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Gerber Baby Newborn Flannel Burp Cloths, Top Burp Cloths

Our Top Pick of  Burp Cloths of 2019: Gerber Baby Newborn Flannel Burp Cloths

There are a million things that parents have to constantly worry about. There are some things that people can purchase that are classified as a necessity, and there are some things that you can purchase merely to make your life a lot easier. It is imperative to make sure that a baby is burped every time after they eat in order to prevent them from getting gas or more serious conditions like colic. When choosing burp cloths, there are a few things that you should consider. What are they made of? How expensive are they? Are they hypoallergenic? These are just some of the questions that you should ask yourself when making this decision, and we have comprised a list of three different burp cloths with the best ratings and features available, and we have also included a budget-friendly set, as well.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Burp Cloths:


#1. Gerber Baby Newborn Flannel Burp Cloths

Gerber Baby Newborn Flannel Burp Cloths, Top Burp Cloths


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Typically, our gold pick has received positive reviews from critics, but it has also had a lot of positive customer reviews as well. When it comes to burp cloths, Gerber Baby’s Newborn Flannel Burp Cloths have excelled in both of these areas. These come in a pack of 4, and they are made out of 100% cotton. This means they are less likely to cause an allergic reaction to your baby when you use them. Due to being made out of cotton, they are also able to be tossed into any washing machine; after all, what new mother has time to take anything to a specialized laundry mat or the dry cleaners?

They are soft to the touch. Therefore, when using them on your shoulder, you will not have to worry about it being rough against your baby’s gentle skin. According to a number of customers that have used this particular set type of burp cloths, these are a lot more durable and less expensive than other brands like Carter’s or Aden and Anais. These sets are made in China and imported into the United States, but this does not affect the actual product. Unlike a lot of other brands, these measures 20 inches by 14 inches.

Unlike a lot of the other brands that are available in stores, these are a little larger than the average burp cloths. Why is this important? When burping a baby, you are never guaranteed that your baby will rest peacefully against your shoulder, especially if they are fussy for one reason or another. Therefore, what happens if your burp cloth is small? The purpose becomes defeated because your clothes could possibly catch the worst part of your baby’s spit up. Thankfully, these are larger than most. So, they are able to spread over your entire shoulder and up your neck slightly in order to help prevent any spit up getting on your clothes after feeding.

When expecting a baby, you might not always know what sex your baby is. Sometimes, you will know without a doubt, but other times, it might be closer to the end of your pregnancy before you ever actually get definitive proof. Even though you will love your baby regardless if it is a boy or a girl, it can sometimes be difficult to purchase the items you need if you are in the latter situation. Luckily, these flannel burp cloths come as unisex. This basically means that you can use them regardless if your baby is a boy or a girl. So, you can purchase these burp clothes at whatever stage of your pregnancy you wish so that you will be fully prepared once your little one arrives. After all, being ready for your little bundle of joy is the most important thing.

These burp clothes come in packs of 4, but the patterns within them can vary from pack to pack. Unlike the traditional boy or girl burp cloth sets, you will not one a single cloth in this set that is designed with just pink or just blue. Some of the cloths have random patterns like stripes, but they can also have things like stars and yellow rubber ducks. Come on! Who doesn’t love little rubber ducks? They might be old fashioned, but they are still a favorite and must have designed for any baby’s childhood, regardless of what it might be printed on.

#2. Gerber Baby Newborn Terry Burp Cloths

Gerber Baby Newborn Terry Burp Cloths, Good Burp Cloths

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There are thousands of different types of burp cloths out on the market, but these Gerber Baby Newborn Terry Burp Cloths are at the top of the list. They have everything that you could want for your beautiful baby girl. Just like most people, when they hear baby girl the first thing that comes to mind is cute and pink! Well, these were designed for just that purpose. This set is made out of 80% cotton and 20% polyester knit terry cloth.

Due to the materials that they are made out of, they will be perfect for the soft and fragile skin of your baby girl from the moment she is born. Unlike other brands, this set is designed with a convenient binding that goes all the way around the cloth. Overall, this was placed for a practical reason, which is to keep the cloths from fraying over time, but it also helps in making them more durable overall. These cloths are the traditional white and pink color, but they also are designed with cutesy patterns to make them look even more girly.

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Some have pretty daisies, some of them have little poke-a-dots, and some of them have the word ‘Love’ written on them. Regardless of the one you choose to use, you and your baby girl will always be fashionable and cute. Currently, this particular set is always imported because they are manufactured in India. In order to make the designs better, the manufacturer actually embroidered the details on them to make them look nicer. One thing that sets these burp cloths apart from others on the market is the fact that they have terry cloth on both sides of the cloth. This is why they are perfect for those on the go trips because they can be just effective despite the side of cloth that is up.

These cloths are 10 inches by 6.3 inches by .7 inches. Therefore, they are long enough to rap over your chest, shoulder and back, which will allow you to cover all areas that your little girl might spit up when being burped. However, they are only designed to fit snuggly from the base of your neck to just the side of your arm, which still provides ample amount of protection from all the spit up from burping.

According to the people who have used these particular cloths, the only thing that they said negatively about them is their size. This is also the reason why it ranked number two on our list. Although they do cover most situations, they are a little smaller than some of the other brands on the market. However, these still warrant being number two on our list because they are the perfect size to fit snuggly and perfectly in a diaper bag for those on the go burping sessions.


