Stop Barking Dogs, Don’t Go Insane Like I Did

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 The Dogs Barking Started Driving Me Crazy


Some how I became so sensitive to it if that if they would bark even once it would start to wake me up in the morning.  No matter what I was doing watching TV playing, a game listening to the radio, reading, talking to someone, it didn’t matter. As soon as I heard those dogs start barking, I started getting so angry would let it ruin my day.

yelling at barking dog

 Photo Credit: Michael Potter

So like any confident Google searcher does,


I went to the internet to save me from losing my mind.  The first search result was this great piece of advice. That is if you’re a monk. I searched neighbor dog barks too much. I got back:


Ignore the barking


That’s right it said to ignore the barking and once they stop barking give them a treat.


Well, right away this isn’t going to work because if I ignore the barking they keep barking. If I stand in the yard and wait for them to stop barking they rush to the fence and bark even more until I leave. I have found that if I throw them a treat they do stop barking until they’re done eating it and then they start barking again. Google, my friend, you’re going to have to do better than this.

How to stop territorial barking


This sounds promising right.  It says teach your dog that when someone comes to the door or passes by your house that they are permitted to bark until you say quiet.  Well as I said it’s the neighbor’s dog, but it’s sure worth a try.  It says to to avoid shouting however in this case I’m not sure that it matters since again it’s the neighbor’s dog and there is no way they could hear me over their own barking.


Armed with my new method that I can teach these dogs to stop barking at me I set out only to be discouraged in a matter of minutes.  These dogs are not going to listen to a stranger that they already like to bark at.  Back to Google again


Why do dogs bark


According to the website I went to

Play barks are shorter and high pitched– well one of the dogs have this bark. Short high-pitched sound are supposed to be playful, but it’s definitely ot being playful so let’s throw that idea out.

Bored and anxious or dog barking for attention-barks are repetitive and monotone-I think I have discovered what the second dog likes to do, it enjoys driving the neighbors crazy so it barks.

Defensive barks-come in loud fast verse. Well both dogs also are excessive offenders when it comes to defensive barks because every time I go out on my patio they go crazy.


So now I have discovered the dogs that are making me insane have all of the characteristics of all of the parts I just read about, how can that help me.


Ok Google how to get dog to stop barking at people


Maybe I should switch to Bing, I’m starting to lose faith in Google,


next search: how to shut a dog up

Result: Call the police on Barking Dogs

Its time I’ve had enough. It’s time to call the police to report dogs that won’t stop barking.

I’m just going to start calling and reporting the dogs every time they bark. I went ahead and I called the non-emergency number and let them know the address and I waited for the city or police to save the day. and I waited. and I waited. and I waited-


So that didn’t work out, I’ll call them again tomorrow. and I waited and I waited and I waited


I’m a week into it now and I have not heard anything about my calls reporting the dogs barking.  Nothing from Animal Control the city or the police. Maybe it’s time I check my selft into the mental home, I bet they would respond.

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Next up decided to call an officer directly to stop the dog barking

So this time it’s been about 3 weeks of trying to report these dogs that have been driving me crazy for months now. Sometimes I’ll get woke up at 5 a.m. and sometimes I leave the house just to hear my own thoughts instead of the goddamn barking.


Pets Corrector Stops Barking

The police officer came to my house, came into my backyard and heard the dogs were barking. The closer he got to the fence the crazier they got. These dog barks at everyone so I knew if he came they would go crazy.  Guess what? It worked. He even wrote them a ticket.   He told me how he’s having the same problems with his neighbor dogs.  Then he let me know why I wasn’t getting a response and that there has to be two complaints from more than one neighbor otherwise they don’t take it seriously.


He also told me about an ultrasonic device they use at the police station kennel that helps keep their dogs from barking.

Stop barking with ultrasonic sounds

You would think that since the neighbors got a ticket they would try and figure out how to get their dogs to stop barking. if that’s what you thought you thought wrong.  The Barking never stopped it started again the next morning just like always. I went ahead and ordered one of the devices to stop the barking. 

