Dolly & Hand Trucks for Moving Furniture

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The best dolly for moving furniture must make transporting easy, fast, and safe for the users. Unlike appliances and home fixtures, furniture pieces are generally hollow and relatively lightweight. They’re designed to be moved around every now and then. They are typically big-framed and have legs on their base.

Because of its skeletal frame, setting it on the wrong side may cause it to buckle or be misshapen. Dragging it can misalign its feet or damage the floor. Bringing it up or down a flight of stairs with its feet jutting out invites accident. Certainly, it will take you more than the average dolly to move your household furniture.      

The best dolly for moving furniture

So, what makes the best furniture moving equipment? To be sure, there’s no single dolly that will work for all types, shapes, and sizes of furniture. At best, we can only recommend dollies for the corresponding furniture category they’re designed for. Our examples below represent the best fit for particular furniture types.

Best Appliance Dolly's

The Appliance Dolly is the best choice when moving washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves and other heavy appliances. An appliance specific dolly should have straps to secure your appliances and protected rails to prevent scratches. Below is a favorite among professional movers. Its load capacity makes it able to move any large household appliance. The dual ratcheting safety system allows for a failure in one ratchet that still protects your load with the back up the second ratchet. Pads also protect the load. Milwaukee is known for quality products, be sure this will last a long time for home and professional use. 

Milwaukee Hand Trucks 40188 Appliance Truck with Ratchet Belt Tightener


  • 800 lb load capacity
  • Heavy duty hand truck
  • Flow back handle
  • Dual ratchet belt to secure large appliances
  • Nonmarking wheels
  • A protective pad prevents the buckle from contacting the load

4-wheel low-platform style dolly

Have you used or seen a furniture dolly before? Most people will end up calling a hand truck a dolly. If you have, it’s probably the conventional type, which is generally a sturdy platform on four wheels. Their base is low—a few inches from the floor—which is perfect for bulky and heavy gun safes and cabinets. Their load capacity varies from 300 to over 2,000 pounds.

Vestil ATD-1622-4 is an example of a low platform style adjustable tote dolly. It is made of steel, has a maximum capacity of 2,000 pounds, and rests on four heavy-duty 4-inch nylon caster wheels. It has adjustable sides to fit different furniture dimensions and a brake system to ensure safety for both the user and the load. These are great for moving heavy safes.

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-up to 2000 lbs load capacity

-34" Length x 24" Width

-great for moving safes

-caster wheels swivel and are made with nylon to help avoid scratching surfaces


Milwaukee Hand Trucks 73730 Poly Furniture Dolly

Another low-profile furniture dolly is Milwaukee’s model 73730. It has a steel-reinforced poly plastic frame and a maximum capacity of 1,000 pounds. For home use, this furniture moving equipment is more than adequate and will save you from the backbreaking chore of moving heavy objects around. This is a great Dolly for occasion use at an inexpensive price point. Not as heavy duty as the one above, but still great at moving heavy objects.


  • ends are a padded rubber (protects loads)
  • 1,000 lbs load capacity
  • 3 inch x 1.25 inch poly casters
  • 18 inch x 30 inch frame


Tekton 5563 dolly

 Another heavy duty dolly which shares many similarities with Milwaukee 73730 except that its frame is made of hardwood. Both have almost the same size and maximum load capacity. The base of Tekton 5563 is wrapped in a carpet material to prevent damage to the furniture. It is supported by four durable non-marring 3-inch swivel casters which ensure smooth rides even when getting past rugs and carpets.


  • 1100 lb. capacity
  • Hardwood Construction
  • Non-Marring Swivel Casters
  • Carpeted Rails Protect Items from Damage
  • 5-Inch x 18.5-Inch x 6-Inch


Hydraulic furniture movers

Hydraulic dollies usually come in pairs. A unit resembles a traditional hand truck, except that it is equipped with a hydraulic pump and a lifting plate. These features make loading and unloading so much easier. If you need a real heavyweight, then we highly recommend

Pake Handling Tools - Hydraulic Furniture Mover Set, 3960 lbs Capacity 

It’s the best dolly for moving furniture as heavy as 3,960 pounds. Of course, good judgment dictates that you shouldn’t load up to this maximum capacity. The plate can be lifted to over 9” from the ground. That’s good enough clearance to make wheeling around safe and smooth. As you may have guessed, this dolly is constructed of heavy-duty steel and designed for the pro mover.


  • Dimension: 26.8" x 16.5" x 42"
  • Lifting plate size: 23.6" X 2.4",
  • Maximum lifting height: 9.8''
  • ratchet mechanism with nylon strap


Slider or shoe-style furniture moving equipment

Not all furniture pieces that need moving are as heavy as hard-wood dressers or gun safes. Some are just bulky and cumbersome but relatively lightweight. What’s more, most of these stuffs have legs. So what better way to use those legs than for moving around? With shoe-style dollies, like Haul Master Mover's 3-wheel furniture leg attachments, you don’t only slide furniture effortlessly but also protect both the load and the floor. A set includes four pieces of mini-dollies which you attach to each furniture leg. Each piece is supported by three casters and has a recessed center to secure its hold on the furniture’s foot. This is the best dolly for moving chairs, sofas, beds, tables, and other furniture pieces weighing not more than 132 pounds.

  • Soft cusions to protect load
  • 3 wheels, 1-1/2" casters
  • Depressed center helps secure moving objects with legs.
  • 132 lbs. capacity
  • 6" dollies


Foldable furniture dolly with handle

If your daily routine involves moving stuff and small furniture to and from the car, you need something that you can fold flat and stow in your car trunk. You’d want a dolly that’s barely there and doesn’t take up a lot of room, but definitely always there when you need it. That’s the concept behind Lohome’s foldable handcart. It has six industrial casters and an expandable front plate. The handle is telescopic and adjustable to three levels. This furniture moving equipment has a capacity of 440 pounds, which is ideal for a variety of loads including non-furniture items like luggage, books, boxes, and bins.

LOHOME 6 Wheels Folding Hand Trucks


  • MATERIAL: Thickened steel rod is durable and compact.
  • The pull rod can adjust the height to 3 different sizes.
  • Size is 11.81'' * 18.5'' * 3.54'' (L*W*H)
  • 440 lbs capacity
  • WARRANTY: One Year Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Limited Product Warranty

So what’s the best dolly for moving furniture?

There’s no such thing as “one fits all” especially when it comes to furniture dollies. Like any tool or equipment, you have to choose with a specific purpose or use in mind. That’s the reason why you need to check its capacity, dimension, build, and special features. To prevent injury to you and other people, don’t be tempted to overload a dolly or use it beyond what it’s designed for. Always remember that the best furniture moving equipment is one that’s a good match to its load.