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#3. Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Bee Essentials Burp Cloths

Burt's Bees Baby Organic Bee Essentials Burp Cloths


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If you are interested in purchasing organic burp cloths for your little boy, then these bee essentials are designed to provide you with everything that you could possibly want. Since they are manufactured in India, they are considered to be imported, and according to all of the reviews from the people who have used these cloths, they are extremely durable. This is just one of the reasons why they were able to make the cut onto our top 3 list. According to the consumers that have used these burp cloths, they do their job nicely.

They are very durable, and due to their size, they are perfect for placing over a nursing pillow, unlike some that are smaller. They are made out of 100% cotton, and due to this, they are extremely soft to the touch. Not only are they soft, but cotton is also one of the least irritating materials on the market for babies. This is why they are so widely used. These cloths come in heather gray, which can be used for boys or girls, but generally, they are preferred for a little boy.

These burp clothes are easily washed, and this is another reason why they have made it onto our list. Unlike a lot of other burp clothes, these are designed largely in order to be able to cover a larger area. They are 17 inches by 11 ¾ inches. You will not have to choose between your clothes and other articles of cloth with these cloths because they are big enough to cover a larger area. However, they are not too big that they will not fit into your diaper bag. Therefore, you can take them around with you anywhere.

They are also excellent at absorbing large amounts of spit. So, if your little one is bad about spitting up, these burp clothes will allow you to clean them up with ease. Then, once they have been used to their fullest, you can just throw them into your washing machine to clean them. As we all know, a burping cloth that cannot be cleaned on a regular basis would literally be useless. Therefore, these are perfect all the way around for you and your family.

This particular burp cloth comes in a pack of three. Therefore, you can get away with only purchasing one set if needed. You can have one for home, one in your diaper bag, and another one to take the place of either of these if there happens to be some sort of disaster and a second cloth is needed.

#4. Spasilk Baby Newborn 100% Cotton Burp Cloths

Spasilk Baby Newborn 100% Cotton Burp Cloths


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As a new parent there are a thousand things that you have to purchase in order to function, and sometimes, you might find yourself on a budget. With these Spasilk Baby Newborn Burp Cloths, you will be able to keep your budget and keep your clothing clean from spit up. These are the best that we could find for those who might be on a budget. These cloths are imported from China, and they can also be used for multiple purposes, which make them even better than the cloths designed just for burping incidents.

One thing that makes these an excellent product is the fact that they are made out of 100% cotton. Plus, in this pack, you will receive a total of 3 different burp cloths. That way you do not have to worry about finding one when you need it the most. Plus, since they are made out of cotton, you can keep them clean by easily washing them in your machine at home. They are also less likely to cause any skin irritation when using them to clean up your baby.

Next, they are actually double layered. Therefore, you will not have to worry about anything leaking through to your clothes when using them. They are designed to be extra absorbent thanks to this feature, and according to people who have used them in the past, you do not have to worry about spit up leaking through on your clothes no matter how bad your baby might spit up after burping.

The last thing that makes these excellent for their price is their size. Unlike others, these are able to cover a larger area making sure to catch any spit up accidents from ruining any of your good clothes. These are 12 inches by 17 inches, and this is large enough to cover from your chest down the top part of your back, and it is wide enough to lay from the side of your neck all the way down your shoulder and arm in case you are wearing a long sleeved shirt.

Pre-purchase considerations

Material for Top Burp Cloths

A baby’s skin can be rather sensitive. Therefore, it is imperative that you know what type of material your burp cloths are able to handle. Most of them are made out of cotton, but some of them use terry cloth and polyester. If your baby has sensitive skin, generally purchasing cotton burp cloths is an excellent choice, but it is generally the least allergenic type of material used. So, it is usually a safe bet if you want to purchase them before your baby is actually born.

Price and Quality of Top Burp Cloths

Price is almost always a consideration regardless of what you are purchasing, especially when you have a new baby on the way. It is always smart to look for quality over quantity. There are some packs that come with 5 or even 6 different cloths, but they are not designed to be as resilient as other brands. Therefore, when looking for burp cloths, you need to consider if paying $9.00 for a pack of 3 is a better deal than buying a pack of 5 for $11.00.

Size and Design of Good Burp Cloths

Depending on how big your baby is, size is an important factor. Generally, the bigger the burp cloth the better, but if you are searching for a burp cloth to carry on the go with you in the diaper bag, it might be better to choose smaller brands. You will need to consider the size to make sure that all areas that need to be covered. If your baby is a preemie baby, you might not need such a large burp cloth, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a larger area to work with.

Type and Durability of Good Burp Cloths

Generally, there are three types of burp cloths: Unisex, Boy, and Girl. If you are purchasing burp cloths before you know what the sex of your baby is going to be then the Unisex is an excellent way to go. They have cute little patterns that can be used for either sex, but if you already know what sex your baby is going to be, then there are thousands of different patterns that you can choose from for both boys and girls depending on your individual taste.


Since burp cloths are used to clean up spit from burping, the process can be rather messy. The purpose of the cloth is to wipe up and catch all of the spit before it ruins your cloths or furniture. Therefore, if the burp cloth is not good at absorbing the liquid, then they will become pointless. So, you really need to consider how well the burp cloths you choose will absorb.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Overall, when you are getting everything ready for your newborn baby, you need to make sure that a quality set of best burp cloths is on that list. They are an essential tool in order to help keep all of your clothes safe and dry. You need to make sure that the cloths you choose are absorbent and large enough to keep all of the important areas covered.

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