Some people on Amazon swear by them and even the police use ultrasoncic devices in their kennels



I went ahead and placed it on the fence post facing the neighbor’s yard. At this point, I don’t care if the neighbors know it’s me calling the police and I’m not going to try and hide that I’m trying to stop the dogs from barking. According to the information about these bark deterrent devices, it could take a few weeks for the dogs to figure out that the Barking causes the sound that hurts their ears.


I had very high hopes starting off.  I should have realized that these satanic dogs could not be silenced by a mere mortal ultrasonic sound that would even hurt werewolves’ ears.


Failure again, the dogs barking will never stop, ever

No instead from the moment I placed the device on top of my fence, the barking increased and never stopped. I thought the barking was bad before, oh no they just taught me there was a new level of insanity. Seriously, how long can a dog bark-the answer: forever


It’s going to be okay though, the instructions said it may take up to a couple of weeks. It’s no big deal I’ll just try not to go outside much and I’ll leave when I feel like banging my head against the wall. I can do this it’ll get better.


Ok Google can you train a dog not to bark

Yes. You can train a dog not to bark. Awesome, but all of the recommendations are for how to get your own dog not to bark. There are plenty of great resources for training your own dog. That’s easy. Just stay on them and don’t allow it while they are growing up. When they bark tell them no. IF that doesn’t work get a shock collar. This does not help me at all. Maybe I could just open their fence up and they would run away. hmmmm


They lied to me, the dog keeps barking at me

The instructions were wrong. The police officer was wrong. It didn’t get better and I got sick of not being able to walk into my own yard without having these monsters bark at me.  In fact, I got so sick of it I picked up a few pieces of the river rock laying in my backyard and then chucked them over the fence. Instantly I thought, that could be a bad idea since the neighbors don’t have river rock in their yard. Then something magnificent happened.

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Silence. Then I heard the Devil Dogs scurrying to get inside though their doggy door. What just happened. A calmness just came over me. I know what I need to do. Immediately, I need to call the local nursery and have a yard of river rock delivered so that I have plenty of ammo to shut these damn dogs up.


Luckily the wheels in my head started turning before I order the special bark preventing rocks

I scared the dogs, I could now become the alpha dog.

A few hours passed by and an idea came to me. I know that I couldn’t throw rocks into the neighbor’s yard even if it was genius to shut the dogs up.


They would very easily figure out by the piles of rock accumulating in their yard and I am the only person around with river rock.


The secret to stopping neighbor dogs barking



How to stop a neighbor’s dog from barking you ask?

and I answer

Cold hard ice and a loud stern voice

Once I realized how scared those dogs were of rocks being thrown at them I went to the ice machine in my refrigerator freezer and got myself a big bowl of ice.

Then I went over to the fence with a bucket turned upside down so I could Tower above them.  At this point, they are scratching and clawing and pretending like they want to eat me while I’m standing above the fence looking down on them knowing I was about to win.

As I start saying no I also carefully threw ice next to the dogs. Not at them. Why Ice? I’m glad you asked. Because there will quickly be no evidence that I threw anything at all in a matter of minutes in this heat. That is unless they have a damn camera, but so far so good.

10-12 Ice Cube’s later and a sore arm, damn I’m out of shape, The dogs are nowhere to be seen and I’m still standing above the fence looking into the yard laughing maniacally. I just became the Hercules to Cerberus devil dogs.


A few hours go by and the dogs are barking again.  I pulled my bowl of ice out of the freezer and walk outside shaking it and saying no, I gently lobed a few ice cubes underhand over the fence and then nothing, there’s silence. I really think I’m going to win this time.


and then the Barking begins again about an hour later


Once again I grab my bowl of ice start shaking it and walking towards the fence and saying no and the barking stops.


how to deal with barking dogs

I stopped my neighbor’s dogs from barking. After two to three days I’m training the dogs to stop barking when I tell them to stop or they would get ice thrown at them. Soon they begin to respond to just the shaking of the Ice Bowl and saying no.  By the third day I didn’t have to throw any more ice. By the end of the week, all I had to do was clap my hands and say no and the dogs would stop barking.



The dogs will still bark at things but anytime I want them to stop I just walk outside and say no and they will stop. I don’t care if the neighbors are in the backyard or not the dogs now listen to me more than they do their owners. Sometimes all I have to do is open my backdoor and they stop.