Wifi Router Terms and Features

Lower on the page, we discuss the specific terms that would be helpful when shopping for a router. This resource would be good to understand before upgrading and ending up with a downgrade by accident. WIRELESS ROUTERS Guide, what to Look for, Terms to know when buying one SO, WHAT IS A WIRELESS ROUTER A…

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What is a VDR | A Guide to Virtual Data Rooms

vdr security

One of the greatest challenges of the corporate world has been ease of access to data and how to secure it. However, with the creation of virtual data storage rooms, it is now possible to securely store your files in a digital-backed cloud.   Cybersecurity, or internet security, has been growing rapidly for the past…

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How to Make Sure Your Smart Home is Secure

It hasn’t exactly been front-page news, but the UK government recently proposed that smart home devices, like internet-connected TVs, speakers, toys and watches, should be required to carry a security label which warns their users of how easy they are to hack. The idea of someone hacking your smart thermostat or even a smart toaster…

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