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Shower caddies have become a bathroom essential, especially when it comes to organization. The benefits of a shower caddy are more profound than you can imagine. Let's believe you are in the shower with your face covered in soap suds and you find out you need more body wash, or you need to reach for the shampoo.

Opening your eyes under such condition may be a No-No, so you try to use your super flawless memory of your bathroom to reach for the shampoo, but your hands fail you. At that moment you curse your height.

A lot of us face this problem every day. The little time it takes to get out of the shower to get the shampoo could be the deciding factor in you missing that business appointment you've been preparing for, for months or missing that important interview for that job that you've been hoping to get since college. With the Shower Caddy, you don't have to worry about this anymore. The shower caddy helps organize all your bathroom products into one place, leaving them as close to your reach as much as possible.

shower wall caddy

Shower caddies come in different types. Some may be hung on the bathroom wall while others are portable enough to be carried about. For instance, when one is traveling. Apart from being relatively cheap, shower caddies come in different sizes and designs. Some shower caddies are adjustable while others aren't. Shower caddies also come in plastic, some others in aluminum or even stainless.

Here are some reasons why you should join the shower caddy train.

a. You Make the Most of Your Bathroom Space

Not everybody is a celebrity that lives in a six-figure valued mansion with bathrooms as big as some people's apartments. Because of this, many of us will have to make the most of the small bathroom spaces we are blessed with. Shower caddies help to solve this by organizing all our numerous products ranging from our soaps, sponges, face scrubs to our hair products and many other things. Amongst the items found in the bathroom include the face scrubs, body wash, makeup remover, hair conditioners, facial cleanser, toothpaste, toothbrushes and many others. Shower caddies prevent all these products from lying scattered around.

b. It is Convenient

Shower Caddies make bathing a joyful exercise. It helps keep everything you will need in the bathroom within reach enabling your hand's easy access to them. With shower caddies, you have the right place to keep your glasses before bathing comfortably or if you are a music lover like me, keep your music player (I-Pod). Shower caddies make all bathroom items easy to find. With the shower caddy being detachable, you can remove it and keep in the closet when you want to clean your bathroom. Further, illustrating the convenience associated with using shower caddies is the ease at which some caddies are vertically and horizontally adjustable. They can be adjusted to any size or length. Also, the different compartments many shower caddies have, make it easier to fit all bathroom items.

c. It Makes Your Bathroom Beautiful

Shower Caddies come in stylish colors and attractive designs. Shower caddies can beautify your bathroom, adding to the aesthetic nature of your bathrooms. With an attractive and neatly organized bathroom, bathing will be a pleasure. Bathroom Caddies could be gotten in colors that match the tone of the bathroom, giving it either a cool and relaxing feel or fun and bubbly impression depending on the effect you desire. With great bathroom caddies, you can have beautiful bathroom selfies. Instagram and snapchat will be pleased.

d. They are Cheap

Shower caddies come at various prices depending on your budget and preferences. Getting shower caddies do not hurt your pockets or dig holes in them. The costs of shower caddies range from as little as 14 dollars to 300 dollars depending on a few things. Top of that list is mainly on your budget, the type of shower caddy (aluminum caddies are more expensive than plastic caddies), the features the bathroom caddy possesses (some caddies which are horizontally and vertically adjustable will be more costly than non-adjustable shower caddies). The brand of the shower caddies determines the price as well. The reputation of manufacturers of shower caddies vary from one another. The relatively cheap and inclusive nature of shower caddies makes it convenient to get.

e. It is Easy to Use

The fact that most shower caddies require little or no need for manuals on how to use them is a reason you should get one. Shower caddies are easy to use and do not need any technical expertise to set up, neither do you need any engineering knowledge to set it up. You would experience no difficulty using it.

f. Maintenance is Cheap

Apart from the fact that many shower caddies are quite durable and can be used for many years before requiring replacements, shower caddies are quite easy to maintain. Usually, with a piece of cloth and warm water, shower caddies can be cleaned.

With the benefits obtained from using shower caddies, it is no surprise they've become a permanent bathroom fixture in every household. If you don't have one, get yourself one.