Quick Tips to Have Beautiful Hands

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Do you dream of flaunting your beautiful rings on your fingers but your hands make you reluctant? As easy as it might sound, making your hands look good can be a tough nut to crack for most people. Here are some quick tips that can help you get those fairy tale soft hands.

Wash Your Hands

This one is a no brainer. Many of us are hands on all day long. Managing household chores, running errands, and at work. While our hands might seem clean on the surface, you never know what they come in contact with and how your skin may react to it. This is one common reason why many people struggle with allergies, dry and rash skin. Invest in a mild hand wash and try to wash your hands whenever possible. Avoid over scrubbing or using harsh soaps to wash your hands.

Moisturize Generously

Who does not dream of those soft gentle hands? Soft spotless skin enhances the beauty of your hands. Invest in a good moisturizer and moisturize your hands at least three to four times a day. It is highly recommended to keep a hand cream in your bathroom and apply it after every hand wash. This is because soap tends to make your skin drier by taking away its natural oils, so applying a hand cream right after washing your hands can help retain the moisturizer. While you may use a light non-greasy moisturizer in summers, consider opting for a heavier formula such as body butter rich in shea butter or cocoa for winters. 

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Embrace Short Nails

One of the biggest beauty myths that has stemmed from the fashion and media industry is that good looking hands means long nails. This is not true. In fact longer nails are often more exposed to dirt, prone to hygiene issues and can also break or chip making your fingers look off. Many people rely too much on acrylics to make up for their shorter nails which is also harmful for your nail health. There are many short nail designs that can make your hands look good without having to grow them or using acrylics. 

Pamper Them

Beauty is all about giving yourself the much-needed tender love and care. Likewise, your hands need all that TLC and pampering to look their best too. Nothing beats a good manicure, ideally done professionally. However, if you are too busy to make regular visits to a salon, invest in a home manicure kit and ensure that your nails are well trimmed and filed in good shape. Unshaped nails make your hands look untidy.


Go Easy on The Cuticles

While you are at manicure, do not go overboard with your cuticles. This is a common problem for most people who get regular manicures done from salons. Most salons end up cutting off those cuticles, which in fact do more harm than good. Shaping your nails does not mean you need to get rid of this important protective barrier on your fingers. Simply push them backwards and clean the edges and you will be good to go.