migrate To Australia 


Effortlessly blending multi-ethnic backgrounds to create an incredibly diverse population across the growing country, Australia welcomes immigrants to its shores year in year out. With many enticing qualities as to why people should consider making the move, it comes as no surprise that Australia’s regions have recently reached their highest record of new migrations.


  • Reduced Air Pollution – One of the many reasons why people choose to migrate to Australia is due to the reduced air pollution in the country. This offers residents, as well as visitors, across the country an excellent and healthy environment – which is a welcoming change from the highly polluted areas they have traveled and migrated from.
  • Great Weather and Beautiful Scenery – Australia is notorious for its enviable weather. However, depending on where you decide to move to, you will be met with different climates. For example, those who decide to move to Brisbane will experience more of a tropical climate in comparison to those who reside in Melbourne – which is known for experiencing all four seasons in a day.
  • Excellent Quality of life – Residents in Australia enjoy living a high-quality life. Combining the extraordinary scenery, the glorious weather and the low air pollution, those residing in Australia enjoy the fresh air available thanks to the little pollution. Many residents have a perfect work-life balance, which allows them to enjoy time spent with friends and family outside of working hours. As a result, it creates a very relaxed, laid-back lifestyle many Australians enjoy.


What To Get In Check Before The Big Move


After you have decided that you are going to move to Australia and have put your plans into motion, various administrative tasks can be completed before the move, which means that there is one less thing to do after you have moved into your new home in Australia.

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Visa At The Ready – Before moving, you need to have obtained the right visa. There are a variety of visas available, so you must apply for the one that suits you. The factors that are taken into consideration when applying for a visa include your nationality, whether you are moving to the country for work and how long you are planning on staying. Applying for a visa is a daunting process, especially as you need to apply for the right one that matches your requirements. Fortunately, there is support available online about everything you need to know about applying for an Australian visa.


Ensure Finances And Documentation Are In Order – When you arrive in Australia, you will have to set up a bank account. To make the process as stress-free as possible, it is recommended that you have all of your finances and documentation in order before the move. Although you can open up a bank account before you move, most will prefer to do it in person following their arrival. Having all of the paperwork on hand and in order will help to make the process a little simpler.

Read Up On The Tax System – Every country has a different tax system that varies in the way it operates. When moving somewhere new, it will be beneficial to learn more about the country’s policies and regulations. When moving to Australia, understanding how the tax system works might sound like a tedious task, however, it could save you time and be worthwhile for you financially.


Once You Have Moved


Following the days after your move, the first things that you will be organizing are trying to make the house you moved into as homely as possible. Aside from ensuring that your home life is in order and that you have everything you need for the time being, it is important to get things such as a Medicare card and enrolling at a Dentist sorted – anything that you were unable to do before your move.


Sorting Out Taxes – Whilst you will want to read up about the tax system before the move, once you have arrived you will want to begin the process of obtaining a Tax Filing Number (TFN). This is important to sort because you will need to supply your TFN before you begin working at your new job. If not, your employer will have to withhold a higher tax rate for you, regardless of your level of income is.

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Find A Dentist In Your Area – You will inevitably experience dental issues in your life, in particular in your older years. For the times when you are experiencing issues with a tooth or you are worried about bleeding gums, you will want to make a trip to the dentist. Fortunately, across Australia, there are plenty of exceptional practices available. If you need a dentist in Brisbane for example, you will find a dental practice such as Pure Dentistry in Mt Gravatt. Enrolling at a dentist should be one of the priority things to complete following your move. This will help to provide you with peace of mind that if in the future you needed to make a trip to the dentist, you will already be enrolled in one.


Apply For A Medicare Card – With a permanent residency in Australia, you will have access to free healthcare. Medicare is the public health insurance system used in Australia, which helps residents to pay for their visits to GPS, hospital treatments and any prescription medication they receive. Aside from being a permanent resident, to have access to Medicare, you will need to apply for a Medicare card. This will allow you to access any range of medical services and prescriptions at a reduced cost. Aside from being a physical card that you receive, you can also use a digital copy of your Medicare card after you have enrolled.


Pack Your Bag and Get Moving


As you begin the process of getting ready to make the big change, ensure that you have everything to allow a stress-free move. If it is possible, the best thing to do is get as much administration sorted before the move, as it will mean one less thing to worry about. After you have arrived and settled in, begin to complete all the other administrative, tedious tasks that you could only complete after you moved.


Those who have previously moved to Australia will sing its praises, highlighting how they have not regretted their decision about moving since they arrived. Combining the outpouring of admiration from other migrants with the enticing benefits the country has to offer, it is unsurprising that you and many others are currently thinking of relocating down under.