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Our Top Pick for 2019: Epica Anti-Slip Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat

The luxuries of our bathrooms we have today all developed out of thousands of years of innovation and social remodeling. Bathing was a very public ritual in ancient Rome, but today, the modern privacy that we have has entitled us to much more flexibility and personalization in the bathing experience: bath mats are one of these valuable privileges. The proper bath mat is able to not only increase the safety of the bathroom, but also has the potential to bring out much more aesthetic appeal in the bathroom as a whole. Bath mats need to be able to resist wear and tear much more than other household items which are also generally prioritized for comfort. The following bathmats have been rated as some of the highest-quality on the market for consumers who want to step their bathroom decor up to the next level.

Let’s Have a Quick Look of Our Top 4 Picks:


#1. Epica Anti-Slip Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat

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The Epica Anti-Slip Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat has been made for safety and comfort, but at the same time, it has also been built to last. This is a heavy duty rubber bath mat, that can stand up to repeated use throughout the day while remaining soft to the touch and comfortable for as long as the user needs it to be.
In order to facilitate a higher degree of safety, there have been hundreds of high-strength suction cups implemented into the design. With the suction cups, customers can be assured that the Epica isn’t going to be moving around while they’re in the bathtub or shower. Even if the surface of the floor is not made with a nonslip design, the suction cups will still be able to do their job.

The upper side of the Epica has been intentionally given a textured, high-traction surface area to give the user more safety. The entirety of the Epica is made with heavy duty, latex free rubber. The heavy-duty, latex free rubber makes it optimized for use in places such as gyms, hotels, assisted-living facilities, hospitals, and homes that have small children or seniors that need to have their safety ensure.

Because of the absence of latex, the Epica is particularly safe for those who may happen to have latex allergies. The Epica can be lifted up very easily and air-dried if the user decides to do so. Some customers report that they can avoid getting water under the mat after showers by taking laying it upside down on the rim of the tub. The suction cups have been made in a very large size in order to guarantee that they have more power than the average non-slip bathmats.

The Epica has been made with a special anti-slip design that repels slippery soap. No matter how many bubbles there are, this bath mat will not let the owner fall victim to a sudden slip in the bathtub, one of the leading causes of serious injuries in the home.

This bathroom accessory has been made anti-bacterial to facilitate easier cleaning. Mold, bacteria and mildew are very fond of dark and damp places, especially uncleaned bath mat. With this, you do not need to worry about the risk of mold and mildew as much as you would with lesser-quality bathmats.

The Epica is completely washing machine-safe, so all you have to do is throw it in for a warm cycle and it will be completely purified. Due to the neutral color, many customers report that this bath mat looks quite appealing in just about every shower.

One customer testified that the Epica has made showering a much safer ordeal for the entire family, and in addition to that, it has also made their tub much more sanitary as a whole. The customer reported that the Epica has made their bathroom much more sanitary due to the heavy, latex free, bacteria resistant rubber.

The customer was also pleased with how the Epica was so large that it nearly covered the entire floor of the shower. The most appealing feature of the Epica that the customer found was the fact that it was one of the most comfortable bath mats that they had ever had the privilege of shower on.

The customer reported that the underside of the mat, covered with suction cups, guaranteed that it did not slip or slide in the slightest while they were using. The customer reported that over the entire period of time that they have owned the Epica, there have never been any risk of mold or mildew developing on the underside or the upper surface area because of the anti-bacterial implementation.

The customer confirmed that the suction cups are operational on both regular and non-slip surfaces. They were very impressed with how the textured surface of the mat was able to completely remove the inconvenience of soap residue build-up.
For customers who might be a little bit more sensitive to feeling the rubber bumps under their foot, there are some reviewers who have suggested that water sox may assist in lowering any potential discomfort.

The size of the Epica is 16 x 28” and it weighs 2.1 Pat. The epic a can be purchased for the price of $13.95, a 30% discount from the standard list price of $19.95.

#2. FeschDesign Non Slip Bathtub Mat with Original GripTight Technology

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The FeschDesign Non Slip Bathtub Mat (with original GripTight technology) has been designed to provide the owner with an excellent degree of traction and anti-slip properties with the use of powerful suction cups. This bath mat has been professionally designed to feature some of the strongest slip resistance in the industry.

With its GripTight technology, there are hundreds of specially engineered suction cups, made with a large size, in order to guarantee that the mat can be affixed to the bottom of the top without any risk of slipping around.

