Must-Have Baby Products

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Every new parent is extremely anxious about their first child. They take every possible measure to prepare for the new life they will bring to this world. This sometimes leads to them overdoing it. New parents tend to buy everything they can think of. This causes two very obvious problems. Firstly, baby products can be quite expensive. Secondly, this reduces the amount of space they have in their homes.

This article is more oriented towards furniture items. So more obvious items like diapers and baby wipes will not be a part of the discussion. Not that those are not important! This article will aim to provide a list of items and analyze their impact on the babies’ safety and the parents’ stress.


Crib and a Crib-mattress

The place where your baby sleeps is one of the most essential items on this list. You need to keep several factors in mind. Whether you have a mattress installed in a separate bedroom than yours, or you use a co-sleeper in the same room, your baby’s safety is of utmost importance. You have to make sure there is absolutely no way the baby can roll off and fall during its sleep. 

You have to make sure your baby’s crib is robust and well-built, so it does not come apart by slight pressure or movement. Always opt for new cribs rather than second hand. It is also a good idea to make sure your baby finds the mattress comfortable and whether the lines you use on the mattress do not leave a rash on the baby’s delicate skin.

Rocking Chair

Some may find rocking chairs non-essential. But the benefits outway any space this item may take up or money it may cost. Rocking chairs are your best friend when you are exhausted after a long day and your baby starts crying in the middle of the night. 

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rocking chair

Bringing the baby to your bed while you soothe it can be dangerous, potentially fatal for the baby when you are tired. There have been many devastating cases of parents suffocating infants while they sleep. Instead, for times when it is hard to walk around and soothe your baby, a rocking chair is your best option. And you may never know, you might end up making your best memories with your baby on that chair.

Hamper, Car Seat, and Stroller

Traveling equipment while having an infant can be a tricky situation. You can use a hamper for a newborn and after a few months, you may need to switch to a stroller when the baby becomes heavier. Car seats are mandatory. Besides the fact that it is law in most countries, you need a car seat to ensure your child’s safety even when they are a few years old. 


The same factors that you need to keep in mind for cribs apply here as well. You must make sure they are robust and do not come apart easily. You also need to make sure the seat material is gentle on your baby’s skin.

Diaper Dispenser/ Diaper Genie

This may also seem like an unnecessary expenditure. But when your baby starts needing diaper changes twelve to fifteen times a day, you will thank me for your recommendation. Preferably, this should be placed close to your changing station, where you have all your diapers, baby powders, rash creams, and wipes set up. Do not worry, you will not need to change the bags for at least a couple of days. 

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Most diaper genies have high capacities. And do not worry about the smell either. These handy contraptions are specifically built to trap any smell the diapers give off.

Baby Monitor

This is an amazing tool to have while exploring the treacherous yet rewarding terrain of new parenthood. The best part is, it is extremely compact. It allows you to hear or see your baby from anywhere in the house. 

Baby Proofing Gear

One of the most important changes you need to make when your baby becomes a toddler is to baby-proof your house. Toddlers tend to waddle around the house when they start to walk and run. It is impossible to keep track of them every second. And babies work fast. They can endanger themselves or get seriously injured within a matter of a few seconds. 


Baby proofing the house can give you some peace of mind regarding this. First, you need to install gates at the top and bottom of any stairs in your house. You need latches and covers for almost all your furniture including drawers and cabinets.


In addition to these essential items, you need some baby products that cater to the mental development of your child. This is as important as having your child’s basic needs fulfilled. Have a creativity station set up for your baby when it is a few months old. Have mobile chairs or rockers that will help them to learn to walk. 


Many companies like conduct dedicated pediatric research to come up with the optimal products for infant’s mental and physical development. Remember, these products must always have round edges and large components that a baby cannot swallow. Safety first always!