Methods of Reeducating Yourself to Online Tutoring

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With the current high demand for online tutors, one would be interested in learning how to become an online teacher so that they can grab the many opportunities available. So, what are some of the things one needs to do before they can become a good tutor. We asked tutoring math experts the following questions. Are there tools one should have before they can train themselves? What are some of the payment methods one can rely on? What about the issue of marketing your skills? Where will you do that? These are pertinent issues one needs to know before they can think of becoming an online tutor.

Here are tips to help yoututor online

Before you can start online tutoring, you need to have some tools such as:

  •         A desk and a conducive place to work from
    ·         A laptop or PC that has a webcam
    ·         A good broadband internet connection that can support video conferencing
    ·         A microphone headset is important
    ·         A video conferencing app to help you connect with your learners

The following means and tips will help you become a better online tutor

  1.   Establish a virtual presence

As an online tutor, you need to know that your learners become better through one-on-one interaction with their teacher. However, this is not possible when learning is conducted online. To maintain an effective learning environment, engage with the learners through videoconferencing and other interactive tools available to you. This should be done from the beginning. Create a timetable that your learners have access to. Let them know what other times they can contact you outside of the timetabled hours.

  1.   Supportive learning environment

Your learners depend on you for a supportive learning environment that favors all of them. There should be a teacher to student engagement as well as student to student engagement. At the beginning of the online classes, introduce yourself to the students through an introduction post. Let the students introduce themselves as well. There can be discussion forums where students post their queries. You can also set up small discussion groups for students. This encourages your learners to work and learn together as a community, hence achieving more. Online tutors can be found in all areas or topics even English Home Tutors.

  1.   Use blended learning modelsperson on computer

The use of synchronous and asynchronous learning activities is a good teaching method that should work for online teaching modes. You can combine the more modern collaborative audio and visual tools with the traditional online teaching methods to achieve a better learning outcome. This mix of activities makes learning online interesting and more fulfilling to the students. For this purpose, the online driver model is suitable for online classes. This is because all students will work from remote locations through online platforms. They can log in and check for notes, engagements with the tutor, and so on.

  1.   Provide Ongoing Feedback

This is yet another important aspect of the teaching and learning process. The students need to know how they have performed so they can either make corrections where they are not doing well. It also motivates the students when they perform well. Ensure your feedback to all your students is constructive so that it can improve the learning process and students know where they need to improve.

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