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Customers should be advised that this particular bathtub mat is not made for textured surfaces. The textured pattern on the top side has been added in order to give the user a bit more traction and slip resistance while on top of it. As a sanitary measure, this bathtub mat has been non-toxic, latex and PVC-free.

Due to the fact that this bath mat is made out of high quality and latex-free natural rubber, the bath mat is completely free from BPA, latex, lead, and bromide.

Users who have latex allergic reactions will be pleased to know that this mat is compliant with European REACG regulations aimed at protecting the health of humans and the environment. This mat has been made to be incredibly durable without any drawbacks of bad odor from residue retention. Due to the fact that the mat is completely PVC-free, there is no need to worry about the offensive odor that can be created by vinyl.

The compression-molded rubber constitution is completely resistant to abrasion, and allows the mat to last for years at a time. The high durability of this mat makes it a wonderful addition for environments such as hospitals, hotels, gyms, and other living facilities in which the safety of the inhabitants needs to be ensured.

The anti-bacterial properties of this mat make it particularly resistant to the potential development of mildew and mold. If you want to facilitate an even greater resistance to mold, then it may be a wise decision to ensure that you remove the mat from the tub after using it and allow it to dry by laying it on the front of the tub with the suction cups pointing towards the ceiling.

Customers have testified that this bath mat features a very elegant and particularly stylish design that has been made with a geometric pattern. The neutral color perfectly complements most bathroom arrangements. The bathtub mat is completely machine washable and can be easily rinsed off under warm running water. Customers are advised to ensure that they periodically use detergent to make the cleaning process slightly more thorough.

One customer testified that the quality of the mat made it worth being slightly on the pricier side compared to lesser-quality bathmats. The customer reported that the bath mat gave them a very real feeling of safety, which was highly valuable considering the fact that this particular customer was 76 years old and had several balance issues. The customer also reported that they were highly pleased with the aesthetic appeal of the mat.

The specific size of this bath mat is 28 x 16”, and it weighs approximately 1.5 pounds. This bath mat can be purchased for the price of $16.97, a very generous 66% discount from the standard list price of $49.95.

#3. Rhino Goods Premium Bath Tub Mat

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The Rhino Goods Premium Bath Tub Mat has been designed with suction cups that customers have loved for allowing the mat to be perfectly usable on both textured and non-skid surfaces, allowing it to stay completely in place.

The Rhino Goods mat has been made to resist the risks of mold and bacteria accumulation with the use of antibacterial and mildew resistant technological implementations. Customers also love the fact that the Rhino Goods mat features a very thick and cushioned feel, making it optimized for use by adults, the elderly, children, and even infants.

The Rhino Goods mat has been made particularly easy to clean. The Rhino Goods mat is easy to clean due to the fact that it is made with textured circles. The textured circles make this bathtub mat perfect for just about every bath or shower as well. Due to the fact that the Rhino Goods mat is particularly eco-friendly and odorless, it is healthier for the entire family.

This particular bathtub mat is made with Thermoplastic Elastomer (TEP). The TEP makes the material of this mat organic, BPA-free, and one of the most sanitary additions to your bathroom decor that can add an aesthetic boost to the room as a whole.

One customer testified that they were searching for a non-rubber mat that could spare them the risk of hurting their knees or feet, due to the fact that they suffered from severe arthritis. The Rhino Goods mat allowed the owner to use it while barely feeling the cups beneath their feet. Customers have testified that the mat is very comfortable underfoot, and when it comes to issues of bath mats rolling back up, some customers advise that they just might need a little bit of help securing it now for the first time.

Customers should be advised that it may be necessary to get into the tub while wet and apply just a bit of pressure to secure the suction cups. After the suction cups have been properly affixed, there are no issues with the bathtub mat rolling back. One customer testified that they were particularly pleased with the fact that the mat was very generously sized. In addition to being generously sized, the customer reported that the Rhino Goods mat was very nicely cushioned for their comfort while either showering or sitting in the bathtub.

The customer reported that this mat was going to be in an 8-year-old girl’s tub/shower, and they also suggested that if other prospective owners have young girls, then they know how silly girls can get while bathing; this makes the security of the suction cups all the more valuable. The customer reported that they got into the tub themselves in order to confirm the non-slip properties, and they were pleased to find that the suction cups held the mat firmly in position no matter how much they moved around.

The customer was pleased with how the mat was completely BPA and chlorine-free, resistant to mold and mildew, completely eco-friendly, odorless, made of organic material, and completely machine washable to boot.

