Management & Utility of Master Keys for Locks

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Security management is an integral part of a successful business. When we think of business management, we generally think of business processes, employee management etc. however, security is one of the basic requirements to secure and ensure the safety of all your business secrets, files, finances, and personnel, as well as your premises. 


Therefore, commercial workstations include burglar systems, alarm systems, cctv cameras, biometric scanners etc. It is not always practicable to install biometric or password-protected access controls on every entrance in a building. The basic solution that comes in is manual lock and key for doors. 


However, it is impossible to go around carrying several keys all the time to gain entrance to any door at any time. This difficulty is solved with master keys for locks, which are prime keys that can open many locks with just one key. This is particularly beneficial for businesses with more than one locks such as hotels, warehouses, offices with various departments. 


Seamless Convenience


It is difficult to remember the lock and key combinations at a firm with several doors and locks on the premises. When you are in a hurry, fumbling with keys to unlock the door can be really irritating. This is where a master key comes in handy, providing convenient and easy access. 


Eases Emergency


Keys are small things that are easily stolen, misplaced, forgotten, etc. When a key is missing from a single door in a business, it can cause severe problems and financial loss. But with a master key these kinds of issues can be resolved. Besides in businesses such as hotels, guests may misplace their room key, or seek a house cleaning service while there are travelling, and they may have neglected to leave the key behind. Your master key addresses all the issues in a matter of seconds. When someone gets locked inside a room or forgets anything important inside, the original key may not be available, but with a master key, you know what to do. 

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Controlled Access


A master keys for lock can be used to restrict access to any region of your business. The person with the original key and the master key holder have access to that door. This means you are not only securing the access but also minimizing chances of trespassing and unauthorized entry. 


Master Key System


A master key system also has different levels, which enhances the security. This means every level of master key for locks have either complete or restrictive access to a premise. A master keys for lock is designed to open all the locks in the facility or no more than four to five doors. This means whoever carries the key either has complete access and control of movement or you can also limit the control and segregate the access power. 


This segmentation is handled differently in different firms. Some opt to categorize and supply master keys based on degrees of hierarchy or job profile, while others categorize and provide master keys based on departments. 


The most common four levels of a master key system are:


  • Great grandmaster key
  • Grandmaster Key
  • Master Key
  • Change Key 




Even though master key system ensures security, these keys whether it is a great grandmaster key or a change key, should be safeguarded against getting into the wrong hands. Hence, in most businesses where there is an established system of master key for locks the one in charge of the key holders should be very alert and cautious and try not to misplace the keys to ensure secure and safe handling of master keys.