The Features and Services That  PDFBear Has to Offer

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PDFBear has and always will be one of the best PDF assistance websites there is. That is because they have been in this industry for far too long, and you can say that they have already mastered the art of helping all their customers with all their needs. This means that whatever problems you may have regarding your PDF files, they got you covered

They got you covered because they have tons of unique tools that you can use and enjoy, and one of the best tools they have is their convert and edit PDF. They consider it the best one because this was the main reason they got to be number one for a long time. But this does not mean that the others are not as good as this specific one.

PDFBear Features: Easy Access and Navigationcomputer

Since they have been helping people for a very long time now, there is no doubt that they have already perfected how to do them.  And with all those years that they are active on the internet, all the developers of PDFBear have made sure to make all upgrades and updates on their software so that it would become what it is now. And they are not done.

They know that there are still tons of people who are having trouble navigating their website. That is why these features have been created. To ensure that all of their customers that need help would have the best experience with them. So, what are you waiting for? If you have any PDF problems right now, go ahead and try PDFBear now!

Convert All Kinds of Documents to PDF or the Other Way Around

Yes, they have tons of tools available but let’s start with their conversion tool because this has been the main reason why PDFBear rose to stardom and how people began to notice and love them. For example, if you want to convert from Word to PDF, all you need to do is go to this site and click “Convert,” or you can hover on the drag down arrow to see more.

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Once you have dragged down, you would see tons of different ways you can convert your documents. You can either convert it to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, JPG, PNG, PDF/A. There is also an option where you can convert all of them into a PDF file. You can also see other options if you have any other problems with your PDF. They have it all!

Privacy and Security Worthy of Your Trust

Since this is the modern age now, and everything is mostly controlled and being done online, there is no doubt that many people will do bad things like hacking and selling information online. And all the people behind making the website PDFBear knows and may have already experienced these kinds of things and does not want to happen to you.

That is why this feature has been one of the most looked into and the one that they have perfected. All the developers have spent many hours to find a way to battle those online MO’s, and when they did, they made sure to make it as useful as ever by considering all the possible outcomes—thus creating a feature that you could not deny.

That feature is to delete all the documents or files you have uploaded on their website after an hour. This means you don’t need to worry about any footprints that you might leave on their site after processing what you need to process. Since everything will be processed as quickly as possible, one hour would be ample time.

Convert Everything Directly From a Word Document to PDFcomputer

If you are worried that all the documents you will convert will lose their quality, you are in luck. This is because they have a conversion tool that ensures the quality of a specific form. Everything that you will convert here will be restored and updated in a high-quality file. So, you don’t need to worry anymore. This is quality work for them.

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Compatibility That Beats Other Websites

Since this is the computer and technology generation, it can’t be helped to have too many platforms, browsers, and operating systems. That is because this is where all the big companies like Apple make their money. So, whatever you do, no one could stop the tech rise in this generation. What else is better to do than to be ready, right? 

So, if you are using an Apple, Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, HP, and others, you don’t need to worry because you would still be able to access their website with ease. That goes for browsers also. You can access and use all the tools that this website offers even if you are using the old school internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and many more.

Save All Your Files in the Cloud

They know that many people are struggling in saving documents and files in their devices because it might be that they have limited storage space in their devices or they have many other essential things that they cannot delete, and their storage is almost full. Whatever the reason may be, don’t worry. PDFBear has found a solution to this one also.

That solution is to save all the finished documents or files directly into their cloud since everything will be done online and in their shadow. The only thing you need to do is upload all the documents that need to be converted to their cloud, and they will do the rest for you. This will surely save up some space in the storage of your devices.


This list has focused on one tool only. However, it also states all other things that PDFBear has to offer. This means, if you have any problems in converting your PDF documents into any other files, just go to PDFBear and upload them, and they will process the rest for you!