Matson Shipping: Ways To Avoid Shipping Fraud And Scam

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The activity of a shipping company is one of the most important aspects to watch for when choosing a shipper. There are a handful of authentic shipping forwarders but there is no less number when it comes to frauds and scams. For companies sending freights internationally, it is necessary to use the services of a genuine service provider to ensure complete safety. 

Tips to avoid cheating 

When you need to send shipments to an international location, here are the significant ways to avid cheating when availing the services of an international ocean freight company.

  • Know the services

You need to ask the company the kind of services they offer. Some of the companies work locally while others offer services nationally. Apart from this, you may come across service providers specializing in specific areas. You need to check the service they offer thoroughly before agreeing to work with the service provider. 

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  • Domain and URL

One of the prominent red flags you need to identify is the domain of the service provider. If the company does not have its own domain, it may mean that it may not be real. Another thing you must not miss out is the URL of the company. The domain needs to be the name of the company but if there is no URL accompanying the name; you have a lot to doubt about their existence. 

  • Stolen sites
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You can easily figure out a fraudulent service provider when their site is filled with mistakes and wrong English. Typically, the authentic companies will have dedicated sections for blogs, services, credentials and videos and never steal a website from another company’s site. Checking the website of Matson shipping will help you differentiate between a genuine company and one that is involved in fraud. 

  • Wrong messages

You may often receive messages from companies posing as shipping services asking you to inform them the bank details. Apart from this, they may also ask you to send the freight and other charges to your bank account. Often, scammers hacking the account of the ocean freight shipping carrier results in such consequences, so you must never send your bank details against the scammed messages and confirm the truth with the freight forwarder at first.

  • Theft of cargo

The cargo companies offering abnormally low rates to the customers attract people into believing them. However, once you hand over the cargo to a fraudulent service provider, it may result in theft.

  • Check the company’s reputation 

If you get a suspicious phone call from a company, it is necessary to conduct research about them online. Just having a website may not be enough, you need to check the online reviews about the company to find out whether they are genuine or not. 

  • Check the rates

If the rates of the freight shipping company are abnormally low or high, you have got every reason to doubt the company’s operations. You can visit the office of the freight forwarder in-person to avoid fraud and scams.

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It may not be easy to figure out a fraudulent service provider. However, the tips mentioned above may help you identify the red flags more easily.