Fitness Magazines For Women Can Get You All Wrong If Not Followed Properly

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If you follow the women’s fitness magazines regularly, then do so with caution because these magazines can set you down the wrong path. This is because most of the women’s magazines are known for making sensational headlines. They will even come up with a few quick-fix promises, which, when followed, produces results, but that is drastic and unexpected.

Headlines like ‘Secrets to an instant flat belly,’ and ‘Reduce six inches in six days’ have all the potential to grab your attention just like those several hundred women who roll their eyes on these. However, in most cases, these promises are downright outlandish and will have no proper solution to your problems, no matter how pressing these are.

These promises should be rejected for gaining the desired results. Therefore, first, learn how they get your fitness wrong and then how to choose the good ones if you want to follow these fitness magazines. 

woman gym tips

The problem created

There is a fitness and wellness craze among men and women today, but these fitness magazines have put fast profits before good advice. They have created a problem by themselves, which they cannot resolve now. In most of the cases, it is seen that:

  • The fitness print industry is far from reality
  • Their subject matters are not at all topic-specific
  • Like the internet, who knows what to believe anymore

It is for these reasons that these magazines are slowly, plainly, and painfully scrunching up almost everywhere. 

However, ten years ago, the scene was completely different, and it is the formula that they followed, then that has created the problem that they are facing now. That is: playing into body, fitness, and health insecurities to sell more copies to women.

Now, thanks to the national interest in fitness, things have changed and have resulted in these magazines with new types of wellness coverage. 

Add to that, Women’s Health has also investigated a few facts, such as:

  • The allergies that make women fat
  • The type of food and cooking that ensures good health
  • The fitness regimes that will keep off the weight off as well as improve their intimacy.
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All these changes and new approaches have increased the measure of audience reach.

Problems in objectifying

You will get countless magazines dedicated to fitness tips for women and several websites such as,, and so on providing tips on women’s beauty. However, the success and failure of these depend on how they objectify women when it comes to fitness, health, and of course, in their look. Women’s magazines, in particular, must tell women that their bodies are an object that should be used for enjoyment, just as men do.

Women avoiding gym

Typically, the wrong depiction of fitness in these women’s magazines not only makes the women apprehensive and allows the men to take advantage (even to make a pass sometimes) but has also prevented a large number of women from going to the gym.

According to a recent survey, it is found that:

  • More than 65% of women avoid the gym simply because of anxiety that they would be judged in comparison to only 36% of males avoiding gym due to gym-intimidation
  • 55% of women feel that they are judged because they do not look good and fit enough as compared to other trainees in the gym
  • 49% of women think that they are judged because of their clothing choice which others feel are wrong 
  • 25% of them fear that they are stereotyped and 
  • 5% of women believe that they are or will be sexually harassed.

Therefore, this anxiety has kept a lot of women at home. However, getting a bit anxious while hitting the gym about whether or not you are doing a thing right is natural and understandable, but that is far from the effects of gym-intimidation, which is undesired.

Experts suggest that there are several productive and easy ways in which this gym fear can be overcome.

These are:

  • Planning your workout well
  • Practicing at home
  • Knowing your equipment
  • Being a follower and 
  • Remembering your goals.
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For the most critical part, if you are harassed, do not be afraid to report about it to anyone in the management immediately.

Getting the best shape 

Women’s magazines, blogs, and articles on the internet will also tell you about the best ways in which you can get into the best shape of your life, and most of these are proven to be effective.

  • Set your fitness goals to make it more realistic and to raise your determination 
  • Write down your goal and begin planning the steps that you need to take to achieve it
  • Find the answers to all of your “whys” so that you know what you exactly want from your training regimen as well as your purpose for training and
  • Get in touch with a proper support team so that you eliminate the chances and your fear of failure as well as stay on your fitness track.
  • Get on a proper nutrition plan for your body type

Make sure that you invest more time on you and are mentally prepared to follow your routine and road to fitness diligently.

Tips to reach health and fitness goals

Do not follow the advice of the magazines and think taking pills will relieve the pain. It will actually cover it. Instead, you should exercise and consult with a natural health care provider to achieve your real health goals.

Also, do not follow the universal suggestion of spending a longer time on the same exercise will help to meet your goals. In fact, changing workouts will increase metabolism to result in more weight loss.

Lastly, always research the source of information and never follow anyone blindly. Trust but verify to achieve physical, emotional, and nutritional health.