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Beginner core workouts for Everyday Health

How often do you work your core? It is recommended that you do core exercises at least 2 times a week. Working your core muscles is just as important as exercising other muscle groups and definitely deserves your attention. So many folks completely skip core because it’s fairly difficult, or think that it’s not needed.…

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Things you take to the Gym: Essentials for Working Out

If you are a beginner at going to the gym, or simply want some advice on items or supplements you should have, this will be a good article for you. There is no absolute requirement of what to take to the gym, however some items surely make going to the gym easier, or more enjoyable!…

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Weight Lifting Workout Plans: 3 days a week

bench press

When deciding on a weight lifting plan, you need to consider three main factors. How much free time do you have during the week? Does your life schedule allow you to go to the gym 2 times a week? 3 times a week? 4 times a week? It matters. However many times you can go…

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How to Exercise Outside: 4 Exciting Outside Exercises

You might be searching to exercise outside for a variety of reasons. You are sick and tired of sitting in the gym and need to switch up your environment. Your gym is closed for a week for cleaning (This has happened to me on multiple occasions). Between 12-3 your gym is wall-to-wall packed and you’re…

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Using Weight Machines vs Free Weights- Which is Best?

Using Weight Machines vs Free Weights- Which is Best? 3

It’s time to settle a huge debate. Which is better for me, weight machines or free weights? Will one give me better results? I’ve heard a lot of folks mention that they believe using weight machines is for elderly folks or those that aren’t real lifters. If you ever hear someone say this, turn the…

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First-time gym tips for Beginners

Over the last few weeks or so I have noticed some very improper gym etiquette in my local weight room. In fact, I was bothered to the point where I felt I had to speak up and say something. These gym tips for are not just for beginners, but really they should be. Unfortunately, some…

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