Stop Barking Dogs, Don’t Go Insane Like I Did

   The Dogs Barking Started Driving Me Crazy   Some how I became so sensitive to it if that if they would bark even once it would start to wake me up in the morning.  No matter what I was doing watching TV playing, a game listening to the radio, reading, talking to someone, it…

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Glass is a multifunctional item used in interior decoration. It is functional and visually aesthetic. The addition of glass as an upgrade to a cabinet can transform a dull or traditional cabinet to a modern looking one instantly. Apart from making the home visually appealing, you can use glass cabinets to store essential items that…

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Easy Peasy Fixing Bike Brakes

fix bike brakes

Let’s Talk about brake adjustments there are a  number of different reasons why your bike brakes need to help are caused by either mechanical failures or they just need to be adjusted from use. The good news is that anyone can do it. It really is simple.  Thank you bike shop for trying to scam…

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How to Cut A Pomegrante


Life Hacks-Cutting POMEGRANATE What part of the Pomegranate do you eat? A silly question-no way. It seems so strange to just eat the seeds but that is what most people do with pomegranate. The juicy and nutritious seeds gust with flavor as you eat them, and one pomegranate can hold over 600 seeds! If you want to eat the white part surrounding the…

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How to Cut a Watermelon


Life Hacks-Watermelon I used to avoid Watermelon just because it was such a hassle to cut. Do I cut a big slice then have to clear out the fridge to get the leftovers to fit or do I waste a bunch of time slicing the watermelon? Neither I just didnt bother until I found the best method…

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How to Cut Coconut


Life Hacks-Cutting Coconut 8 Fantastic Ways Below Seriously the Hardest Fruit you will every attempt to cut. Where do you start? Do you Even Have the right Tools? Can they be used as a weapon-definitely!  Find great tips, hacks, and nutritional value of coconuts below. PRO TIP=>Soaking the Coconut in water for a few minutes will…

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How to Cut Papaya


Life Hacks-Cutting PaPaYa Papaya are simple to cut and you can even eat the seeds. Make a papaya bowl or slice them up for show. Here are a few ideas below. PRO TIP=>Cold Fruit cuts easier. Using a Sharp blade make a big difference.  Want to Know more about Papaya-See Our Fun Facts and Everything…

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How to Cut Mango


Life Hacks-Cutting Mango How do you cut this weird shaped fruit, Mango, without wasting it? We have the tips, tools and how to’s. Everything Mango Below. Want to know more? Find Fun facts and History Click Here PRO TIP=> Cold Mangos Peel easier PRO TIP=>Using the right tools can be game-changing. A sharp Flexible knife can…

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How to Cut Pineapple


Life Hacks-Cutting Pineapple Some fruits are just hard to cut. Some are simply mind-boggling to get right without someone showing you. Below you will find both simple how to’s and tricks that will help with those odd shaped delights. PRO TIP=>Turn your Pineapple Upside down and place in fridge for 30 minutes before cutting. This…

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