Ways to Accommodate More Family Members in Your Home

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A few things may need immediate consideration when you want to accommodate more family members in your home. The functionality of space and design features for everyone’s needs, making sure every member has their separate room. It will make them feel at ease when choosing how much privacy each individual requires from other household members or guests staying over. 

Need to add family members but don’t want the hassle? We’ve got you covered! Here’s how.

  • Have A Proper Storage Spaces

Closets and attics are not enough to have sufficient storage for everyone. You also can’t get rid of your things to make space for others. So, it is essential that while creating storage space for everyone, it is both practical and realistic. Around the house, you can look into purchasing a bed that has built-in drawers. You can also install wooden shelves by following DIY videos to have vertical storage spaces. 

You should also invest in outdoor storage. These spaces can hold anything from clothing to decor, depending on what you want to store. So if you live in Olympia, Washington, all you need to do is look up the keywords Olympia storage and go through the listings to find the best deal.

  • Redo Your Basement

Basements are perfect for helping your family settle right in. The structure of a basement is multidimensional. You can have many rooms down there or simply a handful. If you repurpose your basement, you’ll get ample space for your family. However, this method requires planning since it will cost money. If your family is staying with you permanently, you will need to redo the entire basement. You can look into getting shelves and furniture for the rooms. If your basement is more extensive, consider having a more significant sitting area. When your guests move in, not only do they get ample space, they can also get adjusted right away.

  • Rearrange Your Furniture

The placement and position of furniture make a significant difference to its surrounding space. If you’re expecting many families, you need to evaluate how each piece of furniture gets placed around the house. If you have too many details in your living room, consider removing a few articles that will allow mobility. You can also look into multipurpose furniture if you feel it’s a better solution to accommodate your family. For elderly family members, you don’t want the furniture crowding the space since it can hurt them. So, reposition your table to allow maximum length for usage. It would help if you assigned a focal point in every room. This point will help you decide how to angle and place furniture properly.

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  • Have Something For Children

If you have children in your family, you should accommodate them too. Children like having fun and indulging in different activities. You need to figure out the best way to make your house fun and interactive. If you only cater to children, you may end up with big clutter on your hands. So, invest in bunk beds for kids. You can install your shelving units into their room following online videos. You can also use crates to create storage for their toys. This way, there is space for them to play, and they won’t get in anyone’s way.

  • Get Better Lighting 

You need to have proper lighting, including the type of lamps and the bulbs. Having family over, you may need to switch over to lighting fixtures. This is because lamps and table lamps take space and can get knocked over. If you remove them, you get more room to spread your furniture. Lighting fixtures are easy to install. They come in various styles and shapes. You can also install more than one fixture on multiple spots on the ceiling or along the walls. Make sure you only use bulbs that emit a soft light since bright lighting can injure the eye. Soft lighting makes your house look cozy and more welcoming than a more brilliant light.

  • Get Durable Furniture

There is a chance that the furniture in your house can get damaged. Pieces of Furniture like sofas are prone to get scratched or even marked. If you have delicate items made out of velvet, they can rip or get stained. Accidents can happen at any time, so it doesn’t mean your family doesn’t care about your space, but accidental damage can occur at any time. It would help if you looked into getting furniture made of leather or any material that is easy to wipe and resistant to most damages. You can even get waterproof furniture which is easy to maintain but slightly expensive. However, a decision such as this one is an excellent investment. These pieces will last you a few years down the road, which means your budget will not be seeing new furniture for a while. You can also look into getting custom furniture for yourself if you feel it’s more effective than leather pieces.

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Wrap Up

If you’re expecting your family to move in, visit or stop by for a short trip, you need to prepare to receive them. Your family will need space to move around and even store their belongings. So keeping these two factors in mind, you need to sort out your area. Reshuffle the furniture so that there is more room to move around. You may want to switch over to light fixtures over table lamps. Please make the most of your basement, so your family has space to stay and room to enjoy themselves. You can’t sideline children; make sure there is at least one spot in the house designated for them. Get larger decoration pieces so that the floor stays empty, and you need to go out your way to keep your decor clean. With these factors in mind, you can accommodate your family for a pleasant and fun visit and may remember all your family gatherings for years to come.