Guide to Selecting an Energy-Efficient Fireplace Insert For Your Home

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Fireplaces have been used in homes for years now to provide warmth to the residents, especially during the cold seasons .As technology advanced, new inventions came up, and one of the notable things invented were wall-mounted fireplaces and fireplace inserts.. Fireplace inserts are gas, wood, or electric stoves that are inserted in the fireplace designated areas to warm your room.
Recently, there has been so much chatter about energy-efficient fireplace inserts and the massive benefits that come with installing one. Maybe, you have come across two or three people talking about them and would love to have one in your home, but you know nothing about the selection criteria. Here is a guide to selecting an energy-efficient fireplace insert for your home.

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Efficiency Rating

Efficient rating is the measure of the fuel energy converted to heat energy to warm a building. Energy saving is all about having the fireplace insert that comes with the highest efficiency rating, and that is why the first thing you need to consider when buying an energy-efficient fireplace insert is its efficiency rating.
Try as much as possible to avoid wood fireplace inserts as they are the lowest rated stoves in terms of energy efficiency. According to research, only 15% of wood energy gets converted to heat. In essence, about 85% of the wood energy goes to waste, meaning it is not energy efficient at all. However, as technology advances, there are newer indoor inserts that use wood and have a higher efficiency rating.

When considering the efficiency rating, it is advisable to go for the gas fireplace inserts as they are deemed to have the highest efficiency rating. You can start by looking at the Emberside Sure fireplace insert. Using this gas stove as a primary heat source is fantastic, as it comes with an energy efficiency rating of about 99%. The 24” inch firebox is easy to use at it comes with a push-button that ignites the whole system instantly.


When selecting an energy-efficient firebox, try as much as possible to consider the size of the insert. Make sure that you buy a firebox insert that fits perfectly into the designated fireplace area because any space left will result in heat loss. Focus more on the opening of the fireplace as this has a significant influence on the size of the firebox you choose. Make sure you take accurate measurements of the fireplace’s height, width, and depth.
Those measurements will help you choose the fireplace insert that fits perfectly into the area. For instance, if you have a space that measures 18” inches, going for 18 inch electric fireplace insert is one of the best decisions you can make. Speaking of 18” inch fireplace inserts, you can start by looking at the Classic Flame 18” SpectraFire Insert.
The Classic Flame is a compact firebox that comes with Spectrafire flame effects. It comes readily installed with LED Technology, a digital thermostat, and an electronic timer for auto shut-off. Even when going for such a firebox, make sure you also consider the height and width of the fireplace.


Heating Time

When purchasing a fireplace insert, make sure you know how long the device can heat a room. Many people love going for wood fireboxes as the burning of wood creates a great ambiance filled with a great smell and crackling sounds. Although all of this is great, when you look at the heating time, wood fireplace inserts are not the best choices.
In essence, they heat rooms for a short period. The reason is that, since most of the energy is wasted, less energy is produced over time even though a lot of fuel is consumed, and this makes the heating time short.
Electric fireplace inserts, on the other hand, are considered to have one of the longest heating times. The 33” inch Dimplex Purifire Electric Fireplace Insert is a great choice when considering heating time. The 2700Watts electric fireplace insert can comfortably warm a small and medium room of about 400 square feet for a substantial amount of time.

Fuel Use

When buying a firebox, you need to look at the manner at which the insert uses fuel. You want a device that saves you fuel, and the best choice in this scenario is going for wood pellets. The problem now is that wood inserts are costly to use as the wood pellets are more expensive as compared to using electricity or gas. Make sure you take time to weigh your options and go for the firebox whose use makes sense to you both economically and in regards to convenience. Whatever decision you go for, ensure that the insert has the right kind of seal. Having the right kind ensures that you use less fuel, and you, in turn, save as much money as possible.

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Heating Square Footage

To take the whole issue of energy efficiency to a whole other level, the basic design of a fireplace insert takes into consideration the heating square footage. When you have the correct heating square footage, you will have the right information required to purchase the correctly sized fireplace insert.
As a result, the fireplace insert you pick does not overheat or under heat your living space. If you know nothing about heating square footage, do not worry; there is an easy way to go about this calculation. You multiply the square footage of your home with 20 BTUs per square foot. Conclusion
Choosing the right energy efficient fireplace insert can be quite confusing, especially if you do not know anything about them and only heard about the great benefits. Well, you don’t have to struggle anymore. You can start by looking at the efficiency rating of a firebox. Try as much as possible to avoid fireplace inserts that have low-efficiency ratings like wood; this is because they are known to convert less fuel energy to heat as most of it goes to waste. You also need to consider is the size of your fireplace. Take accurate measurements of the fireplace area and make sure you get the firebox that fits correctly into the fireplace area. You can also consider the heating time of a particular type of firebox. Electric fireboxes are known to have the most extended heating times.