Procreate: An All-in-One Guide

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Drawing and art can be a fun and creative hobby, but people out there use it as a career. Whether you are a student studying arts or a professional art designer, drawing can sometimes be tricky. Thus, there are procreate alternatives available for you online. 


Procreate is a popular way of drawing, designing, illustrating, and painting using tablets, mobile devices, and computers. It is an app that allows both art professionals and beginners to make their art virtually. Procreate was created by a tech startup company called Savage Interactive in Australia.


How to Use Procreate

Procreate is an app best for iOS devices. Typically, people who use Procreate use it on Apple iPads because the size and frame are similar to those of a sketchbook. Artists can draw and make their art using the app by downloading it on their iPads. It is also easier to draw on because iPads come with Apple Pencils as well. 

Just like sketching on plain paper, Procreate is almost the same thing– only in a more techy way. All art tools are found in the app, and you can easily navigate all of them in just one touch. You can choose your brushes, pens, colors, and even make sketch drafts for your ideas.  


However, if you don’t have an iPad, you don’t have to worry. Although the app can only be downloaded and installed on iOS devices, there are procreate alternatives available on other app stores. There are Android art apps that are similar to Procreate that you can download for your non-iOS device. 


What is the best iPad version to use for Procreate?

To download and use Procreate, you can download the latest version of it, the 4.2.1 release, if you have an iPad running on iOS 11.1 and above. Thus, Procreate can be downloaded and used in the last five iPad models, including iPad Pro, iPad 6thGen, and iPad Mini 4. 

Moreover, for older iPad models, you can also download Procreate on it but in its earlier version as well. iPad models include iPad Pro 9.7 inches, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad 5th Gen, and iPad Mini 2 and 3. 

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Procreate Tools


There are tons of cool features and tools that Procreate can offer to both beginning and professional artists. First off, the list is the action. You can choose whatever move you like to apply to your artwork by clicking the wrench icon on the top left side of the toolbar. 

The app also takes pride in its quick and accessible menu that artists can navigate. You can also customize your Procreate menu and add tools that you always use on your artworks. You can add all frequently used actions and tools on the menu bar as well. 

Of course, one cannot create a remarkable artwork without art brushes. The best thing about making art using Procreate is everything is virtual; you don’t have to worry about being too messy with paint. The virtual brushes work like an actual brush, which is exceptionally good when it comes to art-making. 

There is also the smudge and erase tool where you can easily blend and mix colors and erase flaws and mistakes on your artwork. The eraser works very well, and it can undo errors and remove unnecessary pigment from your art. 

Procreate also offers thousands of color hues and shades that you can use for your art. You can choose your palette from the color menu and tap your preferred color using the Apple Pencil. You can also change the size and opacity of the brush whenever you like. 

Lastly, unlike doing art on actual paper wherein you can’t undo mistakes, Procreate has an undo and redo option that lets you erase your mistakes and redo your past actions. To undo, you can tap two fingers on the screen. For redo, you can tap three fingers on the screen. 


Features of Procreate

What makes Procreate the best is because of its high-class art features. First off, the list is Procreate’s ability to sketch a layer. Once you already have an initial sketch, you can add more details to it without touching the original painting. That way, you can easily trace and form an image that you want to make. 

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Get more into details

Next, there is the selection tool. Once you already made the necessary sketch layers, you can now finalize and make more visible details on your art. By creating a new layer, you can click on the S icon to access the selection tool. 


Adjust color and shape

After that, add more texture to your art by adjusting the color and shape of your image. You can add a touch easily by choosing a brush you want to use and go through your artwork. Keep in mind that the texture will speed and pressure your hand. 


Add a background

Making a background is also possible in Procreate, and it offers you a broad menu of colors to choose from. Click on “Background Color,” which will lead you to numerous brightness choices as your background. 


Share and export your Procreate artwork

Once you are happy with your creation, you can export your artwork and easily share it on your social media pages, send it via email, or even save it on your device. Easily tap on “Share” and choose whatever format you like before you export it. 


Stay organized with Procreate

You will never experience messy art creations again once you have used Procreate. You can easily save and view your Procreate drawings in the app’s gallery and view it using it. You can rename and reorder your pictures as well. Easily drag and drop files from Photoshop to cloud storage or want it to be saved in any room. 



Making art has never been comfortable with Procreate. It is easy, convenient, and the quickest way to make art wherever you may be. You will never be disorganized and messy again after using Procreate in your art creations, and it will be the best art tool that you have discovered in your life.