10 Successful Side Hustles To Generate Over $1,000/mth

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Take financial matters into your own hands by building a business that revolves around your personal schedule. Productively utilize those empty hours of the day to earn good money. Digitalization across the world means more individuals have the facilities to build business visibility and attract consumers.  

Where do I start?

First of all, choose your niche. You don’t need to attach financial gain to each of your hobbies, but selecting a prospect, you’re passionate about certainly helps. The beauty of being your own boss entitles you to work when it suits you; try not to let it interfere with your regular job as that’ll remain your primary source of income.

Need Inspiration? Here are 10 small business ideas that will make money

Consider who your target audience is and where to reach it. Do what you can to facilitate your business; for example, take time to design a blog page or plan what you’ll be selling. Here are 10 ideas to get you thinking:


1.  Start a YouTube channel

YouTube has transformed our conception of homemade film while putting plenty of money into the creator’s pockets. Ask yourself who your audience will be and what type of content you wish to produce. Take advantage of YouTube’s monetized markets with branded ad sponsorships, affiliate product promotion, and merchandise sale. On top of that, you could earn money for excellent visibility; YouTube pays $0.10 to $6 per 1,000 views.


2. Create and sell your own online course

Increasing numbers of people are seeking the benefits of online learning. Seize the opportunity to share your skills and expertise with others by developing and selling your own online course.

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Steer clear of websites that charge service fees and implement price deductions. Setting up your own website gives you complete freedom to market classes at the price you like.


3. Become a freelance graphic designer

Graphic designing tools are currently highly attainable. Various tablets such as the iPad enable creatives to produce professional-looking designs all in one place. All you need is a stylus such as an apple pencil and a growing client base. The average freelance graphic designer earns around $35 hourly.


4. Kickstart an online business selling homemade crafts

Etsy invites independent creatives to sell their handmade goods at the price they desire. The platform charges unnoticeable listing fees of $0.15, and a 5% transaction fee following a sale. As the manager of your own business, this is a side hustle that fits nicely around your other commitments.


5. Retail arbitrage

In short, you’ll source discount items to sell on alternative retailer sites for a profit. To get started, you’ll need to create an account on a seller’s website such as Amazon or Depop; here, you’ll list your sales. You can also gain assistance from arbitrage assistance tools that help you automate your jobs. 


6. Offer independent virtual assistance (VA)

Becoming a virtual assistant is a relatively new concept, meaning you can mould the position in a way that best suits you. Operating from the comfort of your home, help fellow business owners with digital tasks such as admin, content planning, and invoicing. Generally, VAs offer their services at $15-$35 hourly; however, advanced assistants could earn up to $100 per hour.

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7.  Delivery service

On-demand delivery apps such as Uber Eats are always on the lookout for new delivery drivers. You can earn additional income while managing your rota around other personal commitments. In addition, just being an Uber driver also works!


8. Invest time into blogging

Tech blogger Antoine Bechara says, “Not only is blogging rather enjoyable, but it is an excellent source of passive income. Strategically, place affiliate marketing links, sponsored content, and business adverts to boost your earnings.” 


9. English language tutoring

Over the recent year, many of us have familiarized ourselves with digital learning platforms. Take advantage of this movement and offer English language tutorials for students overseas, you could earn an hourly rate of $14-$23. Australian based teachers can easily coordinate lessons with pupils based across Asia. 


10. Become an Airbnb host

Airbnb can be a particularly rewarding endeavor with the average host making a yearly profit of $5,600. Subcontract housekeepers and install coded doors to save you from attending the property frequently.

The growth of digital platforms has enlisted countless opportunities to help us make additional money and shape our businesses to suit our daily lives. Social platforms are an excellent way to build a client base and grow your earnings.