Snow Teeth Whitening Review

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*This review was written by a dental hygenist from Washington. We confirmed her credentials and these are the results of her using the product.

Being in the dental industry I was kind of skeptical of the Snow Whitening system. From my experience at home whitening never seems to be as good as in-office whitening systems. However, I’ve been looking for a great at home product to recommend to my patients and decided to give Snow Whitening a try. 

There are no two teeth whitening methods that are the same, or so they say. Are you in search of a perfect way to brighten your smile? If so, then you’re in the right place. Some people make use of charcoal, toothpaste, and even whitening strips to achieve bright and whiter teeth.

One of the revolutionary teeth whitening technology people are talking about today is the Snow Teeth Whitening. The Snow Teeth Whitening Kit is an at-home teeth whitening kit. Before you make a purchase, let us talk about a few things you should know about the product.

What is in it?

snow whitening piecesFirst of all, it is hard not to notice the LED-filled mouth tray that plugs into an electronic device. This blue light helps to speed up your results.

Also, you will find a gel formula in it as one of its ingredients. They claim this gel formula is the world’s most advanced ingredients that can cut through a deep wine and coffee stains.

Let’s take a closer look at what you will find in a Snow Teeth Whitening Kit:

  1. LED activating light
  2. Three professional-strength whitening wands
  3. One tube of lip treatment
  4. One extra-strength wand
  5. One vial of desensitizing serum





Are the ingredients proven?

Snow’s website talks a lot about the proprietary nature of their serum, calling it “the world’s most advanced” and “revolutionary.” They also emphasize on its effectiveness, and that you can’t get anything close to it in the market.

But they failed to mention any of the ingredients used. So, we had to reach out to the customer support, who promptly replied:

“We make use of potassium nitrite, sodium bicarbonate, carbamide peroxide, and hydrogen as active ingredients. The strength varies from 8-12% for the regular and between 16-19% for maximum strength. But for the European version, hydrogen peroxide is excluded because of the country’s standard.”

Easy Set-Up

To start, I love how user-friendly the Snow system is. Easy steps to follow and little prep work. The Snow teeth whitening system comes in a very nice box that will work perfectly for storage when you are not using it. The only setup steps to get started are to set up the app on your phone and charge the mouthpiece. 

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snow teeth whitening system

Do you Have Pain after Teeth Whitening

Second, I love that there is NO sensitivity with this treatment.

Pain during teeth whitening is very common with most treatments, nearly all whitening creates short term sensitivity and I had none with the Snow. 

The Snow Whitening system comes with a desensitizing agent to use if needed but I never found myself needing it. Also, there are two different strengths of whitening serum. I used the maximum strength the entire time with no concerns. 

Lastly, I love that the Snow Whitening system truly works. I had several co-workers and patients compliment me on my smile while using Snow. Like any whitening, you have to continue to use the product to keep your desired “shade of white”. This means using it periodically to maintain your white especially if you eat/drink food that naturally stains. When compared to an in-office treatment Snow does a great job but takes longer to receive results. I started noticing a change at about 2 weeks. The directions recommend that you use it consecutively for 21 days for best results. 

I will definitely recommend Snow Whitening to anyone looking for a great at-home whitening option.

snow whitening results

Commonly Asked Questions and Information about the Snow System

Are the ingredients safe?

Yes, the ingredients in Snow Teeth Whitening are perfectly safe for use.

According to research by Professor Clifton M. Carey, following manufacturer’s instructions for teeth whitening that uses hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are effective and safe. They do not make use of dangerous chemicals in making Snow Teeth Whitening. So, as long as you follow Snow’s plan, it is safe to use. You will also be pleased with your celebrity grade white teeth.


What happens if I swallow the product?

There are no adverse side effects if you swallow the gel. When you consume the gel, it will merely pass through your system and not cause any harm. But if you swallow a large quantity, you may feel stomach irritation or nausea.

If swallowed, you should first rinse your mouth with plenty of water. Then drink a lot of water to help neutralize the effect of the gel. The gel is not meant to go beyond your teeth. That is why there is a mouth guard that keeps the gel around your teeth.


How to use snow teeth whitening system?

First, begin by brushing your teeth for two minutes, floss, and then rinse your mouth. Apply Snow’s proprietary whitening serum to your teeth like your painting your nails. The next step is to use their state of the art mouth tray. This tray produces LED light, which emits an ultra-safe wavelength that helps speed up the process.

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The LED-filling mouth tray does not harm the body in any way. To make it work, you have to connect it to any smartphone or computer and comfortably place it in your mouth. Allow it to stay in your mouth for about 10-30 minutes, depending on the level of whitening you desire.

Next, rinse your mouth and use the desensitizing serum to lessen the sensitivity side effects and to help return vitamins and minerals to your teeth.

People who have sensitive gums and teeth should not use Snow Teeth Whitening every day. You can take a break of 1-3 days between each treatment.


How long is the treatment?

As said before, a session of teeth treatment lasts for about 10 – 30 minutes. But you can start seeing the result from as little as the first treatment. As for others, the result became evident in the shade of their teeth about three days later. There is also the smile makeover challenge that lasts for 21 days. When you use the Snow Teeth Whitening 1-2 times a week for the next 21 days, it will help you maintain the shade of whiteness on your teeth.


How many treatments come with it?

The Snow Teeth Whitening treatment bundle kit comes with a minimum of 60 teeth whitening treatment. It is way better than what you will get from many teeth whitening sessions at the dental office. The system usually lasts for a minimum of 6 months. For optimum results, use the whitening serum that comes with each kit for 6-12 months.


Can more than one person use it?

Well, if you feel you can share your toothbrush, then you can share this product. The truth is that it is not hygienic for more than one person to use it. Even the Snow Teeth Whitening kit was made for one person, so you should follow the manufacturer’s guide. Moreover, there is no point in sharing it since it is very affordable to purchase one.

What do users think of it?

A lot of users who have used the product loved it. However, very few people complained about not being able to contact their customer’s support. However, their customer support is top-notch and replies very fast. Apart from that, the Snow Teeth Whitening is a great product that works as expected. Many uses are also astonished at how instant the result is especially only after the first use.

*This review was written by a dental hygenist from Washington. We confirmed her credentials and these are the results of her using the product.