How To Select The Right Size Generator For 30 Amp RV?

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From the best 30 Amp generator reviews, generators are virtual machines that guarantee non-stop enjoyment in RVs. Since the market is saturated with various generator models, selecting options that fit your needs is hectic. So, do you have a hint about how to select the right size generator for 30 Amp RV? This article will equip first-time buyers with ideas that will enable them to choose the right size generator to use.

How to Select the Right Size Generator for 30 Amp RV?generator

A key consideration when figuring the size of a generator is the amount of power you need. You will need to get a generator that will keep all the appliances in your RV running. Getting a size that won’t satisfy your power needs will require you to remain cautious about using it. Do you still need to learn how to select the right size generator for 30 Amp RV? Herein are a few aspects that will enable you to get the right generator to use. 

The best 30 Amp generator reviews will show you that the RV  needs to be powerful to run all the appliances effectively. Moreover, you need a generator that combats with your RV. If you plan to maintain the appliances throughout then, you need a generator producing at least 3,000W. However, if you switch on and off your appliances between the journeys, you can get something lower than this. But, how do you do the calculations to determine the correct size of machine to handle your RV appliances? 

Prior calculations are essential when you are figuring the size of the generator you need. This entails calculating the power consumption of the appliances in the RV. Larger appliances like refrigerators require a high amount of power to run continuously. You will also use heaters, especially during the cold months. 

Your calculation starts by adding the amps or watts of the appliances in your RV. Each appliance has a label containing its specs and wattage or amp that you require to run it. If this information lacks a particular appliance, find information online about that specific model. The sum is multiplied by 120 to determine the exact amount of amps. This is the value that provides an idea of the estimated power you require to continually run the appliances. 

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Apart from determining the power required to run your appliances, other factors help in making decisions. These are noise levels, weight, efficiency, fuel, price, and other extra features. Let’s discuss these considerations more in-depth to have a limelight about them.

Noise Level

Most people overlook this factor, but it’s among the essential considerations to mind. Before you close the deal, ensure you have checked the generator you intend to buy the noise level. Too much noise can frustrate you, especially if you turn it on during the night. The average noise level to consider is about 60 dBA. Avoid something higher than this if you need to work around with a less disturbing generator.

The Weight 

This is also another vital factor that most people overlook. Always remember you will regularly get it in and out of the RV. Moreover, the weight of the generator also translates to the fuel consumption of your RV. If you choose a heavy generator, then probably the RV fuel consumption will also go high. Getting a lighter option will reduce fuel consumption and also make the RV easy to move. 


When you choose a generator to use in your RV, efficiency should be a top consideration of all. Highly efficient generators ensure there is continuous running of the appliances.

Fuel consumption

The amount of fuel the generator you buy consumes is vital when purchasing a generator for your RV. There are three types of generator fuels; they include propane, diesel, and gasoline. It’s upon you to decide the best one for you. However, it is advisable to use the type of fuel that your RV uses. For instance, if your RV uses diesel, then you should get a diesel powered generator. Of the three options, the diesel-powered provides maximum power. 

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There are dual fuel generators also in this case. These options offer more benefits as they can operate in different fuel combinations. Therefore, there will be minimal possibilities of running out of power anywhere on your way. Moreover, these generators are economical; they tend to reduce fuel storage needs more than other generators. However, they are a bit costlier, even if they are fuel-saving options.

The Costmoney

Even though factors like noise, efficiency, and weight are of great importance, the price also is a key purchasing factor. Everybody needs to go per the set budget. Since different models have different price tags, you need to compare them against their features. Have a list of all the possible alternatives that can serve you the best. From the list, consider an affordable option that will serve all your needs. Get a generator that is worth the money you wish to spend.

Extra Features

The features of a generator also play an important role when purchasing a generator for your RV. Manufacturers have nowadays resorted to making generators with features for easy operations and safety at large. There are features like the remote start and stop, fuel level bar, and many others. All these enable users to operate the generators efficiently and at the same time for maximum safety. So, always ensure to consider a generator with all possible features that guarantee ease of use and maximum safety.


Have you gotten limelight about how to select the right size generator for 30 Amp RV? Before you decide on the generator to buy, always ensure the amount of power needed to run your appliances. Other factors like noise level, efficiency, price, and weight of the machine should also come in. If you incorporate all the above factors, you will get a generator that will effectively run all your applications.