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The customer very greatly enjoyed the fact that the washing machine compatibility of the bathtub mat meant that they would no longer have to awkwardly kneel and bend into the tub and manually wash it with Comet. The customer also appreciated the fact that the materials of the Rhino Goods mat did not leech any harmful materials into the home, and couldn’t find any drawbacks to report.

The size of the Rhino Goods mat is 29 x 16”, and it weighs 1.4 pounds. This premium bathtub mat can be purchased for the price of $18.87.

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#4. Simple Deluxe Anti-Bacterial Anti-Slip-Resistant Bath Mat

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The Simple Deluxe Anti-Bacterial Anti-Slip-Resistant Bath Mat has been made completely BPA-free, with a constitution of high-quality allergen-free rubber. The Simple Deluxe met is anti-bacterial, slip-proof, and completely machine washable. The Simple Deluxe mat provides 30% more coverage than what owners would generally have with an average bath mat. The simple deluxe mat can work perfectly well on any non-textured tub surface.

One customer testified that the Simple Deluxe mat has been one of the best additions to their home for safety. The customer stated that slipping and falling in the bathtub is one of the number one injuries that they have worked to prevent the chance of happening.

The customer had previously attempted using sticky duck-shaped stickers to prevent slippage, but they reported that these were very difficult to clean around and started peeling off. The customer decided to invest in the Simple Deluxe mat, and though they were initially just a bit skeptical, they were eventually pleased to find that there was amazing slip resistance even when the surface got soapy.

The Simple Deluxe mat can be bought in one of three colors: white, blue, and green. The size of the Simple Deluxe mat is 39” long by 16” wide, and it weighs 1.8 pounds. The Simple Deluxe mat can be purchased for the price of $12.99.

Pre-purchase considerations


No matter what type of bath mat it is that you ultimately choose to purchase, keeping it constantly clean will be a priority. Because certain materials are little bit more absorbent than others, you are going to want to pay special attention to ensuring that the more absorbent bath mats don’t become contaminated after absorbing a wealth of dirt particles and other residue over their lifespan.

The color of the bathmat will also interact with the washing habits that will be needed in order to keep it clean. Lighter color rugs tend to need to be washed just a bit more frequently than their darker colored counterparts. The need to keep your mats properly washed will be even more imperative if you happen to be a pet owner. Just about all different bath mats should be washed on a warm water setting at least.


Typically, most bathmats that you have to choose between will be made of one of three materials. The majority of the bath mats that you choose between will be made of either cotton, nylon, or polyester. Each of the materials has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Nylon and polyester tend to be slightly more durable than cotton, which might make them more suitable for a bathroom that is going to be shared by a higher number of people in usual. Cotton, on the other hand, makes up for its slightly lower level of durability by being a little bit more comfortable and absorbent than nylon and polyester. Be advised that cotton does have a habit of shrinking in the process of being washed.


When it comes to the construction of the bath mats, there are two different methods to keep in mind. The two methods used to construct the bath mat are as follows: the yardage method, and the tabletop method. Knowing the difference between the yardage method and the tabletop method will allow you to always have the best degree of insight into the structural constitution of the bath mat that you choose to buy.

In the yardage method, the bath mat is made in a similar fashion to what you might expect from a carpet. There is a large piece of fabric that is cut into smaller segments, then covered in a non-slip solution. In the tabletop method, the fibers are sewn directly into the material. A tabletop method will suit you well if you are interested in having a bath mat with a higher degree of longevity.


The particular weave of your mat will have a direct effect on how comfortable it is to step on. While certain materials might feel very comfortable under your feet, you will have to pay attention to whether or not your bathroom tends to stay more or less damp.

Deep-pile is often considered to be one of the more comfortable weave styles, but a lower-pile synthetic mat just might be a wiser choice if your bathroom tends to accumulate a lot of moisture on the floor. Unlike deep pile, lower-pile synthetic bath mats generally tend to have a swifter rate of drying and also a slightly higher amount of durability as well. You may also consider a seal or cork rug if you are interested in having alternative nonslip surfaces.

Conclusion (Wrapping it up)

Even though there are very many different bathmats out there to choose from, choosing the right one for your particular bathroom is one of the easier task when it comes to exercising smart shopping research. The proper mat for your bathroom will have the rights weave, construction, absorption rate, and durability to resist the wear from heavy foot traffic.

Be aware that even the color of the bath mats will have an effect on just how frequently the bathmat needs to be washed. It may be a wise choice to make measurements of your bathroom beforehand, just to get the right idea of how the rug will fit into the interior of the room before you get it.

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