Shifting your office? Read these 5 tips first.

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If you’re an employer planning to shift your place of work in the coming few months, here’s an article made especially for you. 


When shifting office, it is easy to forget to do the most simple of things. most people end up forgetting to take the basic steps and have to re-organize the office after a few months and some even lose important documents and objects. To prevent such calamities from ever occurring, here are a few easy to follow tips for you:


Planning constitutes the most important part of any operation. When done early it can make things roll a lot smoother for you and your team. Especially something as drastic as shifting your office. It involves several aspects, such as:


  • Organizing and preparation:office


Taking care of the arrangement and organization of furniture in your new office is quite important. Most people choose to hire a personal organizer and designers to give them an enhanced look after shifting.


Have a specific time constraint and budget so that you don’t end up overspending when hiring is quite useful. 


Remember to update your address with all of your clients, on your website as well as with your other business partners. Also, remember to update your employees in advance. A situation where neither your employees nor customers know that you have shifted can seriously impact revenue for a while.


  • Research:


Once calculating your budget, estimating duration, and the basic planning is done, research about different moving companies. 

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Certain companies provide better and more reliable moving services, some at much cheaper rates. 


Thus, doing the right amount of research will help you save money. Also by looking at reviews and ratings online, you can ensure that none of your files or equipment is lost.


More experienced companies will have the knowledge and expertise to make sure the moving process goes smoothly. Make sure you choose a company that is certified, well-established, and under the cover of insurance.

Knowing the layout of the new building will also benefit you in several ways.


  • Pre-shifting:


Before you finally decide to shift, it is essential to check the building rules of the property you are moving to, remember to change your official phone numbers accordingly as well.


Before shifting, it is generally a good idea to clear out any unnecessary documents, files, sheets, and cabinets that serve no purpose other than add clutter to your office. Certain old equipment and tools can be donated, this is not only a morally good act but can be used as a write off by your accountants.


Remembering to label your boxes and crates will help you immensely when you unpack on reaching the new property, simplifying the process and making sure your company gets back on its feet as soon as possible.


  • IT:office


As for the IT side of things, you must always remember to protect your data. In any organization, your data is what holds it together. 

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Important documents, files and the like should be backed up. Having a backup either on the cloud or on a hard disk can save you a lot of trouble.


Several processes such as manually re-wiring up your office can be a significant stress on your time. Sending the plans of the new building to your IT team will give them a chance to re-plan their setups. 


Setting up poorly can not only be an eyesore, but will also affect office morale and productivity and can also be a serious impediment to employee productivity.


  • Hiring a Company or make a Team:


Some employers choose to spend some money to hire a company to help do the 3-D planning and consulting them to see the best possible set up for your office space may be a great final go-to method for you. There exist companies that provide great moving, design, and re-planning options for you.


Such as BFX Furniture in Australia. These companies can cover all frontiers at minimal expenditure making them perfect for any company.


Moving offices is a big deal, no matter what sort of company you are in. Remember to hire the right company, plan the organization, research, and plan the wiring will change the game for you and your company.