How to Handle Your PDF Files More Efficiently with PDFBear

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File management is as important as time management. Having a less organized desktop or laptop can also result in lesser efficiency. Take your time and analyze how you can better manage your electronic files as they are the current trend. The modern digital demands are focused on the online and computer industry. 

Electronic files in the portable document format are one of the most preferred file formats nowadays. Aside from their smaller size, they are less-alterable than others preventing unnecessary content alterations. But most people lack the appropriate tools to manage these files more efficiently. Here’s PDFBear for you, a fast-working online PDF converter tool. 

Fast and Efficient PDF Convertercomputers

So why do you need a PDF converter? Why do you need to learn how to convert PPT to PDF? You have probably experienced file formatting complications when using your usual MS Office files. Although files like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are perfect for their very specific functions, their major fallback is when these files are transmitted from one user to another. 

MS Office files have innovated their electronic files’ formats, and the usual Word doc is now upgraded to Docx. These XML-based file formats are more compact and flexible than the older versions. However, the chances of encountering these formatting complications are still high, especially if your recipient does not have the same edition as yours. 

Thus, your file content may appear differently to the other end. With PDFBear’s fast and efficient PDF converter, you can transfigure your usual MS Office files to PDF. It is a practical tool since you can use this online platform on most devices and OS. Their PDF conversion tasks are also performed in the cloud; your device storage will remain spacious as it is. 

To boost your confidence further, PDFBear collaborates with the well-known Solid Documents to ensure your quality PDF conversion tasks. You can use any search engine for these PDF conversions when using PDFBear. You will see all the available options for PDF conversions from its home page. 

  1. After selecting which conversion you need, you can upload your file right away. 
  2. PDFBear will begin converting your file to your preferred format and will only take less than fifteen seconds. 
  3. Your last step is where you can download your freshly converted file. You will also have the option to use its URL to share online faster. 
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As you can see, you can perform a PDF conversion with just three simple steps! When your file is in PDF construct, you need not worry about content consistency anymore. On the contrary, you can convert your PDFs to their most comprehensive format for major editing. As for editing compositions, you can convert your PDF back to Word. 

Ways to Manage Your PDFs More Efficiently

Since you have already uncovered how to use the PDF converter’s basic functions, we will now move on to better PDF page management. You may have noticed that separating and adding pages to your PDFs is somewhat challenging. Fortunately, we now have PDFBear to settle with these complications for free! 

Merge PDF

Especially when you have too many PDF pages in your folders, it is best to place them all together as individual and more organized files. Making a compilation out of your PDFs is quite a practical choice to save yourself from these overcrowded folders. Having these more organized compilations allow you to become more productive with your daily tasks. 

You can select the “Merge PDF” option from the PDFBear home page to begin with. Upload your first PDF and then start uploading the rest. You can also swap your pages to your desired positioning accordingly. And then, click “Merge PDF,” and you can download your compiled PDF right away! 

Split PDF

What if you want to remove a particular page from your PDF without deleting it? Is it possible to extract a page from a base PDF and save it as an individual file? Yes, you can. This tool is essential in removing certain pages with different or less compatible content. Using the split PDF function is pretty straightforward as the other PDFBear tools. 

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You can select the “Split PDF” option from the PDFBear home page and upload your PDF. You can start selecting the pages you want to extract from your base PDF. And then, click “Extract,” and you can download your individualized PDF right away. 

Rotate PDF

One of the common inquiries in PDF management is having a sideward or upside-down PDF. People tend to have trouble managing this problem as they do not acquire the correct instruments. With PDFBear, you can rotate your PDFs to their proper position without any hassle! Again, you do not have to spend a dime on this PDF task! 

Protect Your PDFscomputer

PDFs are well-known for their identical security features, wherein you can lock them with passwords. If you do not acquire the paid Adobe programs, you can take advantage of the PDFBear “Protect PDF” function. Utilize their 256-bit encryption protocol and safeguard your PDF’s confidentiality! 

Privacy is one of the top priorities of PDFBear. Your uploaded and processed files are automatically removed from the system within 60 minutes. They have a sophisticated, state-of-the-art  SSL connection and security system to keep your files safe and sound from unwanted viewers. 

Reliable PDF Compressor

PDFBear provides one of the best PDF compressors and can reduce your PDF size effortlessly; your large PDFs can be minimized to their least possible file size without harming their original quality. PDFBear can also handle heavy-duty PDF compressions. Even if you are holding a 1GB PDF, PDFBear can compress that for you! 


With more efficient PDF management, you can save both your time and efforts! Thanks to this free online tool, you can handle your PDFs with much ease. If your work demands are about taking tons of PDFs, you can upgrade your subscription to PDFBear PRO. Upgrading to this membership will give you unlimited access to their tools.