How to do Hairstyle by Yourself

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Men are not choosy in any other matters, but when it comes down to the hairstyle, oh boy they can be damn very choosy. And what’s the best part of men’s hair grooming is that they do not have that much time to groom their hair. It is just a matter of minutes that you can go from having messy hair to well defined, neat and clean hair.


Well, for men taking care of their hair is not that important. Just visit the barbershop once in a month and you are good to go for the next month. But what happens when your hair growth rate is high. It becomes heavy. Yes, I know most of you must have faced the problem where you have felt a heavy thing sticking to your hair. What can be done? What is the solution for it? Just stick with the article and you will have your answer in a jiffy.

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How to do a hairstyle by yourself

It is very important to look presentable at all times. This can help you build your persona in front of others. But visiting barbershop on a weekly basis seems to be quite expensive.


Let me allow you to show the trips and tricks that you can use at home for a perfectly well-groomed hairstyle.



  • Prep your hair


  • The first step is to prepare your hair for the hair cut. That is washing your hair so that the hair becomes smooth and makes it easy for you to cut it down.
  • After that, you have to towel dry the hair. Dry enough that your hair is still a bit wet. Do not completely dry it.
  • Then comes the detangling of the hair. Comb the hair properly. This will help you to detangle all the hair. You can even use hair cream for men to detangle your hair.
  • Now comb your hair properly and divide it in sections. The section will depend on what kind of hairstyle you want to do.
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  • Cut the side and back hair


  • The hair cut must always start with cutting the sides first. Clip the upper section of your hair so that it does not come in the way. Then it starts with the sides first. For this, you can use scissors or trimmer both. It is up to you. But if you ask me, the trimmer will be the best for the sides.
  • Take your time and cut the sides according to our needs. Make sure that the sides are cut clean. The sides and the back hair act as a frame for the hair on the top. So, it is important to make your frame clean, so that even your hair is messy, it will look presentable.
  • After completing the sides no move the back. Be very careful while dealing with the ack hair. As you can hardly see what is happening at the back. The difficult part of self-styling your hair is cutting the back hair.
  • Now with the sides and the back hair cutting is finished, you can now go for the upper part of the hair.



  • Trim the upper section


  • For cutting the upper part of your hair use a scissor instead. Scissors are the only choice if you want to keep your length to a certain height.
  • Start with cutting the hair slowly. Making sure that you are not cutting more than intended. Make sure that you are not using the household scissors as they are not sharp enough to get a clean cut. Instead, you can buy hair styling scissors from the nearest store.
  • Start with trimming the top portion in the section. And layer down every section. This will help you maintain an equal length. Start with cutting a small length at a time. And carry the same methods until you the desired length.
  • You can use your finger to measure the length of your hair. You can use the same method to see that the hair is even or not.
  • If the hairstyling scissor is compatible enough, you can use that to clean out the bangs as well. The trick to having a good hair volume is to have well-groomed bangs.
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  • Look for the places that need finishing touches


  • After the completion of the hair cut, it is time to add some finishing touches to highlight the details. There are many places that are hard to reach by the trimmer or by scissors, like the back of the ears and temple. You can use hair removal cream in those kinds of places.
  • Even out all the hair lining and make sure that the lines are all symmetrical on both sides. This can give you a clean and sharp look. It starts with the sideburns. Cut them, trim them according to your needs and make sure that both of your drums are twins.
  • Do not forget to line out the back hair. Clean out the underlining of the back hair. Make sure that the underlining should be high enough that it does not touch your shirt collar.
  • And the final part after completing your hair cut styles. The best of doing so is using perfect hair cream for men. There are many hair creams in the market. But only a few are there in the market with no side effects at all. Look for such hair cream. And use it to make your look glossy, voluminous, and presentable.


Wrapping it up

The hairstyle is not an option, it is a part of life. If you want to look presentable in an event, it is necessary to spend some time doing your hair. Hair is not only for styling, but it also speaks volumes about yourself. So, for returning the favor, the least you can do is to maintain it properly. What’s more, a good hairstyle improves your personality and gives you confidence.