How to make small kitchens look spacious

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Your home should be the most comfortable place and exude a quiet charm that allows relaxation from bustling city life. 

small kitchen

You should enjoy every moment in your home no matter where you move, including the kitchen that should add to the enjoyment of living. 

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in our daily lives as most people congregate in the room that is now much more than a cooking room. EJD has been a top rated kitchen contractor and suggests that the kitchen must be spacious. If it is not practical to have a spacious kitchen, it should have the right balance of functionalities and materials that makes smaller spaces appear larger. The guidance of the experts will help to create a dream kitchen even if space is less than what could make a spacious kitchen. 

Use light colors

From the cabinets to the walls, the color of the kitchen is an essential factor that gives a sense of ease and comfort, especially for the available space. If the kitchen has a window with an outside view, it provides a feeling of openness that makes even small spaces look larger. By bringing the outdoor closer or inside the kitchen, there is an opportunity of using nature’s inspiration to dictate the palette. Similarly, the lighter is the color of the kitchen interior wider is the feeling of the space. For creating a sense of openness, keep the color light from the countertops to walls and from backsplashes to millwork.

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Think of a mirrored backsplash

Kitchens that lack natural light or receive minimal natural light can make up for the shortcoming by using mirrors.  Mirrors, when placed strategically in kitchens, help in bouncing light around that enhances the illumination of the space and helps to open the space and give a more relaxed feeling. One way of using mirrors is to use antique mirror tiles in the backsplash that serves the purpose of virtually expanding the kitchen space and looks beautiful.

Use open shelves

Cabinets in small kitchens can cramp the space so much that it might make people feel claustrophobic. Instead, think about having open shelves in kitchens that are highly functional and allows easy accessibility to the stored items, whether it is glasses or dishes.  Moreover, having cabinets at elevated heights does not always make sense, and it is better to think about storage spaces more architecturally and keep it open, light and airy.

Be liberal with lighting

Lighting up the kitchen can be tricky, mainly if you use minimal light fittings. Kitchens need enough lighting, and there must be adequate light at various work areas for which it is advisable to use decorative fixtures of down-light over the prep station and island. Good kitchen lighting is especially important during cooking, and besides overhead lighting, you must also have under-cabinet lighting. 

Do not belittle the power of the kitchen floor but use its design elements to create the illusion of an expanded area with the help of herringbone or chevron wood floor patterns.

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